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Well, I meant to write this out as one complete story, but it seems the theme I'm working with here is bigger than I expected, so I'm gonna break this up into a two-parter again, maybe longer. For the "True-story" police out there, this work is entirely fiction, so just try to enjoy it for what it is.

Anna Meets Her Roommate.


It was only five in the morning, and after a summer of sleeping in and not having to worry about anything, Anna wasn't usedto the sound of the alarm.


She slapped around in the dark to make the grating noise stop."uhnnn..."

Anna yawned, and hit the nearest light switch. She squinted, slowly adjusting to the brightness of the light.

After a quick shower, Anna walked down the hallway and knocked on her mom's door.


"uhn, is it time already?"

"Yeah, you told me to wake you up at five-thrity."

"OK, I'll meet you downstairs..."

Anna put on a pot of coffee and had a bagel. She was a cute girl, average height, average weight. She had just finished high school and turned eighteen, and was on her way to the university she'd be spending the next four years of her life at.

Her mom shambled down the stairs, put some coffee in a to-go mug, and mother and daughter headed out for a long drive.

The first few hours down the highway were quiet. Anna didn't know if her mom was tired, or just didn't know what to say.Anna knew that her mom had to feel weird about her only child leaving the house, because she felt weird, well, leaving.

About three hours in her mom started, "Well, did you get everything you need?"

"Yeah mom, I packed everything."

"Well, if you forgot something, let me know and I'll ship it out right away."

"I will mom."

"Should I expect a call, say, once a week?"

"I'll call you mom, I promise."

Anna felt she might have said that a little too sharply, but her mom took it in stride, "I just, you know, feel off now that my little girl is moving out."

"You know, I do too mom."

"You'll do fine, I don't think my little honors graduate would go and mess it all up in the big leagues, now would she?"

"I don't think you'll have to worry about me going wild mom."

"Of course I'm worried! Every mother would be."

"Well, not you, you know how hard it is for me to make friends."

"Don't be ridiculous, you're a sweet girl."

"Well, people tend to stay far back when they find out about, you know..."

"That was high school dear, people are more mature in college. I'm sure you'll fit in."

Anna gave out a quiet humph. Her mother always downplayed her problem, ever since she was little...

The sedan pulled up to the front gates of the university, and Anna had her first chance to really soak in the sights. Sure, she'd committed every picture in thepamphlet to memory, but it just didn't compare to the real thing. It was picture-perfect, the huge, scenic clocktower in the background, trees on the campus lawn, kids reading books, playing guitar, and a few cute guys caught Anna's attention.

Maybe things would be different now, Anna thought.

One of the Deans was waiting at the end of a line of cars to greet the new students, and when Anna's car pulled up, he greeted them as warmly as her own grandfather would.

"Welcome to Stonebridge! Can I help you find your dorm?"

Anna's mom jumped in when Anna didn't respond immediately, "Yes, this is my daughter Anna Fitzgerald, she's new this year."

The Dean looked down at a list he was holding, "Ahh yes, Ms. Fitzgerald. Pleased to meet you, we are aware of your, special, accommodations, and I assure you everything should be comfortable for you."

Anna cringed, she didn't like the way the Dean hesitated when he said "special."

"You'll want to follow this road to the fork, and take a right. You'll be in building 14."

Anna gave a weak smile, and an awkward "Thanks."

Her mother made a noble attempt to cut the tension in the air, "Well, the staff seem nice enough. And he said you'll be comfortable here."

Anna mumbled in consent. More like he said "here's the freak freshman." They've probably got some handicapped kid in my dorm, or maybe nobody at all.

As they pulled up to building 14, Anna gasped. It was a beautiful, old, brick building, four stories high.

"It says on the paper they're sticking you on the third floor babydoll."

"Mom! Don't call me babydoll!"

Her mom smiled, "Sorry... babydoll."

Anna and her mom lifted her stuff up to the third floor dorm over the course of three trips, and Anna had to admit that the place was great. The door to the dorm opened up to a living room area with a flat-screen TV and two couches, followed by a small hallway that branched off into three doors, a bathroom at the end, and two bedrooms with doors facing across from each other. The kitchen was through a hallway to the left of the massive TV.

"I wonder how many other girls are going to be in here?" Anna's mom asked aloud.

Since there was only one bed in Anna's room, Anna had to assume that there would only be one bed in the other room as well.Maybe if I'm lucky, the room will just stay empty.

Anna and her mom sat and talked over a cup of tea for an hour, when her mom cleared her throat.

"Well Anna, I guess I should head home."

Anna didn't know what to say, so she grabbed her cup and took a slow sip.

"Its been 18 years since you were crying in my arms at the delivery room, and you've grown into an amazing young woman that no mother could be more proud of." A small tear was building up in her mom's eye.

"Thanks Mom, thanks for everything."

"Now you go and show them, nothing's gonna hold you back girl!"

The two hugged, kissed, and Anna's mom left the room.

Anna sighed and sat back down on the couch. She was happy, but scared and sad at the same time. She went to sip her tea again, but ended up spilling half of it on her new jeans.

"Aww crap!"

Anna ran into the bathroom, and tried to wipe off the stain with her towel. All she accomplished was spreading the stain over a large part of her thigh. Anna unbuttoned her pants, and pulled them off carefully around her shoes. She opened the bathroom door to go back to her room for a new pair of pants, only to find a girl standing in the hallway.

"HOLY SHIT!" Anna's heart was racing.

"Oh my God! What are you doing here?"

"What am I doing here? What are you doing here?"

"Why are you wearing no pants?"

Anna's face turned red, "I spilled tea on them! Who are you?"

The girl giggled, "I'm Katie, this is my dorm. I think you're in the wrong place."

"Hold on a minute! Let me put some pants on!" Anna ran into her room, her face red as the sun.

After a quick change of clothes, Anna walked back into the hallway, where Katie was still standing.

"Alright, Katie, was it? What do you mean 'I think you're in the wrong place?' This is where the Dean sent me."

Katie's face went thin, "The... Dean? Oh no no no..."

Anna was seriously confused. She looked carefully at the girl who was standing in the hallway. Katie was dressed in black from head to toe, black jeans, black t-shirt, and a very old pair of worn black sneakers. Her fingernails were painted black, and her hair was pulled back into a ponytail, tied of course, with a black scrunchie.

"What do you mean, 'no no no?'"

"I mean, I had a special arrangement with this damn school! I told them when I signed up last year that I couldn't live with a roommate!"

Anna was stunned, "I... I have an arrangement too. I told them that I needed... extra space."

So, this goth chick was supposed to be her new roomie? Just great. She probably didn't even need a special arrangement,not like Anna needed one. Katie probably just wanted some special attention, stupid bitch.

Katie was the first to break the silence, "Well, just don't bother me in my room, OK?"

The nerve! "Fine, as long as I get the same respect."

Katie sneered at Anna, "Gladly. Oh, and try not to walk around in your panties, OK?"

Anna turned into her room, and slammed the door behind her. Great, first day of college, and my roommate has already declared goth-bitch jihad on me. Fine.

Needless to say, Anna had a hard time sleeping that night. First, Katie had some stupid screaming "music" blasting in her room, which she only shut off when Anna kept banging on her wall. Then her mom called at 11 to remind her that her hamster was doing fine. Really mom? Hamster? It wasn't until about midnight when Anna started to doze off.

But, just as she was starting to relax, Anna noticed something. A smell, just barely, floating in the air. At first, the smell was subtle, but it kept getting stronger. It was rancid, as sharp as the smell of vinegar and permeating as cheese.Anna tried to ignore it, but she just couldn't. It smelled horrible, and somehow familiar. She went into the kitchen to see if anything was spoiled in there, but it seemed all clean. It wasn't the sink, the garbage, or the fridge. Anna walked around the living room, but nothing in there could have caused the scent, which had actually gone away. Anna shrugged her shoulders, and walked back to the hallway leading to her room. There! The smell was back! Anna searched the bathroom, Maybe that bitch Katie doesn't know how to flush. Nothing in the bathroom was making the smell, which left only one option.

Anna took in a deep breath, Okay, its just a girl, just ask her what it is, and get it over with. She knocked twice.

There was no answer. Anna knocked again, "Katie are you in there?"

Anna heard someone moving something around hurriedly in the room, and a few seconds later, Katie was at the door, glaring.
"Its midnight, you'd better have something worth my time to be waking me up now."

Anna was taken aback, but then calmly responded "There was just some weird smell in here, and I'm not trying to be rude, but I checked all the rest of the dorm, I think something really stinky is in your room."

Whatever Anna expected would happen next, it certainly wasn't what happened.

Katie's bottom lip quivered, and she burst into tears.

"No, I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to be rude..." Anna was stunned.

"I TOLD that stupid asshole at admissions I needed my own room! He said it would be fine! This is JUST what happened last year!"

Anna didn't know what to say, so she sputtered another weak, "I'm sorry!"

Katie glared at her, "You wouldn't understand, so don't worry about it, I'll get them to transfer you to another dorm by tomorrow."

Suddenly it dawned on Anna... she had seen this reaction to someone calling their room "stinky" only once, when she herself had cried one year when her mom's family were visiting the house.

Anna decided to act like an adult, even if this girl dressed like she was starring in the Matrix, "No, Katie, I think I do get it. I think I understand."

Katie hiccuped, "No you really don't."

Anna knew there was only one way Katie would believe her at this point... she bent down and started untying her own shoe.

"What are you doing?"

"Proving to you that we're not so different..." and with a dramatic flourish, Anna ripped off her shoe. The hallway exploded with a smell similar to the first one, only a little stronger. Anna wiggled a socked foot, and a little perspiration actually fell off of her foot onto the floor.

"WHOA! Anna that freakin' stinks!"

Anna pinched her own nose, "Yep. Kinda... familiar, isn't it."

Katie blushed, and wiped her nose, "I... I'm sorry I lost it, I had no idea that you... you know,"

Anna shoved her shoe back on and waved the air in front of her face, "Don't sweat it, you want to talk in the living room?"

So there they were, two totally different girls, forced to live together, having tea and chatting about the problem that they shared at one in the morning.

"Alright, I already took my shoe off, so you first."

Katie giggled "When did you first really notice your 'problem.'"

Anna sighed, "Uh, probably in the first grade. I had these Skechers I wore without socks one day, and when I came home, my mom flipped. She took me to every doctor in the tri-county area, and one finally gave me a pair of odor-eaters."

Katie moaned, "Ugh, odor-eaters, my mom made me wear those in the fifth grade, they didn't work at all."

Anna giggled "I know! Mine kinda worked, for a day..."

"Alright, your turn."

Anna took a sip of tea, "OK, when are yours really at their smelliest? Like if someone else smelled it they might die?"

Kaite shrugged "I dunno, I guess they're always really smelly... they stink pretty much at the end of every day, and they always have."

Anna sighed, "Yeah, its something I just decided to come to terms with, you know? Like I'd always have to just deal with it."

Katie sipped on her tea quietly for a minute. After a while, her eyes lit up, "Hey, whose do you think smell worse, mine or yours?"

Anna's face turned red, "I don't like where this is going..."

Katie rolled her eyes, "Well, you already noticed the smell coming off my feet, and I already got a full blast of your feet, so we might as well get used to the smell."

As Katie went to untie her ratty sneakers, Anna moaned, "Aww, could we please just have a 'no shoes off' rule?"

Katie grinned and kept on untying the sneaker, "The thing I loved about having my own room last year, was being able totake my shoes off somewhere where nobody would complain about the stench, so you..." She pulled her socked foot free before finishing, "Are just going to have to get used to it."

Light travels faster than sound, and smell too apparently. Anna saw Katie's sock before the smell slammed her nostrils. It was black- of course- and it had an oily sheen to it, which Anna could only assume was excess sweat from her own experience. Katie wiggled her toes gleefully, and then Anna smelled it. It was intense, strong, and thick, and left a sour taste in her mouth just smelling it.

Katie laughed, "Ahhh, that's better. I thought I was actually going to have to keep my shoes on in the living room for a whole year."

Anna, with her nose curled in disgust, didn't see the humor in the situtation, "No, I think keeping our shoes on might just be a good idea."

Katie pulled off her other rotten sneaker, "No way! You'll get used to it, besides, the smell is only gonna get stronger if my feet don't get a chance to air out every day."

Anna groaned as Katie playfully pulled her socks off, with a cascade of lint following the foul things to the ground.

"Ewie! I got alot of toejam in there today!" Katie was having way too much fun with this.

"Uh, not to be a bitch, but I thought you 'goth kids' weren't supposed to smile or anything."

Katie smiled as she picked out toejam from between her rancid toes, "Misery loves company!"

Anna groaned, the stench had only gotten stronger now. She looked at Katie's feet. They were actually quite pretty, besides smelling almost as bad as an animal carcass. Her feet were slightly more pale than the rest of Katie's milky skin, and couldn't have been bigger than a size 8. All of her toes got smaller at a perfect angle, and the nails were painted black- of course. Anna thought that Katie might have been able to model for shoe commercials, if she could find someone who lacked a sense of smell to film it.

Tired of the smell of Katie's feet, Anna decided to fight fire with fire, "If that's how it's gonna be, I'm taking off my shoes and socks too!"

Katie rolled her eyes, "Ohh noooo. I'm so scared that your feet might smell as bad as mine..."

Anna giggled, "well, don't get mad if they smell worse."

Anna didn't even bother untying her sneakers, probably out of habit from years of trying to avoid the smell that always arose from her footwear. She kicked them off at the heels, and let them fall next to Katie's black pair. Anna's socks hadbeen pink earlier that morning, but now seemed like a shade of purple on the bottom from the wetness of her sweat. She used the tips of her fingernails to get the sweaty things off of her feet, which landed with an audible plop on the floor.

Kaite laughed, "Aww Anna, you have such cute feet!"

She wasn't lying, Anna's feet were cute. They were a size 6, with toes proportionally long to the foot.

Anna had never recieved a compliment on her feet before, "Well, thanks, I guess."

Katie seemed too happy to deter however, "Let's give you a pedicure!"

Anna had never painted her toenails before, and obviously nobody ever had the stomach to do it for her. "Thanks Katie, but I don't want to put my face that close to these things."

Katie wouldn't give up though, "Fine, I'll do it then, the smell doesn't really bother me. Much."

So there they were, the awkward chick and the goth girl, brought together in college by cripplingly stinky feet. Katie painted Anna's toes cherry red, and Anna even put another black coat on Katie's nails, laughing with Anna the whole time.

"So, how many guys did you date in high school?"

The question hit Anna in the gut, "Well, I never was really popular in high school..."

"What?! A pretty thing like you, you never dated anyone?"

Anna was blushing, "Well, you know, the feet thing. I was always too embarassed somebody might find out."

Katie ran into her room, and came back out with her purse- which was black, of course. "C'mon, get your shoes on." She said, tossing Anna's trashed sneakers.

"What? Why?"

Katie smiled devilishly, "We're going to play pool."

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Really awesome story. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

29-03-2012, 02:22 PM
great story!

30-03-2012, 12:24 AM
Thanks for the responses guys, but I'm kind of stuck on this story. Where should it go from here?

30-03-2012, 12:42 AM
Pretty sweet story, Jester6non. If I had the choice, I'd say the story should continue with the girl's going out to find a couple of guys. Maybe one of the guys they pick up even has a thing for stinky feet? Or maybe they take a couple guys home and proceed to torture them with their smelly feet and socks. But wherever you go with this story, I'm excited to read the next part.

30-03-2012, 06:02 AM
I'd say they go the torture route for a snobby female classmate(s) they come across at the pool hall while attempting to pick up guys. Potential scenario (just throwing stuff out there): Girls go to pool hall, Katie tries to help Anna meet guys, Anna's shoe comes off for some reason (maybe she's wearing flats, lol), smell hits guy whose turned off, and popular girls notice and make fun of Anna. Katie defends Anna, Anna says lets go, but Katie wants some smelly foot revenge on bullies.

I'm grasping at straws, I know, lol. Just an idea.

30-03-2012, 11:17 AM
Actually, that's perfect. Expect the rest in a day or two.

30-03-2012, 04:05 PM
Looking forward to it!!!!!!!!! You could have the bully try to get away while under their feet and have Anna and Katie force them back down with their feet... sort of in a "you're not going anywhere!" type of thing! that'd be AWESOME!! True torture!!!

01-04-2012, 05:09 AM
really difrent this one, i cant wait to read part 2!
The characters are GREAT and its nice to have 2 girls wich actually are diffrent one from another but mix together pretty well

05-04-2012, 04:40 PM
I love this story. I think the smelly shoe and sock torture is the best route to follow.

07-04-2012, 11:27 PM
More? that was good!

09-04-2012, 03:35 AM
So any idea on when part 2 might drop? Thanks.

stocktons fines
09-04-2012, 03:48 AM
Loved it. Great story!

09-04-2012, 10:55 PM
Alright, here's part 2, took a little longer than I expected to write... but so it goes.

Anna was shocked, "What do you mean we're going to play pool?"

Katie giggled, "I mean we're going to play pool, billiards, go out, have fun. That sort of thing."

"But I have class in the morning! Its already one A.M.!"

Katie sighed, "Really, you think that if you miss one day of class, you'll fail the course? This isn't high school anymore
sweetie. In college, teachers are called professors... and they don't take attendance."

After another ten minutes of arguing, Anna and Katie were in Katie's car, with Katie firing up the engine.

Anna sniffed at the air inside the car, "Ew, Katie it smells like feet in here!"

Katie laughed, "Yeah, I took my socks off in here one day, and lost one in between the seats, I'll put the windows down for

Anna's head was spinning, and not just because of the persistent stink of Katie's missing sock. Not even a day before, she
was an outcast dork with severe foot odor, and now she was friends with a goth girl who had her own smelly-feet problem, and
she was going to play pool at one in the morning. She couldn't help but feel excited and anxious.

"Hey Katie?"


"Have you ever dated a guy?"

Katie sighed, "Yeah, I dated a guy in high school for a few months."

"Was he, y'know, nice?"

"He was okay, I guess. I don't think I ever really got over the fact that he dumped me though."

Anna gasped, "He dumped you?"

"Why would that suprise you?"

"I don't know, you just seemed..."

Katie grinned "Tough? Intimidating? Under all the black clothes, I'm just a regular girl Anna. Plus, he only dumped me
when I took off my shoes at his house one day. After a few months, I thought he might understand, but I guess my feet
smelled too strong for him."

Anna blushed, "Sorry for bringing it up."

"Don't worry about it, I got him suspended from school when I put cigarettes in his locker."

Anna smiled, within just a few hours, she felt she really admired Katie. Anna had never been so nonchalant talking about
her foot odor, even with her own mother, but Katie seemed to just shrug it off.

They pulled up to the pool hall, a real hole-in-the-wall kind of place. Katie got out of the car, and sprayed some mild
perfume on herself. She offered the bottle to Anna, "Spray some of this on, so you don't smell like that sock in my car."
Anna sprayed it liberally.

The girls stepped into the pool hall, and Anna had to blink to adjust to the dim light. The inside of the place looked
about as grody as Anna expected from the outside, and she quickly found herself wondering why Katie had decided to take
her here of all places.

"Katie, are you sure this is the best place to be at this time of night?"

"Relax, your totally safe here. Plus, I think you've already got a guy checking you out!"

Katie wasn't lying, in the back corner of the building was a muscular guy staring in Anna's direction.

Katie led Anna to a table across the pool hall from him.

"Katie, don't you think we should get a table closer to him?"

Katie shook her head, "Nope. I'm gonna teach you a little game called cat and mouse. You have to make him work for your
attention, plus from here, he can't get a good look at your beat-up sneakers."

Anna gasped, "Guys care about what shoes I wear?"

Katie laughed, "You really are clueless about this, aren't you? Guys don't really care that much about shoes, but I'm just
saying, you don't want to draw attention to those things. The outside looks almost as bad as the inside smells!"

"Shut up, yours aren't much better. Oh my god, he's looking this way! What should I do?"

Katie took a break shot, "Play pool, and ignore him."

"Ignore him?"

"Yep. If you make the first move, he'll think you're a slut. Then he'll either walk away, or expect a one-nighter."


Katie sighed, "Yeah, you know, bang-'er-and-leave-'er? Look, just wait for him to do something, maybe smile at him if you
meet eyes."

Anna thought Katie was crazy, but figured she'd just play along. For about twenty minutes, Katie and Anna played a quiet
game of pool, and nothing happened.

"Katie, its been forever, what do I do?"

Before Katie could answer, the door opened, and a small gaggle of girls walked in the pool hall, two blondes and two
brunettes. They were wearing matching pink shirts with letters of the Greek alphabet.

Katie clicked her tongue, "Ech, sorority sluts."

Anna watched in horror as one of the blonde girls walked up to the guy she had been flirting with, and planted a kiss
on his cheek.

Katie groaned, "Are you fuckin' kidding me? Asshole had a girlfriend? Should have pegged him down as a frat douche..."

Anna sighed, "I should have known it was too good to be true."

"Whatever Anna, this college is full of guys, you'll find somebody."

The girls decided to finish a few more games of pool, hoping maybe some other guy would show up. After about an hour,
Anna smelled that all too familiar smell. "Oh my god! Katie did you take off your shoes?"

Katie glared a little, "No, why the hell would I do that out here?"

Anna looked down in horror at her own sneakers. On the side of her right instep, a small hole had torn in her shoe.
Although the hole was small, it was producing a huge smell, and the smell was spreading fast.

"Katie! We have to go!"

"Huh, why?"

"Don't you smell that?! My shoe has a hole!"

Within a few seconds Katie jerked back, "Woah! That's your shoe?"

Anna looked terrified, "Yeah, we have to leave now!"

As Katie was rushing to get the pool balls back in the rack, a high-pitched voice broke the air, "Oh my god, what is that

Anna turned in horror, the same sorority girl who had kissed the guy had her nose turned in the air, looking for the source
of the smell. "Seriously Mike, it smells like... I don't know, a locker room, don't you smell it?"

The muscular guy waved his hand in front of his nose, "Yeah, whatever it is, it really reeks."

As Anna and Katie made for the door, the sorority chick shouted in a deliberately horrible stage-whisper, "Oh my god you
guys, the smell is coming from that freaky goth and the dork!"

Anna fought back tears as the whole pool hall roared with laughter, while Katie turned around and flipped the blonde the
bird. "That smell is probably coming from your loose cunt, bitch!" And with that, Katie slammed the door behind her.

Anna cried the whole drive back to their dorm. What had seemed like a perfect first day of college had just turned into a

Katie tried to cmofort her a little, "Hey, don't worry about it, we'll get that slut back good."

Anna sobbed, "How? I don't even know where she is..."

"I had a chem class with that bitch last semester, her name's Shannon... something, don't worry about it. I'll take care
of this."

After they got back to the dorm, Anna turned into her bed. It felt good to have Katie trying to make her feel better, but
Anna didn't really expect her to fix anything.

The next day, Anna skipped her first three classes. She was a mess, and was seriously considering changing schools. At
around noon, Katie broke her miserable chain of thoughts with a sharp knock on her door.

"Hey, get dressed, we've got company."

Anna almost screamed, "What do you mean we 'have company?' I don't really feel like seeing anybody right now."

Katie grinned, "No, you'll like this, trust me."

Anna got dressed, and walked into the living room. She was suprised to see the same dean that had shown her the dorm the
day before, as well as the soroity bitch from the pool hall.

The old gentleman tried to smile, "Ah, hello miss Anna. I understand you had a bit of a... problem... last night."

Anna was stunned, she didn't know what Katie was up to, and just nodded in response.

The dean continued, "Yes, well I've spoken to miss Shannon over here about some general details about your... situation,
and I've arranged for her to come and apologize personally. I assure you, we're doing all we can here at the staff to
make things as comfortable for you as possible."

Anna simply nodded, and muttered a weak, "Thank you."

The dean smiled what seemed to be warmly, but Anna felt he looked more like a car saleman, "Excellent! Well I'll just leave
you young ladies to sort this out."

Anna blurted out, "Wait, you're not going to stay?"

The old man laughed, "Why no, you're all adults, yes? I'm sure you're all mature enough to sort this out amongst yourselves."

And with that, the dean walked out of the dorm and down the hallway, leaving the three girls glaring at each other.

Shannon broke the silence first, "So, the dean says you've got some... what did he call it? Medical disorder? I didn't know
not being able to afford soap was a 'medical disorder.'"

Anna turned bright red, she had never had to deal with anyone this rude before in her life.

Katie lashed back for Anna, "I guess you would know alot about soap, having to wash all that cum off of your face every

Shannon glared, "Shut up freak, shouldn't you be playing vampire in a graveyard or something? This is between me and the

To Anna's horror, Katie got up, "Fine, I'll go back to my room. Maybe I'll check some porn sites to see you doing what
you do best." And Katie went back to her room.

Shannon turned to Anna, her face resembling a tiger toying with easy prey.

"So bitch, you ran and tattled to the dean? Did I hurt your little feelings loser?"

Anna was speechless, "N-no I didn't... I didn't talk to the dean."

Shannon snorted, "Save your bullshit, I don't need to be dragged out here to 'apologize' to some crybaby little bitch. Why
don't you go ahead and apologize for wasting my time, huh?"

Anna was fighting back tears again, why had Katie done this only to walk away? She felt betrayed, and started to mutter
"I-I'm sorry."

Shannon laughed cruelly, "What, what was that? I think I heard you start to cry. Are you crying little girl? You see, this
is what happens when you show up to a school and flirt with a sorority girl's man. Oh yes, I heard all about your little
stunt. Next time I catch you staring at my man..."

Katie's door slammed in the hallway, cutting Shannon off mid-sentence, "Hey freak, I thought I told you to stay out of this?"

Katie sneered at Shannon, "What, now I can't go in my own kitchen? Go eat a dick slut."

The series of events that followed went by almost too fast for Anna to keep up with. Shannon shrieked and charged at Katie,
who must have anticipated it, because she reflexively punched the blonde in the gut. Shannon fell to her knees, gasping
for breath, her face bright red. Katie grabbed her arms, and within seconds had her hogtied on the floor. Before Shannon
could say anything else, Katie duct-taped her mouth shut.

Anna snapped out of her daze, and turned to Katie, "What... what the hell are you doing?"

Katie was smiling evilly, "Revenge, Anna. We're gonna get some revenge on this little bimbo."

Shannon was struggling on the floor, still working to get her breath back.

"Katie, you can't do this!"

Katie laughed, "Why not? Its not like she was really going to apologize anyway. We have to teach her a lesson about making
fun of people."

Katie knelt down and smiled at Shannon, "Well, not so tough now, are we bitch?"

Shannon glared back at Katie.

"What's that slut? You wanna say something?"

Katie ripped the tape off of Shannon's mouth, "HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLP!!!!!!! ANYONE! HELLLLLLLLLLLP!!!!"

Katie laughed, "Dumb bitch, this building's empty, remember? Nobody's gonna hear you out here."

Shannon ignored the taunt, and kept screaming for twenty minutes. Out of breath, she turned to Katie, "All right, I'm
sorry, sorry for calling you a freak! Let me go!"

Katie clucked her tongue, "No no no! You're here to apologize to my friend Anna, remember? Does everything just drain out
of that pretty head of yours?"

Shannon rolled over, and pleadingly looked at Anna, "I'm sorry, okay? Can you tell her to let me out? Please?"

Before Anna could answer, Katie kept going, "Now, I don't think you really know what you put my friend through last night.
I think I'm going to have to make you really understand what you did to Anna before I let you go."

Shannon snarled, "Fine! Whatever! Just do whatever you're doing and let me get out of here!"

Katie smiled, "Anna, remove our guests shoes, and give me one, please."

Anna gave Katie a quizzical look, and Katie winked. So, Anna grabbed one of Shannon's flats from the back of the knots off
of her foot. Shannon had size seven feet, with very pink soles. Her nails were painted blue, and looked quite pretty. In
fact, Anna thought that Shannon was overall extremely good-looking, aside from the fact that she was an evil bitch.

Anna handed the shoe over to Katie, who put it down to Shannon's face, "Here, I want you to take a good whiff of this."

Shannon turned up her lip at the prospect, "What the hell is wrong with you? That's gross."

Katie faked a sigh, "Well then, I guess you must not want to leave that bad if you're not even willing to cooperate..."

With that prompt, Shannon took several enthusiastic sniffs at her own shoe.

Katie laughed mockingly, "Wow, what a little freak you are. You like to smell your own shoes slut?"

Shannon turned red and glared, "Shut up! You just told me to do that! I only did it to get out of here!"

Katie giggled, "Whatever you say freak. Anyways, how did it smell?"

Shannon looked confused, "Like, leather?"

Katie took the shoe up to her own nose, and inhaled. "Nope, I'm definitely smelling something else. Care to smell again
and tell me what it is?"

Katie shoved the shoe back in Shannon's face and waited for her to smell.

"So, what does it smell like again?"

Shannon turned red again, "Well, you know, it smells... like feet."

Now Anna thought Katie was the one who looked like a tiger, "Like what? I didn't hear that?"

"Like feet! God! Don't pretend that those nasty sneakers you're wearing never smell!"

Katie grinned, Shannon had played right into her trap, "Ah, you noticed my sneakers? I like them. You don't think they
look good?"

Shannon started to tear up, "Look, just let me go, okay? I'm sorry! I'll never be mean to either of you again! Please let
me out of here!"

"In a while, we just got to the point here. You think my sneakers might... smell?"

And suddenly, it dawned on Anna where Katie was going with this, "Look Katie, lets just let her go. We could get into a lot
of trouble for this!"

Shannon eagerly hopped in, "No! I won't tell anyone! I swear!"

Katie grinned again, "You promise?"

Shannon had tears freely running down her cheek now, "YES! I SWEAR!"

Katie folded her arms, "Prove it."

Shannon looked up, "What?"

"I said prove it slut. I want you to prove you're not going to tell anyone. I'm going to untie just your arms, and you're
going to do something for me, okay?"

Shannon sighed in relief, "Okay, yeah, what do you want me to do?"

Katie sat down on the couch, "I want a footrub, if that's not too much for you to handle."

Shannon writhed over to the floor in front of her, "What's with you and the feet?"

"You'll see, are you going to do it or not?"

"Fine, just untie my arms!"

Katie untied Shannon's arms, "Alright slut, get to work."

Katie crossed her legs in front of Shannon and pointed to her sneaker-clad feet. Shannon pulled off one sneaker, and gagged.
Anna could hardly blame her, the smell was hitting her own nose from a distance, poor Shannon was only inches away.

Katie laughed and wiggled her sock-clad toes, "Ahh, feels good to get them off, y'know?"


Katie laughed, and pinched at her nose, "This is why we get a whole building to ourselves! Now get that other shoe off and
start rubbing, or you're not going anywhere!" She pulled off her sweat-soaked black sock, and wiggled her bare toes in
Shannon's face.

Shannon started bawling, and turned to untie the rope binding her legs, but Katie pounced before she could even finish
turning. Within seconds, Katie had Shannon hogtied- arms and legs- again.

Anna was impressed, "Katie, where did you learn to do that? And where did that rope come from?"

Katie smiled, "I actually grew up on a farm, and I keep the rope in my room tied up in a noose."

"Why a noose?"

Katie laughed, "I think it looks cool."

Their little exchange was interrupted by Shannon, "Would you fucking freaks just let me go already!!!"

Katie slapped duct tape on her mouth again, "There we go, that was getting annoying. Now, you said you'd give me a footrub
slut, and then I'd let you go. However, here I am, with achy feet, and you won't rub them. So I have
another idea, I'll just wipe my feet on your face until they feel better, okay?"

Shannon worked the duct tape off of her mouth with her tongue, and started screaming again. Katie used this as an oppurtunity
to shove her sock in Shannon's mouth, and reapply the tape.

Now Shannon was on the floor, getting a full dose of Katie's bare foot. Anna felt genuinely bad for her, the smell wasn't
anything to joke about. The whole room was now flooded with the heady smell. Katie wiggled her black-polished toes right
in Shannon's face, and flecks of lint got stuck to her cheek. Then Katie took her right big toe and dragged it across
Shannon's upper lip, right below her nose "Now that doesn't smell too good does it slut? I think you would have been
better off just rubbing them with your hands." Katie pulled off her other shoe and sock, prompting Shannon to cough from
behind the duct tape.

Anna was amazed. When Katie said she'd help her get revenge on this girl, she had no idea just how far Katie would go to get
it. Shannon was actually crying with Katie's feet on her face.

"Katie, I think she's had enough, she's crying."

Katie smushed her left foot onto Shannon's nose, "So? She made you cry last night, and all this morning, doesn't she deserve
to cry too? I think its time she really apologized to you. Why don't you come here and make her smell the feet she thought
were just hilarious last night?"

Anna had always hated the stench that rose up from her shoes and feet, and had never thought of forcing anyone else to smell
them. On the other hand, Katie wasn't going to stop until Shannon had completely suffered, so Anna sat down on the couch
and looked Shannon in the face.

"I'm sorry, but Katie won't let you go until you smell these..."

Katie laughed, "Don't apologize to the little slut, she's the one who should be sorry at this point. Just think of everyone
who ever made fun of you, called you a dork, laughed about you behind your back, and just wipe that out on her face."

Anna looked down in Shannon's face, and realized that... Katie was right. This girl, this bitch completely ruined her first
day of college, just like other bitches had ruined elementary school, middle school, high school... and she kicked off her
left sneaker. Shannon winced, and rocked her head side to side in an effort to avoid the smell. Anna hadn't taken her socks
or shoes off from the night before, and they were just rotten. The bottom of the socks were completely gray with sweat, and
were visibly wet. "Smell my sock... bitch." It felt good to take out revenge on the girl, there was a sense of rightness
about what Anna was doing. She kicked off the right shoe and waved her grungy socked feet in Shannon's face. Katie was
laughing, "Aww, who's a little crybaby now? Can't handle a little bit of feet in your face? We'll let you out soon, all you
have to do is take a few big sniffs in between Anna's toes!"

Shannon still had tears siding down her face, but she wasn't fighting anymore. She nodded in compliance, and lifted her face
to smell Anna's toes. Anna pulled her socks off, and got an idea. Anna put her feet inside Shannon's flats, and laughed.
"Let's see how you react to your own smelly shoes!" Anna ground her toes in the flats, took them off, and shoved one in
Shannon's face. Even after just a few seconds, Anna's potent foot stench had filled the entire shoe. Anna then placed her
feet back in Shannon's face, and wiggled her toes. "C'mon, you're almost done here, just three big sniffs."

Shannon held her eyes shut, and took a deep inhale from in between Anna's toes. She immediately started retching and
flailing, and Katie burst out laughing, "One down, two to go bitch!"

Shannon sniffed again, and then forced herself to smell one last time. Her whole body shuddered, and Anna decided enough
was enough. "Alright Katie, we have to let her go now." Anna put the shoes back onto Shannon's feet, and Katie reluctantly
untied her. Without looking at either of the girls, Shannon ran out of the dorm. "We're going to get in so much trouble for
that..." Anna was worried now, what if Shannon called the cops? Katie didn't share her concern, "Nah, what is she going to
tell anyone, that we put stinky feet in her face? We're fine. Now can you go wash your feet? They really stink right now."
And Anna laughed about her foot odor for the first time in her life.

To Anna's suprise, the next few days passed by without anything major happening. Neither the cops nor any campus
admininstration had asked her or Katie about what happened to Shannon, and her classes were going okay. Then, four days
after Katie and Anna tortured Shannon, there was a knock on the dorm door. Katie opened it, and saw Shannon standing in
the hallway, crying again. "What did you do to me?!"

Katie was shocked, "What are you talking about?"

Shannon walked into the dorm, "You freaks did something to me, and you're going to fix it now!!"

Anna looked at Katie, who shrugged her shoulders, and turned to Shannon, "What, you didn't get enough punishment last time
you were here?"

Shannon didn't back down at all, "Shut up! I don't know what you did, but just fix it! This isn't funny!"

"We seriously don't know what you're talking about." Anna said.

Shannon pouted, and kicked off the same flats she was wearing four days before. The room exploded with the nastiest foot
funk Anna had ever smelled, which was saying something considering her own and Katie's feet.

Once Katie got a whiff, she not-so-gracefully blurted, "Oh God, those are the stinkiest feet I've ever smelled! They smell
worse than Anna's!"

Shannon turned deep red, and yelled, "This isn't fucking funny! I got kicked out of my soroity until the smell goes away,
my boyfriend dumped me, and you two are going to help me fix this NOw!"

...To be continued.

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