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There was once a story here called "Claire and the Horrible Feet of Helen" (or "Aunt Helen", I cannot recall). I have found the first part over at Dirty Feet Guy Memories, but I cannot find the second half. It was written by Vampirella, and was one of the best stories I have ever read. I miss part two, though, as that was the hottest part. Does anyone have it still or know where I can find it? Thank you in advance.

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i know your trying to help, and yeah that site is good for stories, i often go there daily as well as here
but they have already stated that only part one of that story is from that website
i havent found part 2 yet either, but i remember the story well. Would definitely be great to read it again

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Ran across it:

by Amber

author’s note:

Claire and the Horrible Feet of Aunt Helen was originally conceived, thematically speaking, as the finished tale you are about to read. Having suffered much criticism from readers, concerning the incestual subject matter the majority of my stories explored, I abandoned my initial plot; presenting instead a piece in which Aunt Helen was a friend of the family and of no relation to Claire. The title was then changed to Claire and the Horrible Feet of Helen. All sections involving Claire’s mother and her sorted past were omitted. The tale was well liked in its newfound incarnation and the original intent was officially abandoned.

In honor of my Mom's Stinky Feet e-Book, I have reinstated my original vision of the tale and present it intact for you reading enjoyment. I hope you have fun joining Claire on her journey ... I know I did.


Claire absolutely hated her Aunt Helen. Helen was 33 years old and recently divorced. Claire had overheard her father say that Aunt Helen was bi-sexual and had left her husband for another woman. Claire thought that was "way gross". But that's not the reason Claire hated her. It was her feet.

Aunt Helen started babysitting Claire at the beginning of the summer. She would ride her bike through the streets of Davis, CA to Claire's house each afternoon. The heat outside was unbearable and Aunt Helen would always be drenched in sweat when she arrived. When she rode her bike, she wore thick, off-white, knee-high socks. She would tuck her pant legs into the socks to avoid getting snagged in the bike chain.

As soon as Claire’s Mom would leave to teach her course a the UC, Aunt Helen would plop down on the couch and kick off her shoes to air her feet. Sometimes she would peel off the soaked socks and wiggle her toes. The rancid reek of her stinky soles and toes would fill the front room like a noxious cloud. Helen would always smile in contentment and Claire swore she could hear her sniffing the air as if she actually liked the putrid smell. Claire had once confided this to her father who looked doubtful, but said he wouldn't put anything past Aunt Helen.

To make the sight of the cursed peeling off those smelly socks even worse ... was the size of her feet … they were enormous ... at least to Claire. Out of morbid curiosity, Claire had once checked the size on the inside of Aunt Helen's shoe whilst she was using the bathroom. The smell of the shoe was more than Claire could endure and she quickly dropped it after seeing the size stamped in gold lettering on the insole. Size 11!!! Her fingers had smelled just like her Aunt’s feet for the rest of the day ... as a result of touching the insole!

After suffering two months of her Auntie’s shoe-removing ritual, Claire had become convinced that she rarely washed her feet. She could also deduce by the stained, shiny, crusty appearance of the socks, that they as well had gone a long stretch without the benefit of soap and water. After all, she wore the same socks each day!

It wasn’t that Aunt Helen had ugly feet by any measure. Claire actually envied the shape of them if not their size ... broad pad, high arch, perfectly shaped cubby toes always painted with flattering colors. She would look at her own feet, which she knew looked small and childish, and longed to be a grown-up. Aunt Helen's breasts were also quit enviable. Large and full. Claire's mother had once joked with her father that he stared at them too much. He replied by stating that "he was only trying to decide if they were fake or not". Both of her parents laughed at that. Claire’s mother had then grabbed her own breast and shook them at her husband while saying, “I got Mom’s boobs, Helen got Aunt Leslie’s”. Of course they had no idea Claire was eavesdropping outside their bedroom door.

This was one of Claire's unfortunately vices ... she loved to sneak and she loved to listen to conversations she was not a part of. She'd only been punished for it once though. She was spotted twice in one night, lingering outside of her parent’s bedroom door long after she was supposed to have gone to bed. The first time Claire claimed to have had a nightmare and was up getting a glass of water. Her mother seemed to buy it and she went un-reprimanded. Later that night her father caught her again, once more lurking outside of their bedroom door, and the more she lied and made up excuses the deeper she dug herself into trouble. She'd been grounded for a week and firmly told she was not to be a "little-sneak" ever again. She’d earned a spanking for the lying.

Of course this made little to no impression on Claire and she continued her nightly peeping and listening. That very next night in fact, she overheard her parents engaged in sexual activity. She was even so bold as to push the door open just enough to see her father pushing his hard penis in and out of her mother's butthole. Claire found this gross and silly, but strangely exciting. Needless to say, this event only encouraged her behavior to find out what went on behind closed doors … especially when grown ups were involved.

Things finally came to a head with her Aunt Helen on a Wednesday afternoon, mid August. Aunt Helen was on the phone in the living room talking to a friend. As usual she had her socked feet propped up on the ottoman. Those large feet of hers were busy befouling the air with their rank aroma of odiferous foot-funk. Claire had just come in from playing with friends and heard her Aunt Helen's voice. She crept to the edge of the archway leading to the living room and crouched to listen:

"Hold on ... let me check ...” Shockingly Aunt Helen called out "Claire!" in a loud voice. Claire froze; terrified she'd been caught sneaking again. Images of her father's disapproving face floated through her mind as well as the spankings and punishments that would follow. She knew Aunt Helen would tattle for sure!

After a few tense moments her Aunt spoke into the receiver, "Its OK, I'm alone, I think she's outside with her bratty friend..." Claire caught herself before she sighed in relief. As practiced, many times before, she would take slow measured breaths through her nose to minimize the sound of her breathing. In this case it was rather difficult due to the faint smell of Aunt Helen's feet creeping from the adjoining room. It was unpleasant to say the least, but the excitement of listening outweighed her repulsion.

"So where were we? Ohhh, ya! Mmmmmm .... Oh, you naughty little bitch..." Aunt Helen began to giggle. Claire had no idea what she was talking about and that really bugged her. She was tempted to pick up the extension in the kitchen but dared not risk it. She decided to continue her self appointed mission and listen.

"Well, if you did that, I'd just have to sit on your face and make you smell my little asshole. You'd like that wouldn't you, you little slut. Mmmmm .... How many fingers?! No way ... I'd rip!" Again she began to giggle.

Claire could tell she was talking "sexy-talk" as her best friend Rachel called it. There was nothing finer, as far as Claire was concerned, to listen to others talk sex. It cracked her up. Grown-ups could be so weird! ‘Suck my this’ and ‘rub my that’ … it was hilarious.

Claire noticed that Aunt Helen hadn’t said anything for a while and was just about to take a peek when … “I don’t know kitten, let me check … I’m sure you know the answer already …” Then Claire heard the strangest thing. It sounded like Aunt Helen was sniffing loudly. The exaggerated sound came again followed by an “Mmmmmmm”. She deduced that her Aunt was performing some kind of audible act for whoever this “kitten” was. Most likely her “girlfriend”. Yuck! The sniffing came again followed by “Oh ya, stinky as you wanna be!”

What? Claire thought for a moment and then it struck her … NO WAY! Was she sniffing her horrible feet?!! I was right! Claire thought. She does like those nasty things! This she had to see.
Claire got as close to floor as possible hoping her mother’s potted bamboo tree would obscure her from Aunt Helen’s view. With a level of caution only a true sneak can perfect, Claire peeked her head around the corner. Sure enough, Aunt Helen had the phone tucked between her ear and shoulder. She had a hold of her ankle with both hands and had lifted a bare foot to her face. All her toes were splayed and her nose was buried between them. She sniffed again. Claire stifled a giggle, almost giving herself away.

She noticed that Aunt Helen was still wearing a sock on her left foot … the discarded one lay in a heap next to the ottoman. Claire swore she could almost see yellow tendrils of stink-vapor oozing out. She shuddered. Nasty thing, she grimaced.

Then to her horror the doorbell rang! Nowhere to go! Aunt Helen will see me for sure. In panic Claire darted across the floor and behind her father’s recliner. So far so good. Aunt Helen put down the phone and went to the front door. Claire was still visible and if her Aunt turned around the game would be up. The door swung open and there was dummy-head Rebecca. “Where’s Claire?” she asked. Rebecca then peeked past Aunt Helen into the house and saw Claire crouching by the chair. Claire held a finger to her limps to shush her and thankfully Rebecca kept her big mouth shut for a change.

“I don’t know kid …” Aunt Helen said, “I thought she was with you.”

“Oh, she’s probably “hiding” someplace,” Rebecca said and then giggled looking back at Claire. She’s gonna blow it, Claire was sure.

“Whatever,” Aunt Helen sneered and started to shut the door. Claire scampered across the floor and darted behind the couch. This is no good … Aunt Helen will totally see me! Claire dropped down on her belly again and shimmied under the couch. It was a tight fit, but she was concealed. The moment Aunt Helen left the room Claire figured she could escape out the front door … or better yet, act as if she’d just come in.

From beneath the couch, Claire could see the feet of her Aunt returning. One bare foot and one socked foot was all she saw but that was enough to know she’d pulled it off. When Helen flopped onto the couch, Claire almost grunted aloud. Her Aunt’s weight pushed the underside of the couch down, pinning her uncomfortably to the floor.
Claire immediately began to make a wheezing sound. She quickly rectified this by the old “breath through the nose” standby and she was again as silent as ever. She just thanked her lucky stars that Aunt Helen had her feet once again propped on the ottoman and far away from her. She could still smell them slightly, but it was tolerable. At least as tolerable as Aunt Helen’s stinky monsters could be.

Her Aunt resumed her conversation with “kitten” covering various sexual things that were so outrageous and interesting that Claire forgot her discomfort temporarily. Though each time Aunt Helen would shift her weight on the couch, Claire was reminded of her predicament full force and it took all her effort not to grunt of wheeze. But then matters grew worse.

Claire could tell the conversation had come back to Aunt Helen’s stinky feet and the smelling sounds began anew. This time she switched feet and pulled off her other sock. Instead of tossing it next to the other one, Aunt Helen just let the thing drop and it feel only inches from Claire face.

Claire’s eyes fixed on the wadded up sock with dread. It only took a moment for the smell to hit her. She had to risk taking a wheezing breath though her mouth to avoid the stench. Aunt Helen cut off her sentence and seemed to be listening. Claire immediately went back to breathing through here nose much to her disgust and dismay.

“Oh, nothing … I thought I heard something,” Aunt Helen said after a moment. Quite suddenly her foot came into view. It seemed she was again shifting on the couch yet this time her bare foot brushed against the wadded sock, kicking it under the couch. The sock tumbled and came to a stop directly beneath Claire’s face. Her nostrils quivered with loathing. Aunt Helen shifted on the couch again, seemingly lying down. Her new position distributed her full weight across the length of Claire’s body.

Claire’s neck muscles strained as she tried with all her might to keep her face as far from her Aunt’s sock as she could possibly manage. In the end it was no use. The weight of her Aunt from above quickly won the battle. Claire’s resistance gave way and she quickly found herself in an even worse predicament. Her face was now buried in the folds of her Aunt’s stinky sock.

The damp, reeking thing was literally jammed between her face and the floor. Claire was forced to take shuddering breaths of the awful thing. The sock was turned inside out and what she guessed was the toe section was firmly squashed against her nose. It was crusty and rough on her flesh and the more she tried to move her head the more raw it rubbed her nose and lips. It was intensely sour and vinegary and the sweaty foot-scum soon had her skin and eyes stinging. This was hell!

Claire stopped listening to the conversation, too preoccupied with the torturous sock smell to be concerned with spying. How long will this go on? Claire wasn’t sure she could take it for long. She was starting to get dizzy and sick as the foul foot fumes raped her nostrils. It was all she could do not to whimper piteously!

After what seemed like an eternity, the situation began to look up. Claire’s ears once again tuned in on Aunt Helen’s voice and it seemed the conversation was finally drawing to a close. Finally! After a few goodbyes and more giggling Aunt Helen hung up the phone and sat in silence for a while.

“Are you enjoying that sock, Claire?” her Aunt Helen asked sweetly.
She knew! That horrible woman knew the whole time! Claire immediately began to buck and emit howls which where muffled by the smelly, rough sock.

“Now, now, Claire, you take your medicine like a good girl. You know you’re not supposed to listen in on other people’s conversations. What would your father and mother say? Hmmmm?” Panic seized Claire in a mighty fist. She began to push with all her might.

“Wee, horsy!” she heard her Aunt Helen giggle. This was too much!

“Just a little longer and you can come out for part two of the medicine…”

The minutes stretch out as Claire continued to sniff the rancid sock to the sounds of Aunt Helen’s self satisfied pleasure. She thought she would eventually get used to the smell, but the stench of Aunt Helen’s foot sweat was so powerful that each sniff continued to be a lancing torture to her poor little nostrils.

"So, Claire, do you like my sock,” Aunt Helen cooed, “is it nice and sour?" Claire could only moan and whimper in response. How could the horrible woman do this to me?
"That's a good girl, take your medicine and keep sniffing,” Aunt Helen giggled.

Claire's jaw was jammed shut against the floor. She began to work her head back and forth to gain an alternate airway … one untainted by the smell of the wretched sock soaked in the effluvium of Aunt Helen’s foul, sweaty foot. Finally she managed to turn her head to the side, enough so that she was able to open her mouth and loudly gasp a breath of air.

When Claire opened her eyes, Aunt Helen was bent forward peeking under the couch. Her face was framed upside down between her ankles. Unconsciously Claire's eyes drifted to Aunt Helen’s bare heels which were mere inches away.

"Naughty girl, that's against the rules!" Claire watched in stunned horror as one of Aunt Helen's feet lifted from the carpet. For a second she saw Aunt Helen's sole wrinkle as she bent her ankle, pointing her toes. The bare foot began to move under the couch backward, directly toward Claire’s prone face.

Before Claire could react, Aunt Helen thrust her salty tasting big toe between her lips. The long chubby toe filled her mouth and once again her air flow was cut off. Even worse ... Aunt Helen's sweaty sole settled against Claire's face. Her nose was pressed against the broad, fleshy pad of Aunt Helen's enormous foot just centimeters from her toe cleavage. Though slightly out of focus at such close range, Claire could still see the sock fuzz and toejam that now began to smear on her lips.

"You’re going to suck my toe while you smell my stinky foot!" Aunt Helen announced with glee.

Claire held her breath until spots danced in her vision. I will not smell her foot! There's no way I'm smelling this awful thing! I'll die for sure! Her tongue swished around in her mouth trying to find a place to lie where it would not taste the salty, tangy flesh of Aunt Helen's big toe. This only succeeded in giving Aunt Helen's toe a good lick.

"Ooooo, that's it ... lick it!"

Claire moaned in frustration, humiliation and agony. She knew she couldn't hold her breath forever. Things were starting to get dim. It can't be that bad, she reasoned, I can take it. I have to breathe! I have to breathe!

Claire knew Aunt Helen’s feet were pungent enough to stink-out an entire room. She’d wondered on a number of occasions what they would smell like nose to toes. The thought had always given her a shudder … but it was like driving by a car wreck, you just had to look. Or in this case, think about it more than what was appropriate and reasonable.

Dwelling on the stench of Aunt Helen’s feet had begun not long after the summer had started. Thoughts of her Aunt’s wretched feet consumed Claire’s thoughts. She’d never actively sniffed at a foot before and strangely enough she found herself morbidly curious as to what it would be like.

One night, a few weeks prior, Claire had sniffed her own foot for comparison. With her thoughts so much on the stink of Aunt Helen’s feet … it was just something that was on her mind to do. Claire found her own feet stinky enough to make her nose wrinkle. But even with her nose to her own sole and the strength of a smell in such close proximity, it hadn’t remotely compared to a room in which Aunt Helen had simply removed her shoes! Just from a distance Aunt Helen’s foot stink beat out Claire’s by a land slide! That night Claire had marveled in disgust. What the hell would they be like? Now she realized with abject terror, she was about to get the dreaded answer to that question.

It was now time. She had to breathe or pass out. Claire had to sniff the horrible feet of Aunt Helen … whether she wanted to or not. Steeling herself, Claire squeezed her eyes shut and took a long, deep, agonized sniff. The titanic aroma of Aunt Helen’s unwashed foot filled her senses to overflowing. Prior to the sniff she'd been woozy from lack of oxygen, but the sharp, harsh, burning smell of Aunt Helen's rank foot snapped her back to wakefulness like a bucket of ice water.


As Aunt Helen heard the loud sniff, followed by Claire’s muffled exclamation of surprise and disgust, she began to laugh and wiggle her toe in Claire's mouth. "Whoooo … what a good sniff that was! Don’t they stiiiiii-ink?!”
Vaguely Claire was reminded of the sock bin at her Summer Soccer Camp; the pungent reek of dozens of soiled girl-feet wafting up from the canvas bin. But it seemed that all the smelly socks in the world wouldn’t equal Aunt Helen’s foul foot odor. Her entire body vibrated with the strength of her Aunt musky foot-smell.

“I'll let you out from underneath there as soon as I feel you sucking and hear you sniffing at the same time."
She’ll let me out! Escape from this horrible foot! At the promise of release, Claire violently went to work on her Aunt toe. She sucked for all she was worth, her cheeks constricting around the toe. Inside her mouth, she worked her tongue back and forth, licking the foul tasting thing. All the while she continued to smell Aunt Helen's horrible foot. The slimy flesh seemed to writhe beneath her twitching nose as she pulled sniff after sniff of the stinky fumes through her tortured nostrils. My God her foot is sooo stinky! I swear I'm gonna puke! Sniiiiffffff! I never imagined anything could smell like this!!!

“Hey Claire, did you know that your Grandmother used to make both your mother and I smell her stinky feet. We were around your age then. Bet your Mommy never told you that. We never had a single spanking our entire childhood … but we sure smelled a lot of feet, stockings and shoes …. Mom used to call it ‘taking our medicine’ ” Aunt Helen’s words degenerated into a flurry of giggles.

Claire then knew that her Aunt was totally beyond crazy. All that stuff about smelling Grandma’s feet. That was totally bull! Her Grandma would never do something that totally gross. Besides, her mom would have for sure told her about something that weird.

"You’re doing very good, Claire. Just a little bit longer.... I've got a call to make." Claire heard Aunt Helen dialing. After a moment she heard her talking in an excited whisper. Claire tried to sniff more quietly to overhear what was being said. As soon as her sniffing lessened, Aunt Helen snapped "Keep smelling down there!" In panic Claire took an extra loud sniff to appease her tormentor and was again nearly overcome by the intensity of her Aunt Helen's stinky foot. After a bit Aunt Helen hung up the phone.

“Alright, you can come out now.” Aunt Helen’s foot was whisked away and her toe came out of Claire’s mouth with a wet pop. Helen shifted her weight on the couch and Claire scrambled out. Before she gained her feet, an arm snaked around her waist and Claire fell with a thump onto her Aunt’s lap. Aunt Helen clutched her tightly and whispered in her ear …

“Play time’s not over yet, you brat … we’re having some company, you and I … there’s more medicine for you.”

Aunt Helen’s knees parted and Claire’s butt dropped to the couch cushions. In a second Aunt Helen’s legs wrapped around Claire’s waist, pinning her securely. “But that doesn’t mean you and I can’t have some fun until then, right?”

Aunt Helen’s hand slapped tightly over Claire’s mouth cutting off her air. Claire’s nostrils flared and her eyes rolled in her head. Then hovering before her was Aunt Helen’s free hand, clutching one of her damp socks.
For the next twenty minutes her Aunt subjected Claire to the sock. In the intensity of the smelling experience, Claire couldn’t be sure, but it felt as if Aunt Helen was grinding her crotch against her back. Throughout the ordeal her Aunt continued to whisper in Claire’s ear: “Yeah, smell my sock … Mmmmm, its soooo stinky … smell it. Don’t my feet smell gooood?”

Suddenly Aunt Helen’s whispers ceased and Claire heard a car pulling into the driveway. I’m saved! Its Mom and Dad, she’ll have to let me go now! A tear of relief wove a path down her cheek. But when she heard a knock on the front door, her heart dropped.

“Its open, Mandy!” Aunt Helen yelled.
Claire heard the front door open and close followed by the deadbolt sliding into place. “We’re in her, Kitten!” Aunt Helen yelled again.

A middle aged woman entered the living room. She was at least five years older than Aunt Helen. She was of medium height and her goodly sized bust seemed to be willing its way out of her tight, low-cut blouse. She looked like a business woman. Like one of the ladies Claire was used to seeing when her father took her to the bank where he worked. She was dressed in a tan skirt with a pair of brown Mules on her bare feet. Her hair was neatly done up in a tight bun that sat on the top of her head. All and all, she was rather pretty … in an officially sort of way.
“Oh my god, Helen … I guess you were telling the truth! She is a little cutie isn’t she?” the woman said.
“She’s a little brat is what she is, aren’t you, Claire!”
The woman leaned forward placing her hands on her knees. “Is mean ol’ Aunt Helen making you smell her stinky sock, sweetie?” the woman straightened her back, laughed and clapped her hands in joy. “So this is Beth and Tim’s little one? I’ve seen plenty of pictures of you when I lunch with your father, Claire.”
“Lunch,” Aunt Helen laughed, “is that what they’re calling it these days?”
“Oh, hush up, Helen dear,” the woman said crossly. “I’m still not convinced this is completely wise. Fantasy is one thing … but this … all she has to do is tell someone. I have a career and reputation … not to mention a family. You know that.”
“I wouldn’t worry about it. She doesn’t want me to tattle on her for being a little snoop … she’d get a spanking from Daddy for sure. And no more Soccer Camp, I’d warrant. Then she’d have to spend the rest of the summer with me … right, Claire? Besides, Claire’s mother would understand. Claire has to start taking her medicine at some point. Her Daddy still thinks spanking will do the trick. Poor dope.”
Claire stopped struggling and froze. She hadn’t even considered missing Soccer Camp! Her Dad would do it for sure if he found out she was being a little sneak again! Aunt Helen really has me trapped! I’m a goner! And what was that she said about mom? There’s no way this would be OK with her!
Mandy crossed the room to the couch. She stood over Claire and Aunt Helen with her arms crossed. Her face was pensive and she tapped her foot while giving Claire the once over. “So, what are they like?” she said suddenly pointing at Claire’s neatly tied tennis shoes.
“I don’t know, Mandy … why don’t you find out.”
Mandy’s brow furrowed, but it seemed her curiosity got the better of her. Her expression softened as if she’d made up her mind about something. The woman lowered herself into a crouch, and after doing so smoothed out her skirt in a very official and lady-like manner. She stared intently at Claire’s shoes before reaching out to take hold of the laces. Claire tried to resist as Mandy began to untie her shoes. Aunt Helen tightened her grasp. Mandy pulled off Claire’s right shoe and held it up like a trophy.
“She’s been running around outside all day … I bet it’s gonna be good …” Aunt Helen sneered.
Claire’s eyes widened as Mandy brought the shoe to her nose and inhaled deeply. “Oooooo,” she coed, “what a stinky little girl you are … must run in the family.” Mandy winked at Helen before taking hold of Claire’s ankle and lifting her sock clad foot. With a flourish she removed the white ankle sock revealing Claire’s pink soles and cute little toes. She pressed her nose to the space between Claire’s toes and pad and sniffed deeply.
“Ohhhh, that’s gooood!” she murmured. She raised her free hand and went to work on Claire’s heel and soft sole with her long fingernails. “I love smelling a wiggling foot…” The tickling was almost unbearable. Claire began to emit a squeaking staccato of laughter muffled behind Aunt Helen’s hand. Her Aunt quickly administered her sock to Claire’s nose with quiet efficiency.
Claire’s toes, wiggling and twitching beneath the tickling assault, tapped against the bridge of Mandy’s nose as she continue to sniff. Claire tried to twist her foot away but Mandy held it tightly.
“Nothing finer than the smell of preteen girl-feet!” Mandy laughed.
“Whatever, you perv!” Aunt Helen responded with the same amount of laughter in her voice.
“Talk about the pot calling the kettle …” The woman stood up to again loom over Claire like some kind of Amazon warrior. “I wanna see the rest of her, don’t you?”
“That’s not really fair, is it Mandy? Maybe she wants a gander at your goods as well.”
“I guess you’re right … fair is fair!” Mandy smirked and unbuttoned her blouse and unsnapped her bra at the center catch. Her full breasts burst forth in all their glory. The sharp tan lines on her boobs accentuated the roundness of the pale orbs; her nipples stood erect like twin bullets. Claire could hear Aunt Helen snickering in her ear as Mandy leaned forward. Placing a hand on either side of Claire for support the woman leaned in until her large breasts were full in Claire’s face, consuming her line of vision.
“Ever seen anything like this, little Claire,” Mandy chided as she shook her breasts in Claire’s face, softly pummeling her cheeks on both sides. “Mommy’s got something for you, Claire… Make her suck one, Helen.”
Aunt Helen’s hand came away from her mouth and pinched the sides of Claire’s jaw, gently but persistently forcing her lips apart. Mandy shoved one of her nipples between Claire’s parted lips. “Now suck, baby Claire, suck Mommy’s tits…”
Claire was utterly humiliated. Was she supposed to suckle like a little baby? The nipple tasted like perfume and sweat. It was still hot outside and this woman Mandy had obviously been perspiring quite a bit in the afternoon sun.
“Come on, wittle baby, suck-suck …” the woman cajoled.
Claire was overwhelmed by the smell of the woman and the heat pouring from her body. The aroma of her perfume, powder and clean perspiration was overpowering.
It was suddenly as if some long forgotten instinct from infancy welled to the surface. Having the nipple in her mouth began to feel right. Before Claire rationalized what she was doing she began to lick and suck as she was bid to do. Soon, despite herself, she was into the moment and set to with gusto. Mandy’s moans seemed distant and Claire was unaware that Aunt Helen no longer held her. Mandy clutched the back of Claire’s head, manually guided her mouth from one breast to the other. Claire’s blood pressure was pounding in her temples and she felt dizzy as hell.
Cold air caressed her sweaty face, and Claire realized that Mandy’s breasts were no longer smothering her. She began to gain her senses and watched in a slight daze as Mandy hiked her short skirt up over her hips. She wore no panties beneath, much to Claire’s shock. The older woman then turned displaying her full bottom and bent forward. Her cheeks spread slightly revealing her hairless pussy and anus. A tendril of Mandy’s ass-scent crept into Claire’s nose and she tried to back away too late. Aunt Helen’s hand entwined in her hair and forced her face forward and betwixt Mandy’s ass cheeks.
Mandy’s hot anus pressed firmly against Claire’s button nose. Oh my God! Claire thought, she’s going to push my nose up her butthole! She began to struggle anew, but Aunt Helen held her head tightly in place.
“Common sweetie,” Mandy said over her shoulder, “taste my ass like a good girl…” Claire held her lips stubbornly closed, but this of course forced her to smell Mandy’s pungent ass aroma.
“Ohhh,” Aunt Helen giggled, “I guess she wants to sniff it … what a naughty little shit you are, Claire! Come on, you little brat, your Daddy licks this same butt all the time.”
“Hush now, Helen. That’s enough of that talk. You’re going to makes Tim’s ears burn.”
“Sorry,” Aunt Helen giggled enigmatically.
“Alright now, Claire … Sniffing time’s over. Time to taste,” the woman said sternly
Claire was utterly befuddled. Subjected to her Aunt’s feet and socks … the story about her grandmother and mother … sucking on this stranger’s boobs … now these hints about her father. All she wanted to do was get away and run forever.
When Claire still did not respond Mandy’s prompting, the woman sighed. “And you were doing so well too,” she said in mock distress, “I guess somebody hasn’t learned their lesson yet.”
Suddenly the ass was gone and Claire was again breathing unfetid air. As Claire struggled to clear her mind Mandy moved onto the couch and lay on her back. Bringing both knees up to her chest, she took hold on the heels of both shoes. “Bring her over here, would you Auntie Helen …” Aunt Helen shifted Claire on the couch and nudged her closer to Mandy. Claire looked down between Mandy’s spread legs and noticed her pussy was swollen and wet.
“Uh-Uh-Ahhhh, that’s not for you … that would be too much of a sweet treat. Naughty girls like you get the stinky feet and hot, smelly asshole. You’ve been bad and you need to be punished.” Claire glanced back up at Mandy and saw she still had the heel of each shoe cupped in her hands.
“Barefoot in mules, huh?” Aunt Helen asked from behind.
“Yep,” Mandy answered.
“You poor girl, Claire…” Aunt Helen snickered malignantly.
Like a magician performing a grand trick, Mandy pulled on the heels of both shoes removing them simultaneously. Claire knew all to well what was in store for her even before she felt Aunt Helen’s hand again tightly cover her mouth.
“Ta-DA!” Mandy announced with extravagance, completing the appearance of a well performed act.
The woman’s soles were near perfect, yet they were an angry red from being trapped in the confines of her sweaty leather shoes. The red began to slowly fade as the smell slowly crept towards Claire. In panic she tried to fight Aunt Helen’s grip. The cloud of vaporous foot reek surrounded her. Mandy placed both feet together forming a cup between her insteps. “Your face here!” she giggled pointing to the smelly things.
Claire’s face was then shoved into the feet. Her nose settled snuggly in the nook of her insoles and she began to sniff. My God! This woman’s feet are almost as strong smelling as Aunt Helen’s, but twice as slimy! The foot scum was soon stinging Claire’s sensitive skin and she was forced to close her eyes as they began to water from the fumes. I’ve been smelling stinky, stinky feet all day! Claire thought with disgust.
Claire could feel Aunt Helen pushing her body around. Soon her Aunt had Claire on her hands and knees with her face taking most of the weight as it leaned into Mandy’s stinky soles. For a second Claire was smothered against the smelly flesh unable to breathe at all. Panic began to rise in her breast. Mandy quickly remedied the situation by parting her instep slightly, allowing a pocket of air between Claire’s face and the soles she was to smell. When she could breathe again the stench of the business woman’s feet sent a shudder of revulsion through her little body.
Mandy then reached up, her hands encircling the back of Claire’s head, holding her face firmly in place. After a few minutes of torturous sniffing, one of Mandy’s hands dropped from Claire’s head. The woman soon began to moan inexplicably while rubbing her feet on Claire’s poor face. She’s touching herself! Claire thought in alarm. Down there … in her … place! It was then that Claire felt tugging on her pants. With a yank, her Aunt pulled them off.
Claire felt the cold air on her bare buttocks as her panties were pulled away as well. “Mmmphfffff!” she protested, but was still held tightly by Mandy’s hand to move.
The first slap on her ass came as a shock, and the sharp, sudden sound seemed to fill the room. The next was a bit harder and jerked her body. Aunt Helen’s spanking me! The slaps were not anywhere near as painful as her father’s when she was being punished. These slaps merely stung a bit, but seemed more teasing than anything. After the third slap, Claire felt Aunt Helen cup one of her cheeks in hand and kneed. Another slap was followed by a more insistent fondle; this time Aunt Helen’s finger lightly brushed Claire’s anus which made her body twitch as if shocked. With each shocking slap, Claire sniffed deeper of Mandy’s foot smell.
Claire felt her other sock torn away and Aunt Helen’s nose was soon snuffling her soles and toes. I wish my feet smelled as bad as Aunt Helen’s and Mandy’s then she wouldn’t want to smell them. I wish me feet could be that stinky and I would make them smell my feet all day! Claire thought with chagrin.
For a moment, Aunt Helen’s finger traced the rim of Claire’s anus sending more chills though her entire body. Why is she tickling my butthole? Claire thought in confusion. Who would do something like that? Her finger’s gonna get all stinky. The finger’s tickling ceased but the digit soon returned slick with spit. This time Aunt Helen pressed against Claire sphincter with her now lubricated middle finger. With a dull ache it slid in, knuckle deep.
“Got my finger in your ass, Claire …. Feel that?” Aunt Helen began to wiggle her finger.
“You do not!” Mandy said with an uneasy, laugh.
“I do so … don’t I Claire,” Aunt Helen punctuated this by again wiggling the finger, then sliding it out and back in again with a slight twisting motion. “MMMMMmmmmphffffff!” Claire responded.
“Do you think I’m taking it too far, Mandy my dear?” Aunt Helen said with mock gravity. Mandy grunted but didn’t respond.
As if having received encouragement or permission from her friend, Aunt Helen began the spanking anew, this time it was in conjunction with Aunt Helen’s finger probing Claire’s ass insistently. Soon Aunt Helen’s nose was again sniffing at Claire’s feet. Claire distractedly wondered, as she continued to take shuddering sniffs of Mandy’s rank feet, how Aunt Helen could do it all at once.
After a bit, Claire wasn’t sure how long, the feet before her parted slightly until she was looking into Mandy’s flushed face, “Have you learned your lesson, Claire?” Mandy cooed.
Claire nodded emphatically.
“Are you ready to do what I ask of you?”
Again Claire nodded, though not so emphatically.
“Hey, I’m not done back here,” Aunt Helen complained good-naturedly.
“Who says you have to stop,” Mandy chided as she turned herself around and bent over the arm of the couch. Claire felt Mandy’s feet slide underneath her until the woman’s bare soles rested against her calves. Mandy’s ass was now directly in front of Claire’s face. She watched as Mandy reached back with both hands to spread her ass cheeks wide.
“Check this out, Claire,” Mandy giggled as she began to clench and unclench her anus. “Pretty cool, huh?”
The smell of the woman’s anus was back. Dark and almost sweet. Much better than the feet if she had to choose. Claire knew what was expected. She pushed her tongue out as far as it would go and lowered her head until her head was between the cheeks. Claire paused briefly, the tip of her tongue almost touching Mandy’s anus. She then began to flick it up and down, lightly brushing Mandy’s asshole. “Don’t tease me honey, push it in!”
Claire took another long look at the puckered anus and reaffirmed in her mind that it was better to do this than to smell her feet again. Claire tried to force her tongue up Mandy’s ass. To her surprise the anus resisted and her tongue merely bunched up and refused to enter. She tried again, this time with more force yet with the same result. Claire then felt Mandy's asshole relax beneath her tongue and it slid in, deeply.
“Ahhhhhhh,” Mandy sighed.
Claire wiggled her tongue inside, tasting the nutty flavor of Mandy ass knowing full well if she didn’t give this her all it would be back to those feet. That treat loomed large in the back of her mind.
To her astonishment, Claire felt Aunt Helen’s tongue trying to push its way into her ass as well! Claire clenched her anus muscle and refused entrance to Aunt Helen’s tongue, just as Mandy’s ass had done. I’m not letting you in there! No way! Wait, I’ll fart right in her face! That’ll show here! Claire almost giggled. She bore down, but realized her mistake too late. In doing so she relaxed her anus and Aunt Helen’s tongue jammed itself inside and began to probe. She tried to push it back out, but the snaking thing refused to go. Claire hated to admit it but it did fell kinda good.
She began to mimic Aunt Helen’s tongue exploration, experimenting on Mandy’s chute. Soon Mandy was nearly bucking. Aunt Helen’s thumb pressed firmly against Claire’s clit. Claire’s entire body stiffened at the unexpected sensation. Jerkily she pressed her own thumb against Mandy’s clit. Mandy screamed and her entire body began to shake. Her ass cheeks quivered against Claire’s face and Claire dug deeper with her tongue. She was unsure what was happening to Mandy, but it didn’t seem very fun and that was alright by her.
To further what Claire thought to be a torture to Mandy, she started to push harder with her thumb. Mandy’s hips began to jerk and Claire’s thumb slide up and into Mandy’s pussy. This caused the woman to scream even louder and buck more furiously. I’ve got you now, Claire thought, make me smell your stinky feet will ya! Ceasing Mandy’s anal tongue bath, Claire bunched her fingers into a fist, found the opening to Mandy’s pussy and forced her entire hand in to the wrist.
Once inside, Claire opened her hand and wiggled her fingers about, spreading them out. She could feel the walls of Mandy’s cunt spasmodically gripping her hand and again she made a fist. Claire kept her hand wrist deep in Mandy’s pussy and began to thrust with as much speed as she could muster. It was just like when she punched one of her neighbors for throwing a rock at her last summer. She used the same shoulder force.
It seemed like the woman’s screams should have been loud enough to shake the glass on the front window. The scream trailed off and the woman then collapsed on the arm of the couch nearly falling off. Claire’s hand slid out with a wet plop.
It seemed the whole room was holding its breath. After that scream, everything seemed eerily silent. Aunt Helen broke the lull with a barking laugh.
“Good Lord, Mandy!” Aunt Helen said.
“Oh my God,” was all the woman replied somewhat breathless.
The juice from the woman’s vagina was beginning to dry on Claire’s hand and it felt sticky. Was this sex? Claire wondered. She realized that everything that had happened should have been scary … but none of it really was. She’d seen her mom and dad having sex and she guessed some of the things that had just happened were kind of like it. It was totally gross that it had happened with girls though. Did that make her a lez? Her friend Rebecca would probably know but she had no intention of telling anyone what had happened.
God, it was horrible smelling those feet though … she knew she never, ever wanted to do that again … but for some reason she knew it was all finally all over. Both her Aunt and her friend were breathing hard and not paying much attention to her. Claire realized that she should have shoved her fist up that Mandy lady’s butt instead of her vagina. She silently vowed that if they tried anything else she would do just that. Then they’d never think twice about messing with me again.
With shaky legs her Aunt’s friend stood up and pulled her skirt back down. “Well, I have a dinner engagement with you-know-who,” she said to Aunt Helen. Claire took the cue and pulled up her own panties and pants. She felt like she needed to go poop after having her Aunt’s finger and tongue in her butt and she decided to do just that at the soonest possible chance.
Mandy said her farewells to Aunt Helen but never once looked at Claire. As she was leaving Claire stuck her tongue out at the woman’s back and made a face.
Aunt Helen returned to the living room looking like the cat that just ate the canary. “So,” she said, “no more snooping right?”
Claire had never in her life used the “F” word, though she’d heard her father say it many times. Both of her parents were death on her using bad words but since neither of them was around …
“Fuck You!” Claire said with as much menace as she could manage.
“What in the hell is going on here?!”
Claire and her Aunt turned in shock at the sound of the infuriated voice. Claire’s mother was standing at the entrance to the living room, her face pale with shock. She’d come in through the back door, Claire realized. Why didn’t I heard the sliding glass door! I’m in the soup now!
“Glad you could join us, Beth,” Aunt Helen cooed, “I told you the spankings wouldn’t work but you wouldn’t listen to me. You’ve been severely remiss, sister of mine,” Aunt Helen crossed the room and shook her head in dismay, “Oh, what would our dear mother say? She’d be so disappointed in you, Bethany.”
Claire watched in stunned silence as her mother’s lips worked without emitting any sound. She looked ashamed. This only confused Claire more. Finally her mother hung her head. Aunt Helen comforted her by rubbing her shoulder.
“It’s never too late to start what’s right, is it?” Helen asked kindly.
“But Tim, he wouldn’t understand,” Claire’s mother said with brimming tears.
“Well, you remember what Dad said when he found out?”
Claire mother laughed despite the tears coursing down her face, “He just shook his head and said ‘Mothers and daughters, I’ll never understand’.”
Both women laughed together and then embraced.
Claire was happy she had been forgotten for the moment. She had no idea what they were talking about, having already dismissed and put out of mind the comments made by her Aunt earlier, but it mattered little. If they kept reminiscing, they might just forget about Claire’s verbal transgression. Her illusion of hope was quickly shattered though.
“So, young lady,” her mother said as she sniffed and wiped away the last of her tears, “what am I to do with you?”
“She was snooping again, weren’t you Claire?” her Aunt said. The horrible woman had the nerve to wink at Claire as she condemned her!
“But Mom,” Claire pleaded, “this woman came over, Kitty … no Mandy … she’s a friend of Aunt Helen’s, see. She came over and they made me …”
“So are you going to throw in gypsies and dragons too, Claire?” Her Aunt said while sadly shaking her head.
“Oh, Claire, now you’re making up stories too?” her mother said. “Oh how could you?”
Claire looked back and forth between the two woman and their identical expressions of stern disapproval. Finally she pointed at Aunt Helen and shrieked, “I hate her! She’s horrible!”
“I’ve had enough,” her mother bellowed. Both Claire and Helen jumped in unison. Claire’s mother never yelled. Claire couldn’t remember the last time she had ever heard her raise her voice. Ever.
“I’ve had all I can take from you. Not one more word, do you hear me? DO YOU?”
“Take it easy, Beth. She doesn’t know any better. Men can’t raise girls, they don’t know how. She needs a mother’s touch. You’ve let Tim lead the way for too long now. He’s had his chance and this is how she’s turning out,” she motioned at Claire disdainfully, “It’s your responsibility as a mother, Beth. You know that’s what mom would tell you. You have me too. I won’t let you down, little sis. I’m here for you. Claire has two Mommies … not just one. You know that don’t you?” Claire’s mother nodded and sniffed. Aunt Helen was again patting her sister’s shoulder lovingly. In a much smaller voice she finished while speaking very close to her sister’s ear, “It’s the only way, Beth. It’s the right way. She needs to take her medicine.”
The two women shared a long look and finally Claire’s mother smiled. It wasn’t a nice smile. It was somehow greasy and unpleasant.

Claire spent the next three hours tied to her mother’s bed with a thick piece of duck tape covering her mouth; Claire, all the while, repeatedly cursing the fact that her father was again “working late”.
Aunt Helen had assisted in binding Claire as she struggled and left soon after smacking the piece of tape over her mouth and treating her to another condescending wink. Claire and her mother were then alone in the silent house, slowly darkening in the late afternoon sun.
For a solid ten minutes her mother had stood in the doorway to the bedroom looking sternly at Claire … not saying a word. Claire knew in her heart that now Aunt Helen was gone, along with her poisonous influence, her sweet, loving mother would come to her sense at let her go. For the umpteenth time that day her self created illusion was shattered … this time by two, simple sounds; the clunk, clunk of her mother’s shoes hitting the floor.
Claire soon discovered that her mother’s feet, sweating all day in her shoes without socks or stockings, smelled just as horrible as Aunt Helen’s if not worse. Along with that, Claire realized her mother’s foot stench had to be her best kept secret. Claire had no foreknowledge of her mother’s feet being so horrifically odiferous. Granted, her mother didn’t flaunt her feet like Aunt Helen did … but it was astounding she’d never had a clue as to what lay beneath the seemingly innocent veneer of her mother’s shoes.
After every indignity and torment Claire had suffered that fateful day, the true torture didn’t really began until her mother, wearing a mask of utter austerity, climbed onto the bed and slowly lowered her feet onto Claire’s face. “Its time to take your medicine,” she’d said … and Claire suffered her mother’s stench for the first of many times to come.

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Props to both Edge and Hawthorn on this. I've been looking for this story for months. In fact, I'd almost given up hope of reading it again! Thankyou to Edge for being able to to remember and describe enough of the story to request it, as well as to Hawthorn for having and posting it! :)