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07-03-2012, 12:37 AM
Here is a short excerpt from another one of my ebooks.


Katie was a quiet girl at Lonson All Girls High School. She was short, wore glasses, and had B.O. For this reason, she was unpopular and had few friends. Life could be very lonely.

All of this changed when a new student named Marta joined Katie’s grade. Marta was unlike the rest of the class: she was 39 years old!
Marta had just arrived from an impoverished foreign country and was now going back to school to finish her education. Being a chubby adult amidst classes of 16-year old girls, she naturally stood out awkwardly.

Our story begins in the girls’ locker room, one sunny afternoon after gym class. Friday was generally known as Smelling Day in the locker room because every single girl in the entire room would usually be giving something a whiff to see if it could last another week. Sweatshirts, sweat socks, old sneakers, armpits - there was a lot of sniffing going on.
Katie’s locker was next to Marta’s. She was in the middle of putting Odor Eaters in her shoes and sniffing her sweaty tee shirt when she turned to find Marta all alone, removing her sweaty socks. Marta picked up the socks, buried her nose in them, took a loud whiff, then quickly pulled them away. She wrinkled her nose, grimacing at the smell. Feeling bad for her, Katie decided to be friendly.
“Hey,” Katie said, “Don’t feel bad. My socks stink too.”
Marta turned to her and smiled.
“Mine are pretty stinky.”
“No, trust me. Mine really stink.”
Katie took off her socks and sniffed them. They smelled horrible.
“Can I smell?” Marta asked. Katie was shocked. She’d never been asked that question before. But she handed her socks over and Marta smelled them.
“Yep. They stink alright.”
“Yeah,” Katie said, blushing, “Plus I also have a B.O. problem. The other girls tease me for it.”
“Your B.O. isn’t that bad. Do you wanna smell my armpits?”
Marta raised her right arm. Katie wasn’t sure what to do, so she leaned in, dug her face deep into Marta’s armpit, and sniffed a few times.
“WHOA!” she cried out, “That stinks!”
“You sweat a lot more at my age,” Marta giggled, “Say, would you like to come to my house after school today? You can sniff my armpits some more.”
Of course Katie said yes, and by four that afternoon, Marta was opening the door to her apartment.
“Wow, it’s really nice,” Katie said politely.
“Thanks. Just one second,” Marta said as she ran off to the bedroom. Katie shrugged and looked around the place for a few minutes. It was really a very nice place for someone who had just moved to the country.
“Can I offer you anything?” Marta’s voice came from the room.
“No, I’m fine--” Katie began to turn around--and did a double take.
Marta had come out of her bedroom completely naked. She stood there, not in the least bit ashamed.
“Or you sure? I’ve got water and a little soda.”
“Okay, any food?”
“Uh, Marta--why are you naked?”
“Huh? Oh, I forgot I was. The truth is I love being naked. I’m naked every single moment that I’m in my house. I hate clothes and only ever wear any if I absolutely HAVE to go outside. Want to take your clothes off?”
Katie was a bit uncomfortable, but the truth was, she kind of liked Marta’s blunt honesty and acceptance of her own body. Plus Katie could smell something. Actually, two scents. Katie’s nose could just barely catch a whiff of naked Marta’s armpits, and in addition to that, could also catch a whiff of her feet.
“Alright,” Katie said, “Here goes.”

For the next three weeks, Katie and Marta were constantly naked around each other. It was the happiest time of Katie’s life; for the first time, she felt comfortable with her body. The two were naked literally all the time; they took their clothes off the split second they were in the apartment and did not put them on again until they absolutely HAD to leave. Katie was so used to seeing Marta naked that it actually seemed odd to see her with clothes on during the day.
And what would they do together? Katie spent the majority of those visits just smelling Marta’s armpits.
“They stink today,” Katie told her one Thursday afternoon after smelling them, “I’d say maybe three days since you last took a shower.”
“Wow, you’re pretty good at armpit-smelling,” Marta said. “Say, I’ve got an idea. Tomorrow’s Smelling Day in the locker-room. How would you like to make a little money?”

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