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28-02-2012, 12:39 AM
It happened at the company pool party. My 34 year old wife got into an argument with a 22 year old secretary named Joleen. Joleen was a beautiful blond from Germany, and spoke poor english, which caused my wife to miss messages sent by Joleen's boss, as well as other screw-ups. It started as a stern talk, until it ramped up to point my wife called her a "German bitch" under her breath. Joleen was pissed and slapped my wife hard in the face. Everyone heard the smacking sound, and turned just as my wife was charging at Joleen.

The two women grabbed each other and started wrestling. Eventually, Joleen proved to have superior strength, and pushed my wife away from her and onto her knees. My wife was getting up when Joleen sent a front kick right to her face.

Everyone saw the young German woman's foot slam into my wife's face, which caused her facial features to scrunch against the moist wrinkles of the footsole. Everyone was not just stunned by the fact that one woman had just kicked another in the face at a company event, but also by the sheer ferocity of the kick. The sight of my wife's face getting demolished by the foot, or the loud sound of sole smacking face (which must have been heard a mile away) were clear indicators of the strength of the German girl.

My wife fell backwards into the pool. I was scarred the kick had knocked her out, and she would drown. But my wife popped above the water, which delighted me but also had a negative effect. My wife's face looked devastated. There was blood from her nose and mouth swirled around her face with pool water, cut lips, and a red footprint that was sure to bruise.

I started to move towards the pool to help my wife out when Joleen walked towards the pool. I realized Joleen had noticed the awful thing she had just done, and would try to help my wife. I was wrong. Probably being really angered by being called "German bitch" and being talked down to (my wife was a little condescending when talking to her), and realizing she was already fired for demolishing another women's face, she decided to humiliate my wife. She kneeled down grabbed my wife's hair when she approached and yanked her out of the pool. Then while on her knees, shoved my wife's head through her legs, and sat down on the back of head, pushing her face into her soles.

My wife was completely humiliated! After getting her face smushed by a younger woman's foot in front of everyone, now the same women was sitting on her head, and her busted mouth and nose pressed deep into her soles! My wife deeply smelled this woman's feet, which were sweaty in the hot sun. Luckily though, this only lasted for a few seconds before me and a couple others ripped Joleen away from my wife (though not before wiping her foot on my wife's face on last time). Joleen just sped away to get her things.

I wasn't paying attention to her though, I was tending to my beaten, crying wife. The blood was mostly gone, although her split lips were still leaking some. The the red mark of the bottom of Joleen's foot was still on my wife's face, and when I kissed her busted lips (were it wasn't bleeding) I tasted Joleen's footsweat. No one saw or heard from Joleen again, and even though my wife recieved support from coworkers after her humiliation, she'll think twice about how she talks to younger, stronger peers.

28-02-2012, 01:14 AM
Fantastic story! :)

I have to ask, is this a work of fiction or did it really happen? On the one hand, it shares similar traits to your (presumably) fictional - though wonderful - story about Phoenix, but on the other it does actually have some realistic touches, such as the spectators actually being useful and stopping your wife's humiliation at the feet of her co-worker. (Although I wish that they'd waited a little longer, in all honesty! ;))

I'm pleased to see another apparent fan of the fem/fem beaten and then humiliated niche, anyway!

28-02-2012, 01:26 AM
Purely fictional, other than the fact that Joleen actually is a German foot fetish girl on the internet. Glad you liked it though, and yes for me the beating and humiliation make for the best story.

28-02-2012, 02:32 AM
I LOVED this story! The idea of a gorgeous young blonde amazon dominating an older woman with her big, sexy fighting feet is so hot! Nicely written and well described, this was a pure joy to read, and is completely right up my alley! Thank you!!!!