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BTW it's Tori and Hanna from footfighters.com



The punching bag shook violently as Hanna's newly trained feet smashed into it. The feeling of the bag being crushed by her soles made Hanna very excited, as it was what she planned to do to her long time enemy, Tori.


A loud sound erupted as Hanna's sole slammed into the bag in a final, jumping knockout sidekick. She could just imagine the bag being Tori's face, and laughed at the idea of what it would like after that kick.

Ever since elemtary school, Tori had bullied Hanna. Tori was always more popular, and grew earlier on, so she was able to beat up Hanna in the schoolyard. Getting pummelled in front of the school was a humiliation Hanna never lived down. While the physical abuse ended by the time the girls were in highschool, Tori still constantly taunted and bullied Hanna.

But ever since she started Karate, her confidence had shot up. She never thought she could get so good at it, but after defeating both girls and boys in sparring, she knew she could fight. And bouncing around in her Karate uniform and pummelling the bag with her soles, made her confident that her feet were strong enough to rearrange Tori's face.

Hanna looked at the clock, and realized it was time to meet Tori in the park. Tori had no idea she was trained in Karate now, so she was bound to get scarred when she saw Hanna arriving in her Gi.

Hanna walked off the mat to put on her sandals. It was a hot summer day, and she was sweating a lot from pounding the bag. The bottoms of her feet were especially moist, and even left footprints on the mat. She didn't like putting sweaty feet into her sandals, but then remembered she was about to use Tori's face as her sandal. After all, sweaty soles in her face would be all the more humiliating.

When she arrived at the park in her Gi, and saw Tori in a black tanktop, red short shorts, and flip flops, she didn't get the reaction she was hoping for.

"Ha what's this? You gonna do karate on me? Please, it's 100 fucking degrees outside, and show up in that? What an idiot."

Hanna got really angry. That was the final taunt she'd ever allow Tori to say to her before she left her a demolished mess underneath her feet. She got into her karate stance, which Tori laughed at and then put her own fists up.

Hanna knew Tori was bigger then her, and probably possed more brute strength, but certainly not trained as well. Hanna let Tori make the first move.

"Eat it bitch!" Tori threw her fist towards Hanna. It was strong, but slow, and Hanna grabbed Tori's wrist and threw her own punch towards Tori's face. But she instead hit Tori's shoulder, as she had spun in towards her, so both girls' bodies were basically in contact.

It was such a simple manouver, yet Hanna never even thought of it because she was so used to sparring, where there were rules, and the fight was for points. Either way, the punch certainly hurt Tori, yet not enough to stop her as she jabbed Hanna's face with her arm.Hanna's nose hurt as it rubbed of Tori's arm, but before Tori could strike again, Hanna linked her foot around Tori's ankle, and pulled it out from underneath. Unfortunately for Hanna, she forgot that
this wasn't in Karate class, but a real fight, so things don't work as perfectly as she hopes.

Basically, if Tori was gonna go down, she was gonna drag Hanna down too. Both girls slammed onto the ground, and started to wrestle. This is where things started to go really badly for Hanna, and both girls realized it quickly. Hanna's training standing up was no use in wrestling, and with Tori being the stronger girl, she started to dominate. She got on top of Hanna quickly, and tried to punch her face. Hanna fought hard, and blocked most, but still got nailed a couple times: POW POW.

Hanna knew she was going to get pounded if she stayed on the ground, so she tried frantically to roll Tori off and get back on her feet. It was difficult, given the fact that Hanna was smaller than her, but she eventuall managed to roll Tori to the side just enough so she could get up. Her face still hurt from those punches though, and her lip was cut.

The good feeling of getting up was shortlived as Tori also got up and managed to kick Hanna's ass before she could turn around. BAM Hanna fell to her hands and knees, and desperately tried to get up and away from Tori to get time to regain herself. It felt, and looked, like she was running away though and Tori was just kicking her back down.

Especially when Tori kicked her back down. Hanna felt Tori's sole slam into her back and she went down on her knees, putting hands on her back to mend the pain. However she forgot Tori was coming up behind her, and all of a sudden she felt the top of Tori's foot slamming into the side of her face/ head in a hard roundhouse.

She spund and fell onto her ass, now facing Tori. Her ear and cheek were throbbing in pain, and she felt dizzy. All she could do was look up at the viscous Tori as she picked up her knee, and shot out her sole.


Hanna only caught a glimpse of Tori's pink sole before she felt it smashing her face. Hanna had never really been kicked in the face like this before, but she felt it was one of the worst experiences.

Of course there is the serious pain, but Hanna felt more than that as she fell onto her back. It was humiliating to feel her face owned by the sweaty, footsole, and the smell was stuffed in her nose.Still, she had some fight left in her, so she sat back up, only for Tori to kick her flush in the face again. The fight left in her was gone immediately, as Hanna was simulatanously in a lot of pain, and numb/woozy at the same time."Stay down, bitch!" Hanna stayed down.

Tory ran over and got her sandals, and brought them back. "I won't beat your ass any further, seeing as you're ugly enough haha. But I could use a foot cleaner right now..."

Hanna shook her head in disgust. She was humiliated enough by losing the fight, no way in hell was she gonna degrade herself like that.

"No, I want you to be my footcleaner!" Tori stomped down on Hanna's face. Despite her hands in the way, Tori's heel still busted down on Hanna's nose, and it erupted in pain, and made her eyes water.

"I don't need a crier, I need someone to lick the sweat from my soles and flip flops." Hanna, now actually crying, didn't motion. Tori took her flip flop and jammed the insole in Hanna's face.

"I'm not moving it until you lick it clean!"

Hanna's nose felt busted, yet she could smell the stench of footsweat in the insoles. She couldn't imagine licking it, but realised there was no other way.

"C'mon! Clean it!" Tori slapped Hanna's face with her flop. Hanna stuck out her toungue and placed it on the flip flop. The taste of

Tori's feet immediately hit her, but she managed to bring her mouth up and down the insole. Tori stuck the other one in her face, and Hanna repeated.

"Now for my feet!" Tori raised her foot above Hanna's face, but before her foot descened, voices were heard coming. They were Tori's friends.

Hanna knew they would show up because Tori, well, likes to be with her bitch friends. In fact Hanna wanted them to come initially, and was actually dissapointed when they weren't there at first. She wanted them watch as she dominate and humiliate their friend. And she wanted Tori's reputation to get destroyed like she did to me. Instead, Hanna was getting completely humuliated again.

Tori said hi to them, and laughed about how much of a pathetic loser Hanna was for showing up in a Gi and then getting her ass kicked. Tori assured them they had come for the fun though.

Tori held her foot an inch above her face, so her sole was in licking distance. "Lick em clean, bitch"Hanna was trying hard to breath through my mouth as the smell of footsweat was strong. It was 100 degress after all, and anyone outside was bound to be sweaty. She couldn't degrade myself to lick the bottom of her sweaty foot though, as it already smelled like it would be 100x worse than her flip flop.

Tori got impantient and slammed her sole down on her face again, but held it their with her nose between her toes. The smell was overwhelmingly digusting and Hanna tried to shake off the foot. But Tori put all her weight down to keep her sole plastered to Hanna's face. Eventually, Hanna gave a thumbs up to say she'd do it.

Tori lifted her foot an inch of Hanna's face, and revealed a total mess. The face wasn't a bloody pulp like she wanted to do to Tori, but it was mess of tears and stinky footsweat. Hanna stuck out her toungue, and Tori wiped her soles up and down Hanna's face, using her as a footcleaner.

Hanna felt like she was going to puke. The taste was beyond horrible, and the feeling of footsweat in her mouth and leaking down her throat made her want to die.

After Hanna had cleaned both of Tori's soles, Tori pressed the ball of her foot on Hanna's mouth, and motioned to kiss it. As Hanna reluctantly kissed the sole, Tori taunted her about how good of a footslave she was, and then offered her two friends if they wanted to get in on this. One of them, Janine, said she was fine with watching, but Tori's tall blue-eyed blond friend, Dana, said sure.

Hanna had been degraded so badly, and the taste/smell of feet was so strong she wanted to die. She couldn't take another girl's sweaty feet. And boy were they sweaty. Dana was wearing her Uggs with no socks, like many girls do, but on a day like this, it wasn't pretty for Hanna. Dana's long soles were drenched with sweat.

Hanna began shaking her head again, but before Tori could even beat her for her disobediance, Dana sad down hard on Hanna's stomach, completely knocking the wind out of her. Then she moved back onto Hanna's legs so she could stretch out her own, grabbed Hanna's arms towards her, and stuck out her feet. Hanna's face was dragged into the moist soles.

Dana's feet smelled no worse than Tori's, but were definitely sweatier. Hanna couldn't even move, and the smell and feel of the moist soles made her want to die even more.

Tori motioned for Dana to take her soles of Hanna's face for a second, so she could demand her to clean them. Hanna knew she was gonna have to lick them eventually, but knowing just how much sweat there was, she still hesitated. Tori told Dana to show Hanna who's boss.

Dana pulled Hanna towards her, and started pummeling her face with both soles. WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP

They weren't full force kicks (in that case, Dana's strong legs probably would have killed Hanna) but they were enough to bruise up her face and hurt A LOT, and demonstrate who was in charge. Hanna stuck out her tongue, and began to lick. It was even worse than Tori's feet.

Like the smell, the taste was no worse, but the amount of sweat on Dana's soles made it feel all the more disgusting in her mouth. Still, Hanna managed to lick both of Dana's soles clean.

Janine still didn't like the idea of having her feet licked, but she did give a barefoot kick to Hanna's face to leave her sprawled on the ground, as the 3 girls drove off, laughing their asses off.

Hanna eventually picked herself up and went home, and cried. Things didn't go as planned.

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excellent story!

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Awesome story. I feel a revenge match coming..... lol

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Awesome story. I feel a revenge match coming..... lol

Lol maybe, if enough people like this kinda story.

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LOVE IT!!! bring on the rematch... this was HOT!!!!!!!!

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Loved it. Really great story. Love F/F theme