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14-02-2012, 04:47 PM
I think this is a kinda cute story :)

One of my girlfriends (who is also a fetish model) started dating a really nice guy about a year ago. He never mentioned anything about having any fetishes (and I dont know why, she would never judge him) but when theyre being intimate, he likes to squeeze her feet. This made me think that maybe he had a thing for her little soles being all wrinkled up in his hand. She still wasnt sure though.

Anytime theyre just lounging around on the couch, he likes to rub her feet too. So one day she decide that since her feet were already in his lap, she ought to give him a foot job. He LOVED it...but still never mentioned a fetish.

As time went on, she would use her feet to get him excited and it worked every time. Sometimes during sex with her on top, he would take her feet and rub them on his balls. Good thing she's flexible! Maybe its just because it feels good, but I think there is something more to it.

Finally, she tells me a couple of weeks ago that the were going at it, and he just lifts her leg up and starts worshiping her foot, then switches to the other. I told her to just enjoy it, cuz that feels soooo good and its hot as hell!

But my question is, why wont he just admit that he has a little fetish. If anyone would understand, it would be the fetish model girlfriend, right?

14-02-2012, 08:44 PM
Maybe this is a stupid question, but does he even know that she's a fetish model?

15-02-2012, 01:05 AM
That was a very hot and cute story. As too many of us are painfully aware, there is a stigma about people with foot fetishes....things like being called a pervert or weirdo. Society pokes fun at us, the media is quick to judge, and it always lends itself to teasing. So many of us at one time or another, repressed our urges, our true selves, and either ignored them, or passed them off. It is hard to be honest and truthful about something, that many so called normal people find weird. Through experience, growing up, the internet, beautiful fetish models, we now see what we once considered weird or strange, this foot fetish stuff, is really very common and actually quite normal. The stigma attached to it is changing. Some people are late to this fact, this revelation, so they are still coy and shy, for fear of being judged and laughed at. It is apparent he likes her feet, she knows it, so the best answer is for her to take charge of it, and him, and he will give in, and give up!!!

15-02-2012, 08:32 PM
Royals, you are so right. I think a fetish is completely normal and fun. Some people are into boobs, some people like butts, so whats wrong with being into feet!?

And Zanoah, not a dumb question at all. Some girls are really good at hiding a secret fetish life from their significant other, but he knows. I believe he even appeared in a foot worship custom video with her. Odd huh?