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22-03-2012, 07:53 PM
I have been employed by the company I work with for almost 8 years. From the moment I stepped in and had the welcoming meeting with the General Manager (a lady), I have always wished to live the below dream.

First of all I want to describe my General Manager (GM) and her Personal Assistant (PA):

The GM, a smart and sexy lady in her early 40s, with blonde hair and green eyes. About 6 feet tall and every time that I saw her she was always wearing very high heels. She has long legs with about size 9 feet. Furthermore I guess that her bra size is about 34D and she has a very attractive lower back as well. She is also a very dominant lady as well.

My GM's PA too because she was also part of my dream. Like my GM, her PA is also a very smart lady in her mid 30s with short black hair and black eyes. She is always wearing high heels and even though her bust and lower back are not so perfect as my GM's, I still consider her as a very sexy lady too.

Now for my dream...

My GM's PA sent me an e-mail telling me that the GM wants to have meeting with me at a particular date and time.

She also advises me that I am to be there on time.

I arrive in her office and as soon as I enter, I notice that her PA closes the door and locks it with the key.

The GM was wearing a very tight and short black skirt and on top she was wearing a very tight red silk shirt. I noticed that she had the first 3 buttons of her shirt open and I had a very good view of her adorable boobs. She was wearing a black-leathered high-heeled open toed sandals and she was sitting in a very sexy position on her armchair with her legs crossed.

Her PA was wearing a very tight, short, maroon dress. She was wearing exactly the same type of sandals as the one of the GM. Exactly like the GM, she was as well sitting in a very sexy position on another armchair with crossed legs.

When the door closed the GM was very straight to the point. She told me that she knew all about my fetish of smelling ladies’ feet. She told me as well that it was not the first time that she and her PA caught me starring at their feet. She told me that this is not acceptable and in order to punish me for my behaviour I was to be their foot slave for all my life.

I was more than pleased that I was hearing this and in order to thank them for giving me this 'job' I responded with a kiss on both of their feet. As soon as I kissed their feet I took the opportunity to take a sniff as well. I can say that they had a very strong smell even if they were still wearing their sandals.

Both of them told me that they always had a problem with their feet for the simple reason that they smelled very much. They told me that in me they were going to take revenge because in the past they had experienced a very hard time for having very smelly feet especially at school.

As soon as the speech was over the GM told me that I am to start my new 'job' as their foot slave as from that day.

The GM told me to lie on the floor facing the ceiling and she told me to remove the sandals from their sexy feet. As soon as I did, a very strong cheesy smell hit my nose. It felt like I was in heaven. Soon may face was covered by their feet and they continued to order me to inhale all the smell from their feet.

I smelled and smelled and the GM told me to lick in between their toes. I obeyed, and was rewarded with a hard stroke on my cock by the right foot of the GM's PA. She noticed that I was rock hard and this was a great pleasure for them.

The GM's PA removed my trousers and they both spat on my cock to make it wet. They started to wank my cock with their feet and they made me cum.

It was the happiest day of my life but as soon as I came in my pants and woke up, I soon realised that all this was all a dream. I wish that this dream would come true and every time that I pass by their office I remember this dream that I had and immediately go to the toilet and masturbate.

I hoped that you enjoyed reading my dream.

23-03-2012, 02:27 PM
good, it is also my dream:-)

24-03-2012, 04:12 PM
Wow you think? thats mostly every foot fetishist dream.