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15-03-2012, 08:52 AM
Me and my wife brought our son to the park to play, but when he got his toy stolen by another, poor looking kid, my wife grumbled about "trailer trash". Then my wife decided to go yell at the kids parents. I reluctantly went. Me and the other man mostly said nothing, but my wife went beserk on the other wife. She at first didn't listen to my wife, but then when the kids started to walk over and hear the conversation, the trailer women, who was actually a very attractive, young blond woman, threatened to beat up my wife if she kept yelling at her in front of her kid. My wife went even more ballistic at being threatened, and the women followed through.

SMACK The woman's fist slammed into my wife's cheek and she fell to the ground. I realized this had gone out of hand so I stepped in to help my wife up and get her away from this woman before she gets hurt, but she rushed up by herself and charged at woman. The two women were clawing at each other and throwing punches. It was violent, so much so I couldn't even get in there to stop it. Unfortunately though, the other woman clearly got the better of my wife, and managed to punch my wife in the face two times. SMACK SMACK My wife backed up a bit, clearly hurt by this punches, but this allowed the woman to grab my wife's hair, force her towards her, and pound my wife's face in with her free fist. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK. While this was happening, her son was cheering her on! I couldn't imagine what my son felt seeing his mother get pummeled by another kid's mom.

My wife managed to pull herself out of the woman's grasp, but it was clear she had lost the fight, and badly. Her left eye was already swelling, and both eyes were shedding tears. Her mouth and nose were a little bloody as well. My wife looked beat up enough, but then WHAP! the sole of the woman's bare foot slammed into my wife's face.

The viscous front kick dropped my wife instantly to the ground, and she held her face and cried from the pain. The woman then shoved her foot towards my wife's face, and kicked at my wife's hands and arms so she couldn't cover her face.

"Move your hands bitch!" she yelled.

I would say it was shocking that this woman wanted to humiliate my wife even further after what had already happened, but it wasn't. My wife had really insulted this woman when yelling at her, saying she had poor parenting skills, and really hinting at her "lesser" status because she was obviously poor. Still, I couldn't watch her continue to dominate my wife, so I tried to shove the woman off my wife. She shoved me back, and then punched me square in the nose! My eyes watered and I backed away from the pain. Then, through my blurry vision, I saw her sole coming towards my face.

WHAP Her sideways foot slammed into my mouth. Besides the pain it caused to my face, I noticed her sole felt very warm and moist on my lips. I learned why after I fell on my back and licked my sore lips; I tasted footsweat.

After she realized she had put me down, she turned away from me. I was just an obstacle, she REALLY wanted to humiliate my wife, who had made it to her knees just to see her knight in shining armour get defeated by her tormentor as well.

"On your back bitch!"

With that, she kicked down, slamming her sweaty sole into my wife's face, and my wife went back on her back. She walked over and kicked my wife's hands away before she could put them on her face, and lowered it.

My wife started going frantic, trying to get the smelly foot of her face. And keep in mind that she was still woozy and beaten from before, and looked like she had little fight left. So to hear her constant muffled screams, and see her strongly shake her head and frantically grab at the woman's ankle to get her foot away, showed how bad this situation was for my wife. How humiliating it must have been to get pounded by another woman in front of her son and husband, then to get her beaten face stepped on.

Worse, was simply how disgusting my wife must have found it. She hates feet, so having one forcefully rubbed in face, especially by someone she considered "lesser", must have been the worst. And I could tell the squirming and screaming and suffering was partly due to the smell of the foot. My face was only in contact with this woman's soles for a split second, yet I still had the strong taste of feet in my mouth. I shuddered at what it was like for my wife to be breathing in the smell of this woman's sweaty feet.

Even worse was the taunts, both from the woman to my wife, and from her son to mine. The woman was saying things like: "If you think your so above me, rich bitch, then why is your face under my fucking foot!" Her son was saying things like: "Ha, my mom kicked your mom's ass. Haha, and your dad's ass! And look, now your mom is smelling my mom's feet!"

Right before my wife suffocated under the moist sole, the woman lifted her foot and used it to abuse my wife's face with little stomps, sole-slaps, and hard rubs and grinds. They looked pretty painful, but given my wife's bruised face, they must have been excruciating.

"Stick out your toungue!"

My wife couldn't endure the pain, so she obeyed. The woman wiped her sole up and down my wife's face, bringing it along her tongue so my wife would have to taste her footsweat. I couldn't bear seeing my wife look like this. At least when the woman was stepping on her face, her facial expression was engulphed in the sweaty flesh of the sole. Now, I could see her tears, her beaten face, and how she scrunched her face in complete disgust as she tasted this woman's feet.

I build up the courage to face this woman again, ignored the pain in my own face, and got up to face her again. I was too late though, as her husband was already pulling her of my wife. I at first was confused at why he all of a sudden had a problem with his wife dominating my wife, but then I looked around and noticed some other people had arrived at the park (it was just the two families before). Two people had cell phones out, and it appeared like they were calling the police. The woman, her husband, and her son walked away quickly, and I was left with my wife and son.

I felt emasculated that I was defeated by a woman, and by the fact that I couldn't protect my wife from getting thoroughly dominated and humiliated. But it was hard going even thinking about my emasculation given what my wife and son was felling. Her face was a mess, I would have to take her to the hospital to get it checked out. Mostly though, I don't think she could ever live down this humiliation; how could any woman deal with it?

My son must have been destroyed on the inside too. If he's in a tassel with another kid, the last thing he wants to see is his family lose to the other kid's family. And not just lose; his dad got beat up by the kid's mom! And his own mom, well, I wasn't sure how he could even view his mom the same after seeing her get beaten, dominated, and forced to lick and smell the feet of another woman.

All in all, it was a pretty bad day.



What the other woman looked like ^

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Good one.. :):)

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11-04-2012, 03:11 AM
Wow, I absolutely loved that story. Great idea with the trashy trailer park woman and her dominating with her sweaty feet. I could just imagine her wearing some old dingy flip flops. Great story nnnn