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15-03-2012, 06:42 PM
Hi guys ive just discovered this website and thought i would share some of my experiences with you all
hope you like them!

Ok so my first experience took place when i was 11 years old my mum and me lived alone together and she was going out for her first date in a while so said i would need a baby sitter i of course hated the idea so argued until her date night came and the babysitter arrived I was extremeley angry with my mother and stormed upstairs to my room I was there for about 10 minutes until I heard my mum leave and then the babysitter called up to me to come down for tea. I was still angry from the argument with my mum so without thinking i shouted "NO YOU BITCH" she then began to climb the stairs and i could tell from how fast she was coming i had anoyed her she came in my room and i was instantly shocked to see a tall and skiny brunnette girl glaring at me wearing a green vesst top and a pair of jean shorts aswell as a pair of dirty and grimy looking pair of white ankle socks. Now i was only eleven and wasnt very intrestred in girls at that age but even then i could tell she was good looking i said sorry to stop stop her glaring at me and asked her name she told me her name was beth and that i was to come down for te and then to bed (she was obviusly still annoyed) i said no im not hungry and she replied are you gonna come down or do i have to kick you until you get downstairs i ignored her and turned around however she immediatly kicked me on my back (i was lay on the floor) i turned around to shout at her just as she was going to kick the back of my head lightly but as i spun around her white socked foot slipped into my mouth she removed it and looked a little sorry but before she spoke i instantly shouted you ugly whore you stupid bitch why the hell did you put your foot in my mouth however as i spoke her expression turned from one of regret to one of a scheming smile she pushed me flat on my back and instanly sat on me wirh her feet by either side of my head and said apologise you little shit or ill make you sorry. i instantly screamed get of me you fat bitch and as i spoke those words i reealised my mistake as she lifted her whit ankle socked foot and planted it square on my face shouting smell my feet if your going to be a brat she held me theere for 5 minutes before saying if you apologise ill let you go she removed her foot and i spat at her she then kicked me hard in the head and said with all that saliva im shore you can spare some to lick my socks.... to be continued.

15-03-2012, 07:07 PM
Keep going, I like the premise