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Just something I whipped up in an hour, so don't expect any Nobel Literature material here.
This is based on true events, and real people (with names changed, of course), but exaggerated to make it... interesting.

A Friendly Wager

Have you ever seen that one girl that really sums up what you think is beautiful in a woman? The kind of girl that keeps
surfacing in your craziest dreams and idle fantasies? I met a girl like that once, absolutely beautiful. I met her in
high school, on the first day of my freshman year. It was my third period that day, an English class. My second period
wasn't even a hallway over, so I was one of the first people in the class. I took a seat about halfway to the back of
the classroom, and waited for the class to begin.

Then two girls walked in the door and caught my attention. They were both wearing "punk-ish" clothes, which is a personal
favorite of mine. The first girl was Angela, and really wasn't anything special. The girl behind her, however, almost
made my jaw drop. She was a little tall for a girl, just a bit shorter than myself. She was slender, with a perfect
hourglass shaped curve at the hips. She was obviously from an Indian family, her skin was olive-tan and she had those
perfect sultry-dark eyes that drive me crazy. Her name was (suitably) Kali. She was wearing a band tee and tight-fitting
black jeans. Almost instinctively, I looked down at her feet, and saw a ragged pair of old combat boots.

Needless to say, I didn't pay much attention to English in that class.

Throughout my first year in high school, I got to know Kali a little better in a couple of different classes. She was
really a nice chick, and very intelligent. The problem was that I never really got a chance to see her feet, because
she was always wearing those combat boots, literally every day. While the idea of how those boots smelled drove me crazy,
I hoped that one day she would put on a pair of flip flops just so I could see what her feet looked like. About halfway
through the school year, I decided to take matters into my own hands, as it were.

At this point of the year, we both had a biology class together with a relatively carefree teacher. She let us break up
into groups, and sit wherever we wanted as long as there wasn't a test out. Naturally, this meant I spent every day of
that class talking to Kali and her friend Angela. Since they were both a little on the tomboy side, I was pretty
comfortable talking with them. Once I had given up hope of Kali wearing something other than boots, I started to form
little plans about how to lead a conversation casually to the subject of feet, and then somehow get her to take her boots
off. One Friday, it all came together perfectly.

I took my usual seat next to Angela and Kali, and waited for the teacher to go over the lesson for that day. As soon as
she told us to study amongst ourselves, Kali started talking to Angela about a concert she had been at the night before.
She said something about how some guy standing in front of her whipped his hair back and "got his nasty sweat" on her
shirt. Angela responded with the typical "ewww, gross," comment when I saw my oppurtunity. "Oh right, like girls never
sweat, ever. Or fart." was all I had to say to steer the conversation in the direction I wanted it to go.

Kali laughed and said "At least girls keep their gross sweat to themselves!"

I smiled and said "Its easy to say girls never stink when they dump gallons of perfume on themselves every day."

"At least we make an effort not to funk up everyone else's air" Angela pitched in.

I quickly countered with "That's my point: girls know its there, so they cover it up!"

Kali laughed and joked, "Nope. Girls just don't ever stink, I know I never stink."

From my perspective, the planets lined up at that exact moment. Angela cleared her throat sarcastically and said
"Uh, not to take his side, but I wouldn't say you never smell Kali."

Kali's tan cheeks turned a little red and she spat out a quick "bullcrap."

"No way Kali! Remember that time you came to my house, and my dad freaked out when you took your shoes off? He thought
something died in the garage!"

"Stop lying! That was your nasty shoes he was smelling!"

"Yeah, my shoes my ass! Look at those boots! They're falling apart!"

I thought I died and went to heaven. Here was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen, arguing with another girl about
whose feet smelled worse. As a gentleman, I knew there was only one way to settle this score...

"Guys, are you really fighting about whose shoes stink more? Neither of them probably smell too great, but you've both
gotta be exaggerating." And the trap was set.

Angela took the bait: "No way, I KNOW my shoes don't smell nearly as bad as Kali's."

"Shut up! You've always had some strong smelling feet and you know it!"

"Why don't you two just smell your shoes, then smell each other's shoes, and see whose are worse?" and by an incredible
stroke of luck, they did! Angela immediately pulled off her skater-style sneaker and took a deep sniff.

"Nope, fresh as a daisy, wanna smell Kali?"

Kali took the shoe, sniffed it, and pretended to fall out of her chair, gagging.
"Angela that thing freakin' stinks!!"

"No it doesn't! Stop acting stupid!"

Kali coughed on the ground a few more times, laughing. "No those things are naaasty. I'm serious."

"Alright smart-ass, let's see those grungy-ass boots then!"

Kali unlaced her boot, pulled it off and shoved her nose into it.
"It smells like a fuckin' daisy!" She laughed. "Your turn!"

Angela grabbed the boot, grimaced, and sniffed.

"HOLY CRAP! Kali this reeks!!"
"Psssh, whatever. didn't smell like anything to me."
"You're soooo gross! How can you keep wearing these things?"

And I decided to step in and settle it, or rather see for myself who was telling the truth.
"C'mon, this is stupid. I'll smell the boot and the shoe, and let you two know which one really smells worse."
I'm still suprised I pulled it off without pitching a tent.

The girls handed over the footwear in question, grinning coyly, as if they knew what I was really up to there.

I smelled Angela's sneaker first, which wasn't entirely disappointing. Let any girl wear the same shoe long enough, and
its bound to catch some of the fragrance. But Kali's boot? Like Angela said: HOLY CRAP.

When I put my face close to it, without even smelling, I could feel the warm air coming out of it, the toe part was almost
flopping off the bottom of the shoe, and when I finally did inhale, my nose exploded. I could almost taste the sweat, it
was so damp. The leather smell of the boot had long worn off (thank god for that, I'm not too fond of that new-shoe
smell), but had subtly mixed with Kali's own brand. I played it cool though, I was enjoying myself, and wanted to see how
far I could get with this.

"Well, which one smells worse?" Angela was smiling, confident that she would win.

"Its hard to say really. Neither smells like a bouquet, but they have about the same stinkiness."

Angela's jaw dropped, "Seriously? Is your sense of smell broken? Kali's boot stinks!"

Kali laughed, "Give it up Angie, you've always had stinkier feet."

Angela was getting red, "No way! Those boots are like four years old! I don't care how bad my feet used to smell, these
are way worse than your shoes!"

Kali kept laughing, "Remember when you used to chase Steve with your week-old socks and he would run two streets over
to get away from them?"

Angela was seriously upset now "I was eight! My socks are clean right now, and I bet yours are disgusting after being
in those boots!"

Well, oppurtunity presented itself to me again that day, and I was sure I'd take up the offer.
"Alright, I'll smell the socks and see whose feet are worse. Then can you two stop arguing?"

Kali swung her leg up on the lab table, revealing her foot covered in a striped green and dark green sock, with a small
hole at the big toe that showed off just a hint of red polish. "Be my guest," she said with a smile.

Angela interrupted as I bent down to sniff, "No, let's do this without the socks. You said my feet smell worse? Let him
get a full blast of your bare foot!" With that, Angela pulled off her ankle socks and put her two bare feet on the table.

Her feet were a little pale, and small. Maybe a size five or six, with short pudgy toes. She had a pretty high arch, and
some chipped black polish. I bent down and took a quick sniff.
"Yeah, they don't really smell like anything."

"HA! See, they don't smell at all. So you can wipe that smirk off your face Kali!"

"Mine don't stink either, I'm a dainty little princess!" and Kali smirked even wider.
Kali grabbed the toe end of her sock and pulled it straight up, actually wiggling her toes when it came off. A few pieces
of lint dropped off onto the floor. Kali had slightly bigger feet, maybe a size eight or nine, with long slender toes, and
a more even arch. I think I was in love. I bent down and took a few small sniffs. It smelled strongly sour, I know she
had been sweating all day.

She spread out her toes under my nose "See Angela? He doesn't smell a thing!"

"Like hell he doesn't! I smell them from here! Gross!"

"No, I actually don't smell anything." I lied.

"This is crap, he's lying." Angela whined.

Then Kali did something I didn't expect, she upped the ante.
"Okay, let's do this, we'll both wear these same socks all next week, and on Friday we'll see who REALLY has the nastiest
feet, deal?"

Angela smiled evilly "Deal."

To be continued............

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That was pretty good actually. Looking forward to part 2!

17-03-2012, 03:35 AM
Woah really like where this is going, can't wait for part 2 also!

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Alright, got part two finished up. I would like to think that its better than the first part, I feel I put a little more effort into it, but I may have rushed the ending.

Part 2, I'd Rather Be Lucky Than Good any Day

As you could imagine, that one week couldn't go by fast enough, here I was pretending to "judge" two hot chicks feet from
school... after they had both worn the same socks for a week. And Kali was actually going to wear the same stinky old
combat boots every day. Since the school year had just started, it was still the early weeks of September and the tail end
of summer. I should mention, without going into a specific area, that I went to high school in South Florida. Anybody
who has ever visited South Florida knows one thing about the weather that is very noticeable, the humidity. So I knew that
once I got Kali's boots off, her feet were gonna stink like hell. I also knew this was exactly what I wanted.

So after a week of insane anticipation, it was Friday again. I finished my first period class, and almost ran to the
second period english class. Kali and Angela had actually gotten to the class before me, and as I was sitting down in my
seat across from Kali, I swear I could actually catch a small whiff of the scent I had familiarized myself with the week
before. It was subtle, but it instantly got my heart racing. I stole a quick glance under Kali's desk and saw that her
boots were still tied up tight. After some, ahem, careful observation throughout the english class I came to the
conclusion that the smell was rising out of a hole on the inside of her right boot, close to about where the center of the
arch of her foot would be. I wasn't as focused on Angela's feet, partly because she wasn't the bombshell that Kali was and
partly because of her disappointing performance smell-wise the week before. I did my best to keep a level head, and not
bring up the competition between the two girls, so as not to appear too excited. It must have worked, because neither of
them brought it up in the english class.

As soon as the bell rang for us to go the biology class, however, Angela and Kali got excited.

"Are you still game to judge the stinky feet contest?" Angela asked with an evil grin.

Kali played the chicken card, "Yeah, these things on my feet are pretty nasty, I wouldn't really balme you if you backed
out as the judge. I'd call you a wuss, but I wouldn't blame you."

"I still don't think such fine ladies as yourselves can really produce anything that smells that terrible." And then a
moment of inspiration hit me: "I bet I could smell both of your feet for at least 10 minutes each, no problem."

I still pat myself on the back for that one, it was genius.

Kali played right into the little betting game, "Alright, we were gonna walk back to my house, and then head out to the
beach. I bet you five bucks you can't smell eitherof our feet for that long."

I laughed, "That'll be an easy five bucks for me then. Let's go."

So there I was, skipping out of school, to walk over to the hottest-girl-I-had-ever-seen's house, for the sole purpose of
smelling her feet, and her friend's feet. I would easily give up an arm for an oppurtunity to hit me like that again, but
like my uncle always says, "I'd rather be lucky than good any day."

We got to Kali's house at right about noon, the hottest, "stickiest," sweatiest part of any average day in So. FL. Her
parents weren't home, so we went to Kali's room, turned on the cd player, and Angela grabbed some beers out of a minifridge
in the corner of the room. We just cooled off for a while, and after two beers apiece Angela brought up the little
competition again.

"I'll be glad to finally stop wearing these nasty socks, its actually been getting uncomfortable wearing them."

Kali smiled, "I haven't had any problems with my socks, maybe my feet just aren't as sweaty and nasty as yours."

"Maybe your just used to having gross feet Kali, I mean, I would get used to it too if my feet were always wet and
stinking. I just don't know how your cat deals with it."

Kali laughed "My cat knows to stay away from my shoes, I don't know how our judge over here is gonna deal with it though!"

Angela looked at me seriously and said "You know, you really don't have to do this. I'll drop the money bet, its no big

I just grinned, "Oh, are you backing out? I guess I'll just collect my five bucks now then!"

"Hell no! I'm still in on the bet, and I know for a fact," Kali slapped her boot for affect, "that you can't handle this
for 10 minutes!"

I drained the rest of my beer, "I'm ready right now, who wants to go first?"

The girls had a quick three rounds of rock-paper-scissors, and Angela ended up as first.

Angela turned up an eyebrow with a concerned expression, "Last chance to back out, I swear these things are reeeeeeeally

I shook my head and laughed, "Nothing I can't handle, get your wallet ready!"

"OK... if you say so..."

I sat down on the left side of a couch in Kali's room, and Angela swung her legs up on my lap. She kicked off the back of
her left shoe, those same skater-type shoes from the previous week. When the smell hit me, it actually caught me off
guard. I hadn't been expecting much from Angela after not really smelling much at all the week before, but it seems she
could work it up after wearing the same socks for seven days in a row.

My surprise must have been noticeable, because she laughed and asked, "Think you can keep this up for ten minutes? I still
have the other shoe and both socks on!"

Her sock was white the week before, now it was slightly gray with that almost oily shine to it. The toe-prints were
clearly visible, these chicks weren't lying when they said they'd wear the socks every day for a week.

I was working as hard as I could not to pitch a tent, as her other leg was still just to the left of my crotch. She
wiggled her toes around in my face through the sock, unknowingly teasing the hell out of me.

"Here comes the other one, don't say I didn't warn you!" It was almost like she knew I was getting off on it.

The other shoe slid off her right foot and hit the floor. Now I had two greasy socks lifted up to my face, with another
pair waiting in Kali's boots.

"How do you want to do this Kali? Should he sniff my socks for five minutes, and then my feet?"

Kali must've read my mind, "No, if you take a break to get your socks off, he'll have some time to get fresh air. If you
just take your socks off now, he'll have to go for ten minutes straight, just like we agreed."

Angela palyfully grabbed the toe of her right sock, "Eww, its all wet, and its getting kind of stiff."

"No way! Yours too? Mine can probably stand up on their own right now!" And that was about the moment I almost poked the
back of Angela's leg. Look ma! No hands!

Angela pulled the sock off from the toe, and I noticed that she did have the stiff-effect going on with the heel of her
once-white sock. She brought it up to her own nose and jerked back.

"Damn that smells!" She handed the offending item to Kali, "Do you think its worse than yours?"

Kali looked right at me and said "Thats up for this guy to decide!"

I had to act like I wasn't loving every second of this, "Alright, are you two just gonna crack jokes, or am I gonna get
this over with and take my five bucks?"

Angela ripped off her other sock, "Let's go then! Ten minutes starting... now!"

I cupped my hands to rest her ankles in, and sniffed away. The week before, I was almost completely disinterested in
Angela's feet, but when a chick wears the same socks for a week straight, I tend to see them in a nicer light. Where
last week I considered the toes too thick, now they were proportionate. And smelly, very smelly. The week before they had
almost a clean-laundry scent to them, but at that moment they were the perfect combination of that ripe "cheesy" smell and
the "vinegary" smell of stale sweat. I was in heaven, and still anxiously waiting for Kali to take Angela's seat on the
couch. At one point, I avoided "poking" Angela for the second time when she said, "Hold on a sec, there's something in
between my toes." She actually dug out a piece of toe jam, looked at it with an upturned lip, and wiggled her toes in my

"Eww, my feet are gross. You're already eight minutes in, you must really want that five bucks."

I laughed between her feet and shrugged it off, "I just don't like losing!"

Kali had been going through a blog on her laptop, but since we broke the silence she hopped in.

"I don't think Angie's feet can really be that bad, I mean, he already got through eight minutes just fine."

Angela pushed a leg over in Kali's direction, "You wanna try it? They don't smell like roses."

Kali bent down, and smelled right at the toe part of Angela's foot. She jerked back, gagging, "Holy shit! That frickin
reeks!" She looked at me and laughed, "You've either got a strong stomach, or no sense of smell!"

"Definitely a strong stomach, I'm not enjoying this at all." I don't think I've ever told a bigger lie.

After "enduring" Angela's stench for ten minutes, she went to Kali's bathroom.

"I'm gonna go wash my feet now, don't let him cheat with your feet." And she gave me five bucks! I was laughing
hysterically on the inside.

Kali plopped down on the couch, and shot me a look that would have made my knees weak if I was standing, "My turn, and
if you though Angela's feet were bad, this is gonna be hell for you!" If that was what hell was like, I wouldn't want
much to do with heaven.

She untied her right boot first, smiling the whole time. She genuinely thought that I was going to suffer from the smell
of her feet after she wore socks for a week straight, while I was actually the happiest guy in the world right then.

"You ready?"

I tried to appear as nonchalant as possible, "I was born ready!"

She just laughed at my fake bravado, "No, I really don't think anybody could be ready for this..."

And she pulled the beat up boot off her foot.

At first, I didn't notice anything, maybe because I still had the smell of Angela's feet jamming my senses. But as Kali
began to untie her other boot, I did start to notice it. At first it was like a trickle of rain, just a hint of the smell
was getting me. I knew the smell was coming from her boot and socked foot, but it wasn't overwhelming. I studied the sock
while time seemed to slow down, she was rocking her exposed foot back and forth, maybe to relieve the feeling of her wet
sock. I noticed that while most of the sock moved with the foot, there was a fold in it right at the ball of the foot that
wasn't moving at all. A week's worth of her foot-sweat had actually got the sock stuck stiff at that point. Then the
smell emanating from her foot and boot started to escalate, it wasn't a trickle anymore, it was a downpour. I could smell
the full intensity of it from five feet away.

Kali snapped me back into consciousness when her other boot hit the floor.

"Aww man, this is just nasssssty." She grimaced down at her feet as she wiggled her toes in the socks.

"I really don't want to touch these socks, after I took them off last night, the smell stuck on my hand and I couldn't wash
it off, so could you do it for me? Your hands are already covered in Angela's foot funk." How could I, a gentleman, deny
the lady such a simple request?

They were the same green-striped calf-high socks I sampled that week before, and holy crap did they deliver. The downpour
effect of smell I got from her socks being further away on the couch was now a monsoon. I had her socked feet almost in my
face, with her right big toe barely poking out of the top of the sock. I grabbed the heel part of the sock, which was
still moist with sweat and had an even more prominent stiff-effect than Angela's socks. I reached up Kali's leg and
pulled the sock off of her foot. She spread out her toes with relief, and smiled at me. "How's the weather up there."
I laughed and told her "I'm sure some poor animal on your roof just died, this is almost toxic!"

I removed her other crusty sock and began to work on the bet. Just like Angela, I was holding her ankles with her feet at
my face, sniffing deeply from where her toes met the balls of her feet. It was impossible to stop my soldier from standing
at attention now, so I just tried to make sure she couldn't see from her angle, and I didn't want her to brush up against
it. I was in heaven, just lost in the scent of her feet, when she relaxed one of her legs and did hit my favorite member.

"What was that?" And I froze up. I don't know if my face went red, or flushed out pale.

"Are you hard right now?"

Words really weren't making their way out of my brain, so I stayed in a catatonic pose until she broke the tension with,

"Well, I didn't tell you to stop, did I?"

And now I was really frozen up. Was she really... encouraging me?

"C'mon, get back to work." She cooed. "Just don't expect me to pay you for the ten minutes!" She laughed!

She laughed! Here I was, smelling Kali's feet at their sweatiest and smelliest, and now she was telling me to keep it up!
She had already told me twice, so I dove in. Her feet smelled incredible, all the cheesy-vinegary smell of Angela's feet,
only magnified, and with a hint of some exotic spicy smell that might have just sunk in from her parent's cooking.

Kali brushed up my leg with her hand, and felt between my legs.

"Ooh, you are hard right now, why don't you show me how hard you can get?"

I took a huge inhale, which caused alot of tension on my jeans.

Kali giggled, "You are really enjoying this, aren't you? What do you like about it, the smell?"

I stared mezmerized as she picked up one of her socks, and one of Angela's socks. She shoved her face into both of them,
and sniffed loudly.

"That's pretty smelly, here let me see what my bare foot smells like!"

She pulled her left leg across her chest and brought her nose up to her toes.

"Whoo, that's strong stuff!" She joked, which only got me more excited.

Then her hand wandered back over to my pants, "What are we going to do about this now?"

I had already lost the ability to speak miuntes ago, so I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders.

"Well, we don't have all day, so here," she handed me Angela's crusty gray sock. "You be sure not to make a mess on my
floor, and I'll hold my feet over the end of the couch. You just do what you can with them."

No hesitations that time, I knelt at the end of her couch at her feet, and smelled them frantically. Kali made sure to
continue her teasing by waving her toes around my face, "sampling" hers and Angela's footwear from the floor, and pushing
me to smell harder. I don't know if I even lasted a minute, but it feels like it was stretched out over hours. I finished
in Angela's sock, and gave a huge sigh of relief from in between Kali's toes.

"That's better now, isn't it?" She said, smiling at me in a way that makes me melt to this day.

But my brief moment in heaven was drawing to a close. We heard Angela turn off the shower in Kali's bathroom. I asked
Kali where she wanted me to put the soiled sock, and she threw it in her laundry hamper.

"But now what are you gonna tell Angela when she comes out of there and only has one sock?"

"I'm gonna tell her I threw the nasty things out, mine too."

"But your socks are on the floor."

"And they won't stay there if you hurry up and put them in your backpack." She was grinning evilly again. "Think of it
as an exchange instead of the five bucks."

I laughed, "Seems fair enough to me."

Angela came out of the bathroom dressed, "So did he make it? I think I smelled your nasty toes from inside the shower."

Kali looked at me playfully, "Nah, he pussed out at five minutes, I got your five bucks off him."

Angela laughed, and said "Looks like Kali won the bet, her feet are the smelliest!"

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Very good story. Gotta love a girl's week old, sweaty boot-feet.

19-03-2012, 06:56 PM
You know it! The smell of my ex-gfs doc martens was only second to the smell of her converse.

21-03-2012, 02:44 AM
Damn that's awesome, great story. One can only imagine now that perhaps "Kali" has opened her mind to the foot stuff and may even continue to indulge our main character or even others? :)

22-03-2012, 12:58 AM
Very good story, Jester. Looking forward to reading others from you if you have them.


22-03-2012, 01:25 AM
Well Djinn, not to smash your hopes, but I've been out of touch with Kali for... two years now? But I'm glad I got one good memory with her. Mind you, the story is "slightly" exaggerated so as to make it readable, but I do have some fun experiences with my ex-gf that are true that I'll post eventually. And carnaj, thanks for the kudos! I might get a new story up sometime this weekend.