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The basement was a modest affair. A simple four-walled cube outfitted for fights. Blue mats were spread out on the ground. A punching bag hung on a hook in a corner. Weights lined the far wall. The door at the top of the creaky, wooden stairs was locked. Nobody would be bothering us.

My opponent stood across from me. Standing at 5'7 and weighing in at 143 pounds, all of which is mostly muscle, her self-confidence was practically oozing out of her. She wore a white sports bra which showed off her prominent, perky C-cup breasts, as well as her muscular abs. She wore black sweatpants that accencuated her beautiful bare feet, as well. Her cute, little red painted toes sticking out from underneath the hem of her pants. Her name is Riley.

I stand at 5'8 and weigh in at 145 pounds. My body is all muscle, not an ounce of fat. I was also confident. I knew I would take her down and make her my bitch. I wore a white sports bra and black athletic shorts. I have four-pack abs and perky, full, and firm C-cups. My name is Sarah.

We began to circle each other. This fight would be an all-out, no-holds-barred, affair. I wanted to be dominated, though, and Riley knew it. She wanted me under her feet. But I wasn't about to go out without a fight.

Riley lashes out with a snapkick aimed at my outer left thigh. I let her hit me, and wince in pain. I take my arm and wrap it around her leg, yanking her forward. She stumbles towards me and I kick her in the stomach. "Oomph!!" gasps Riley as she takes the full brunt of my kick. She is too close to kick so i attempt to knee her, but Riley literally rams her head against mine, and I let go of her leg, gasping in pain. I see stars as i stumble back.

Pain explodes in the very center of me as Riley swiftly kicks me in the stomach. Pay back. "Oooff!!" I gasp in pain, folding over her foot. She kicks me again a little higher, crushing my solar plexus. "Huulff!!" I gasp in pain, losing some of my breath. I had strong abs though, it would take much more to- "Oohh!!!" Riley nails me again in the solar plexus, grabbing me by the shoulders and slamming her knee into my gut. I gasp in pain. She knees me again and again, harder and faster every time. "Oooolph, huuulf, oooohh!!" I gasp, coughing and sputtering. Each knee strike is a thunderous blow. Shes kneeing me so hard that my body shudders with each blow.

I felt as if my stomach was being stabbed repeatedly with a knife. It hurt so bad. The pain radiated from the core of my being into all other parts of my body. Soon, my abs are softened up enough and Riley kicks up with a well placed kick, and i am coughing and sputtering, the breath completely knocked out of me.

I hug my arms to my battered abs, falling to my knees in defeat.

She stands over me and laughs. "Your such a weak bitch!" she mocked. "Where are those abs you keep bragging about? All i felt was a flabby belly!" I wince in pain as i slowly get up. "You hit like a little- Awwff!!" Before i can finish my witty retort, Riley punches me right in the gut, and keeps her fist lodged in there as i fold over her fist, coughing and weezing. "Oooohhh..." i groaned, pathetically.

Riley grins evily as she digs her fist even deeper into my stomach, feeling the quivering in my beaten belly and loving it. After a while of this torture she lets me fall to the floor again. I fall on my knees again, arms over my beaten stomach, as i gulp in lungfuls of air.

She grabs me by the breasts and lifts me up. I scream in agony as my entire body weight is taken by my breasts. She lifts me up 'till we are about eye level. A dazed look in my eyes is all she sees, until I spit at her face. Riley gasps and lets go instantly. I collapse on the floor, but get back up immediately. I kick Riley in her vagina. Hard. Riley's eyes bug open as she whimpers in pain. She tries to collapse on the floor, but i hold her up.

I smash punches into each of her breasts, hitting them like speedbags. Riley gasps in terrible agony as her breasts were really sensitive. "Ughhh, ohh!! Please.. stop it.." she gasped, tears streaming down her face. I stop punching her there and move down a little, destroying her belly. She folds over and stays there as her head hangs down, watching as my fists thud into her abs.

"Ooohhh.." she groans.

I throw a final looping haymaker into her face as she falls to the floor. Not allowing her a second to rest, i kick her visciously in the side. "Ullff!!" she gasps. She rolls over onto her back. I stomp down hard on her stomach, loving the feel of my bare foot on her bare belly. "HULLFF!!" she gasps, her arms and legs flailing up like a ragdoll. I then stomp down on her breasts, mashing them into her ribcage. Riley lets out a high-pitched whimper and she goes limp.

I think she might be knocked out.. so i kneel down beside her to make sure. I gasp in shock and soon agony as her head comes up. She bites down hard on my right nipple. "AAAAHHH!!" i shriek in pain as i struggle in vain to stop her from biting my sensitive, hardened tit. I smash both of my palms against her ears and she immediately lets go, her hands clutching at her head as she feels an intense headache rush over her. Leaving as fast it came, leaving a dull ache in its place.

I get up but am in too much pain to fight, so i retreat. Riley follows me. She punches me right in my liver. "Puuulf!!" I gasp as an electrifying jolt of pain surges through me. She turns me towards her and kicks me in my pussy, this time, point-blank in my clitoris. The most sensitive part of me. I whimper in terrible agony. "Ooohhh.. Riley, you bitch.." i groan, coughing out spit. She lets me fall to the floor, and climbs up on top of me. She pins me to the floor. I'm lying on my stomach. I can feel her hot breath on the nape of my neck. She slides her hands under me and grabs both of my boobs firmly but roughly in each hand. "No.. please.." i groan. "Riley.. please- Ooohh!!"

She squeezes my titties really hard, her nails digging deep into them. "HUUULFF!!" she squeezes them again, even harder this time. My head flies up as i stare up at the heavens, moaning out my agony. I'm panting now, sweat glistening on my face. She takes one hand away from my boobs and places it between my legs. I shudder as i feel it brush up against my thigh. "No.. what are you doing.. Riley, you can't be serious!"

"Oh shut up, bitch. You know you want me," she laughs as her fingers find my slit and she fingers me without mercy. I moan in intense pleasure. I couldn't believe it. I was getting raped by my best friend, my sister, and i was enjoying it! But wasn't this what i wanted all along? I wanted to be dominated.. thats all she was doing. Was giving me what i wanted. Damn, this is one of the greatest nights of my life!

She continues to grope and squeeze my boob while her other hand works fiercly on my pussy. She takes her fingers and stretches out the lips of my labia while her other fingers dig deep into my love canal. I moan and writhe in such intense pleasure. I shudder as my cum squirts out of my hole. "Ohh yess, thats a good slut," she said, giggling. She fingers me a few more times before i can feel her fingers leaving my vagina, just as i am about to cum. "No.. what are you doing.." i mumble, dreamily. Her other hand leaves my boob. "Don't stop.."

Riley giggles again. "No, Sarah, you've been a naughty girl. A very bad, naughty girl. You deserve to be punished. I'm done pleasuring you, you slut!" With that, she lifts me up and shoves me up against a wall. My whole body is still practically jello from being pleasured and i was hopelessly unable to fight back.

She spreads my legs apart and violently jabs her fingers between my legs. She then grabs my pussy skin and stretches it and i can feel her fingers at my clitoris. "Oh no.. please, not this! Please don't!" I begged. But too late. Riley shapes her hand into a claw as she stretches my pussy open wide, pinching and scratching my clit. I scream in agony. "OHHHHHHH!! oh oh ohhh..!" She continues to pinch and scratch my clit and i felt as if my entire nether regions were on fire. I couldn't believe it. I was in more pain that i've ever been in, in my whole life. "HUUULFFFF!!!" i whimper, saliva running down my mouth, and tears running down my eyes.

I tried to fight back, tried to punch Riley's grinning face. But every time i tried, she smashed her fist into one of my boobs, instantly stopping my struggling.

Suddenly, a violent orgasm rips through me and my body shudders. Cum gushes from my ravaged pussy, and i scream as it painfully ejects from my damaged love canal.

After a couple of minutes of this torture, she finally lets go and steps back. I'm totally dazed and in too much pain to try and strike her vulnerable self. I slide down on the wall, groaning all the way down, crumpling into a pathetic heap on the floor, sitting on my own waste. "Ooohhh.."

She then pulls me away from the wall, into the center of the room, and lays me down on my back. She stands in front of my head. Bending down, she lifts my face up, yanking hard on my hair. I whimper silently as she does. Then she places me down again, and she turns around and places her ass completely on my face, and her feet holding my head in place. She bounces up and down on my face, and wiggles her soft ass from side to side. The bitch then slowly farts on my face, not once but twice. It stunk so so badly. She then stands up, looks down at me, laughs, and sticks her right foot flush in my face. I nearly gag as i take a big long deep whiff of her sweaty, smelly, pungent foot. "Lick my feet, you nasty girl," she ordered. Fearing the consequences of not doing this, I lick the soles of her feet. They were surprisingly very soft, just a little rough. The odor of her feet was intense, vinegary, but somehow very stimulating and aroussing. I licked her feet, and smelled them for a few minutes before she finally told me to stop.

"Lick and suck my beautiful toes, Sarah. You know you want to. Your nothing more than a dirty footslave, bitch." And so I do. I lick each individual toe, all over, even in between the toes. They tasted sooo good and looked so cute. I then begin sucking on each individual salty tasting polished red toe. I do this for what felt like hours before Riley finally tells me to stop. She retracts her feet and walks away, wiping them off with a towel. My head falls to the floor as i close my eyes, lost in my feelings of complete euphoria.

Then Riley comes back over to me and takes off her sweatpants and panties. Then she lays on her back, legs spread wide. "Eat me out, slave!" she ordered. I crawl up close to her and stick my head between her legs. Her pussy was already wet. I had never done this before and always wondered what it would be like to eat out a girls vagina. I was about to find out. I plunge into Riley's pussy, my tongue licking her labia teasingly.

"Oooohhh!! Mmmmm," Riley moans. "Thats a good slut. More!" I continue to eat her out. I lick her clit with my tongue and am reward by another long string of moans and a face full of cum. I gulp it all up, nearly choking. Then I continue by sticking my tongue into her love canal, exploring inside of her, probing her sensitive pussy with my wet tongue. "OOOOHH!! thats a good girl, mooreeeee, oh please moreee," I take my tongue out of her pussy and begin to finger her pussy.

I thrust my fingers in and out, in and out, faster and faster, harder and harder. Eventually, Riley explodes in an orgasm and her cum is all over my hands. I quickly lick it all up. I stick my head in between her legs and lick all of that up too. She orgasms a third time and i choke on her cum and i barely notice as she gets up.

Then Riley yanks me up by the hair. I'm suddenly pulled back into reality as i yelp and whimper in pain. She stands me up on my feet and quickly silences me with a devasting knee to my solar plexus. "Oooff!!" I gasp. She then takes her knee out and punches me in the gut. "Puulfff!!" I double over even more. She straightens me back up and swiftly slams a quick left-right-left-right combo of punches deep into my raw, devestated, beat red stomach. "Ooolphh, uuulf, hoooplh, ooohh!!" I gasped. I was in such immense pain. I felt as if she were punching right through me past my spine.

She takes a step back and kicks me right in the center of my stomach, i stumble backwards as my body collapses around her foot and spit flies from my mouth. She continues destroying my abs with a withering series of punches, left-right-left-right-left. She has me backing up and a lost expression is on my face as her fists pummel and destroy my now softened up stomach. She backs me all the way up 'till my back is up against the punching bag. I stare down at my stomach. I groan as i notice that you could hardly see my abs anymore under all the red. She had practically crushed and collapsed all of my belly muscles.

Riley punches me again in the solar plexus, I cough and sputter in pain, too out of breath to gasp. "How does it feel, Sarah?" She punches me again. My abs offer little resistance as her fist plows deep into my gut. "Oooph!"

"How does it feel to know that those abs you've worked so hard for are being destroyed by me?" With that she punches me deep in my stomach, so hard that she lifts me up off my feet. My toes are barely grazing the floor as she impales me on her fist. My arms, legs, and head dangle down uselessly.

She then lets me fall back down as she slams a knee into my solar plexus. "By the way, nice boobs, slut. I'm sure its great to know how well-endowed you are. Too bad, i'm gonna revert you back to an A-cup when I'm through with you!" With that, Riley tears off my sports bra, letting my beauiful boobs stand at attention without support. She mercilessly punches me in the breasts, using them as speedbags just as i did to her earlier. I whimper and scream in such pure agony as each blow sends my boobs flying all over the place. That makes it hurt even more. Her knuckles dig deep into my firm mounds of fatty tissue, re-arranging them and pancaking them against my ribcage.

Then after a few minutes of this, she takes my shorts and panties off to reveal my ravaged, bloody pussy. "No.. Riley, i've had enough. I swear. Please, I don't want to be dominated anymore!" But she won't have any of it. Riley knees me, nailing me right in my clit. "OOOHHH!!!" i raise my head to the heavens, praying that she would make it quick.

She knees me in the pussy a few times before switching to kicking. Her foot made sickening thudding sounds as it slams over and over, mercilessly, into my destroyed pussy. Her toes end up getting lodged in my love canal a few times and that made me so wild with pleasure that i ended up orgasming all over her beautiful feet. She continues this and when she notices that I'm about to orgasm again, she slams her toes, all 5 of them into my cunt. "OOOHHH!!" i scream. My pussy had never been stretched this far before. It hurt soo bad!! But i cum, ohh fuck did i cum.

My body gets thrown into spasms as a river of cum flies out of me. She lets me fall to the floor as i drown in my own love juices. The orgasm was the most intense one i've ever had in my life. She laughed, then stood over me, and placed her sexy bare left foot flush on my face, ran her hands through her hair, and posed like the goddess she is, while I had to enjoy the harsh stinky stench of her foot.

01-03-2012, 03:39 PM
The story was good; thanks for sharing. :)

Although to be honest, I don't think it's on the same level as your own work. In terms of grammar and punctuation, okay, it could have a bit of an advantage there. XD But in terms of content, I definitely enjoy your Nancy series and girl/girl fights more (probably because it's more foot-related!). ;)

01-03-2012, 03:49 PM
WOW! Thanks FOOTFETISHGUY, that really cheered me up. I appreciate your kind words, and I LOVE that you enjoy my stuff. I, however, don't enjoy writing as much any more because of too much finger pointing, being called a liar, and lots of negative responses. I find it much easier to share the works of others that I like. It is win/win for me. If you like it, I made you happy and found you something enjoyable, and that feels really good. If you hate it, think it is crap, or not to your taste, it isn't mine, and I have nothing vested in it, and the hurtful responses then don't phase me, so I win again. That is why I chose this route! I hope there were aspects of this story that you did enjoy. I HOPE others like it too!

01-03-2012, 03:58 PM
Loving this stuff ROYALS!!! that was an awesome story! I also miss the stories about Nancy's fights and how she would dominate and foot smother the winner. Thanks for everything you've contributed over the years.

02-03-2012, 12:12 AM
Oh damn! I saw that there was a furore over in one of your stories, but I never really read it, so the news that you won't really be writing anymore comes as a little bit of a shock to me. :(

You'll just have to tell me what you want to see and I''ll write it up myself when I next have the time (which might be a longish time, as I have an essay to wade through right now :p)!

Not that I don't have ideas, mind, I just have a lot of other stuff to write about as well.

But the absence of your stories will be a loss to the Den. :( I'm pleased that you've still decided to continue contributing in another way, at least. :)

02-03-2012, 12:18 AM
Thanks again BIGMAN and THATFOOTFETISHGUY, your kind words mean so much! I would LOVE to read anything from either of you. My preferences has always been any TRUE story. I particularly like fem/fem action, where one sexy female completely dominates another with her sexy butt and gorgeous but smelly feet! I look foward to anything you guys contribute, write, or post. Thanks!!!

02-03-2012, 12:39 AM
Unfortunately, I cannot regale you with a true story of girl-on-girl conflict - especially one ending in foot domination! I simply haven't had the good fortune to be in the same vicinity as such a thing. (I'm also a goody two-shoes diffuser of hostile situations, so I'd probably ruin it before it started! :mad:)

However, I must say it is funny that things have worked out this way, because a few days ago I was thinking about how awesome the idea of Sue (the Indian girl, if I recall correcty?) finally beating Nancy - and subjecting her to some revenge foot domination - is, and how awesome a story it would make.

I mean, I apologise to Nancy because her after-fight domination sessions have led to some great stories, but I just enjoy the thought of the tables being turned too much! :D

02-03-2012, 03:29 PM
FOOTFETISHGUY, that would make an AWESOME story! SUE, in real life, wants to get at Nancy again! She really, really wants to step all over her face, and really humiliate her with her feet. The funny thing is, Sue has gotten better and better looking. She looks like she could be a Khardashian sister, tall, thin and sexy. She loves wearing beaded jewelry on her feet, and her feet are now always pedicured. Nancy dominating her with her feet, had gotten Sue very interested in her own feet. She really wants to be the dominant one now. Nancy told me that she heard that Sue actually dominated some young blonde girl with her feet, after a fight at a club. She really was looking for a chance to do to some other girl, what Nancy kept doing to her! She really enjoyed being the foot dom for a change! I HOPE you write that story!!!!

02-03-2012, 08:31 PM
Wow, I just love how Nancy seems to practically convert certain victims into foot fetishism (or more specifically, domination)! I remember how Donna seemed to really develop an interest in using her feet as implements of humiliation, after being 'defeeted' by Nancy.

It used to be that you and/or Nancy were trying to convince Sue to agree to a rematch, but I can see Sue trying to convince Nancy to fight her again. XD

Anyway, this has made me pretty motivated to write up the story! I can't guarantee that it will be finished anytime soon, because I have a lot of other writing ahead of me, but I'll definitely give it a go at some point. :D

07-03-2012, 07:57 AM
I can't wait for your story! The funny thing is Sue really wants to take on Nancy again, but Nancy is in a pissed off mood, annoyed, and not so into it anymore, which is a real shame, particularly for me and her husband!