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04-03-2012, 06:51 PM
As it's a lazy Sunday here and I am working up my inspiration to write I figured I would relate a few Almost Experiences from my past, some foot related but all fetish related. I say ALMOST as nothing really developed from any of them besides feeding my fetishes or sparking a fantasy or two. Note, I have had REAL experiences, most with girlfriends and once with professionals, but I'll save those for another time.

A little background, I grew up in Oregon, a town that was fairly average and boring and has not yet reached 50,000 people as far as I know. I was born in 62, you can do the math, and despite things like Watergate and Viet Nam and Hippies, those were simpler times, not quite Leave it to Beaver but it had its moments. Thinking back I can easily attribute the spark of my fetishes to comic books, I Dream of Jeanie for the shrinking and Batman for the bondage. Back then the censors did not consider a leather clad Batgirl tied up by and equally dressed Catwoman and writhing around to be soft porn, though today they might have second thoughts.

Anyway, like most kids I went to grade school and even back then I started to notice feet and shoes. One memory that sticks out in my head was on a lunch hour or between classes and I came around a corner and saw two girls in the hall, Lori and Karen, both of whom I liked though still too young to know why, second grade I think. They were talking and looking at their feet and as I stopped short I watched in awe as they both kicked off their shoes one at a time and went about trading. I don't remember Karen's shoes, but Lori was wearing a pair of black leather almost Maryjane style that I had admired from afar for quite awhile and actually did get to feel eventually. I don't think they noticed me yet at that point and I stood there mesmerized as both girls held on to the others' shoulder, kicked off a shoe and pushed them about, then slipped their socked feet into the other girl's shoe. They repeated with the other foot and then both shifted their feet around admiring the new shoes both were now wearing. back then I had no idea what 'Dangling' was, but that's the closest fetish that comes to mind. But just like that it was over. One of them finally said Hi to me and broke my trance and we all went our separate ways.

Don't know if this still goes on, but back then we used to play a game on Lunch Hours. It did not have a name as far as I recall, but basically it was a form of Tag where it was the girls vs the boys and we would all run around the playground trying to 'catch' the other group. If caught you were sent to an area to wait till one side or the other won, everyone caught, and then it would start again. My grade school, though not huge was on a large plot of land. We had a playground with three slides, a swing set that accommodated 8, monkey bars, a Jungle Gym, a basketball court, you get the idea, it was big. There was also a football field with two baseball diamonds in opposing corners and an area that was mostly dirt with a lot of trees and another, smaller baseball diamond.

Anyway, we were playing the game one Lunch hour, War I'll call it for lack of a better name. It was third grade I think, and I was just starting to get pudgy. Husky actually was the clothing term back then, though I was the tallest kid in my class so it was not THAT apparent, i.e. I did not look that fat. I was slow however and so easily caught.

The girl that ran me down that time was Charlotte or Charlene I think, cute with a page boy black hair cut, I remember her face. She caught me by the back of the shirt as I tried to outrun her and I struggled a bit but eventually gave in. Laughing she marched me over to the holding area, which was a tree in the dirt area. In the game, sometimes there would be a guard but we were on our honor not to try to escape and for the most part we stayed 'caught' until the game ended. Charlene did not want to spend the time guarding me so got the bright idea to tie me to the tree so I could not get away. I don't remember if she had it or it was near, but she pushed me against the tree and wrapped a jump rope about me, knotting it behind the tree. Satisfied, she laughed and ran off to get into the game again.

Now I could have easily gotten out, but of course I was in heaven, tied up by a girl with a jump rope wrapped about my midsection and pinning my arms, so I stayed. I remember after a few minutes another girl, Tina came up to look at me and laughed before running off again. After another few minutes, Lori came up to me...

I remember she was wearing a mostly red outfit, tight pants and a shirt with 3/4 sleeves with thin black stripes and those shoes mentioned above. She laughed to see me tied up and I blushed and struggled in play. Still in game mode she moved close and said, Maybe I should torture you. Now again, back then for some reason the girls liked to kick the boys. I don't know if that was some universal thing, but Lori saw her opportunity and started in, kicking me in the shins with those shoes and spent the rest of the lunch hour with me, torturing me. Finally the First Bell rang and she untied me, leaving me to limp back to the next class. I actually came into the class room limping and the teacher asked me what was wrong but I said nothing, glancing at Lori to see her smirking at her desk.

The last outstanding experience that I recall from Grade School happened in the 6th Grade. Playing War again, but this time there was just four of us, my best friend that year, Alan, Lori and Karen. Another Lunch Hour and this time it was Karen that caught me out on the football field. She promptly forced me to the ground and plopped on my back holding me prisoner until Lori eventually came around with Alan and did the same. They kept us that way for the rest of the Lunch Hour, sitting on us, sometimes pulling our hair or lightly spanking us if we squirmed too much while they chatted away. Karen was wearing a pair of 'K-Mart' sneakers that were right there by my face as she sat on me but I was too chicken to take the next step. Lunch eventually ended and we all went back to class, just another lunch.

I've often wondered what happened to Lori and Karen. Can't find them on Facebook and have never made it home for any reunions. Both girls definitely had a latent dominant streak, though back then we did not know what that was. I have a few more Almost Experiences from work, which I will relate another time, if you like, and of course you do. Hope you enjoyed...