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Hi everyone, the following story has been composed entirely on my nokia n8 using quick office. This is due to being on holiday and not having access to a computer, as such there may be formatting and spelling issues. That said I hope you enjoy the first part of my story, and if people like it there will be more to follow.

Entering the office they sat down, the leather chairs feeling stiff and uncomfortable.
"Welcome," Melanie said, smiling at them."Nice to see both of you again." Her proffered hand was slender, decorated with coral blue nails. Gary grasped it eagerly, originally he hadn't known what to expect but this hottie exceeded all his expectations. Holding her hand a little longer than was casual, he purposefully glanced towards his wife. Celebrating the angst clearly visible in her eyes, the familiar mask of disapproval firmly in place.
Unfortunately the shake was all too fleeting, and a moment later his wife enjoyed her attentions. Greetings finished and the therapist turned to face them, her face lit by a friendly smile.
"Ok Gary, Helen, you both know why your here and I think we made some good progress last week." She leaned forward, the movement providing Gary a perfect view of her ample cleavage. "But we can't afford to be complacent, I hope you've both been carrying out the exercises I gave you." Their simultaneous nods confirmed they had, Helen's constant nagging forcing her husbands participation. "Good, good you understand that practice is what makes these exercises work." She looked at them critically, Gary blushing beneath her gaze. Her startling blue eyes held his a moment longer, as if relishing in his obvious discomfort before turning away.
"Now don't get too bogged down if things don't work out immediately," she continued authoritatively. "Everything will happen in its own time, but it will happen." She placed great emphasis in her latter words, as if through her own force of will she could assure them success. Gary didn't even know if that was what he wanted anymore; was it really meant to be this hard. He stole a sneaky glance at his wife; no the feeling was gone, there was nothing there but a cold emptiness. Sighing inwardly he tried to focus on Melanie's words, struggling internally against his rising boredom and the compulsion not to be rude. Eventually he settled on a compromise, staring at her luscious lips. It was almost hypnotic watching her talk, the office light glistening wetly on her ruby red lips.
"Gary, Gary," as if from a distance he heard his name. Focus came slowly as he realised he was the centre of attention, blushing he glanced at two pairs of expectant eyes.
"Errm, Sorry can you repeat that?" He mumbled apologetically, avoiding their disappointed looks.
"Okay," Melanie responded, "I said what is the one thing that you'd like to change about helen?" Gary regarded them, the stock answer of a doting husband hovering on his tongue. Yet it never got any further, he decided that now wasn't the time to be coy. If he was really being honest then there were lots of things he'd change, but the one thing he couldn't abide was her wishy washiness.
"Well," he began hesitantly, "If I had to change one thing then I think it would be Helen's inability to take charge."
"Okay Gary, that's good. The only way we're going to make progress in these sessions is through honesty." Gary stole another glance at Helen, unable to stop the feeling of guilt that passed over him. The same question was them asked of his wife, she answered promptly without a sideways glance at her husband.
"It's his wandering eye that I can't stand, he's always looking at other women." Gary couldn't argue with that, completely aware that his eyes strayed most of the time. Yet even though he acknowledged the fact, he didn't accept responsibility for the action. If Helen would perform her wifely duties adequately then it wouldn't even be an issue, and there was the root of the problem.
Melanie listened to both sides of the argument attentively, sometimes acting as an umpire but more often than not just being a sympathetic ear. She was good at her job, years of experience and extensive training ensuring her knowledge of the field. It was this very knowledge that now formed a forbidden idea, an idea that she'd contemplated and fantasised over for many years.
Her two newest clients presented her with an opportunity, there unique problems and mindsets giving her the chance of a lifetime. No that was wrong, she'd had similar prospects before but had always erred on the side of caution. Why was she now seriously considering it? she tried to analyse herself and failed, proving that self analysis was as futile as all the books said. Turning her attention back to her clients she came to a decision.
"Okay, well it's good that we've all put our cards on the table. Now I think it's time that we talked about some action plans to remedy your behaviours." They both nodded again, but Gary's lack of enthusiasm was blatantly evident. No matter, this lack in itself might facilitate the furthering of her own objectives. As Melanie pondered her plans, Helen regarded her with undisguised jealousy. Here was a woman that she would love to be, there was a confidence and a natural sexiness that filled her with envy. Yet she couldn't bring herself to hate the woman, in fact it was quite the opposite. With every second that she spent in melanie's company a feeling of awe was cultivated within her, this was a real woman, a woman who could teach her how to act and behave. As Helen watched, Melanie leaned back slowly in her chair, pushing herself away from the desk until her sandal clad feet were visible.
She saw her husbands greedy eyes immediately latch onto the sight; he was always hassling her to indulge in foot play but it was some thing she saw as weird and never entertained the notion. Now as she witnessed his obvious looks of lust she wondered if she should cater more for his alternative tastes. She cast the errant thought aside with quick anger; she wanted a strong domineering husband, not someone who groveled on the floor by her feet.
At that moment Gary didn't have eyes for his wife, in fact he didn't have eyes for anything but melanie's feet. They really were entrancing and the perfect finish to her exquisite body. As she spoke she wriggled her perfectly formed toes, rising and falling in time with her lilting voice. Gary watched as a birdwatcher spotting a crested ibis, how he wanted to suck those toes. Right then he would have given anything to do just that, but of course it was just a futile fantasy. Her white sandals flicked up and down gently, hanging seductively off the ends of her feet. Now that she'd revealed herself to him there was no retreat, unable to control himself Gary stared fixedly at her fruits of the flesh.
"Okay, well I think that we should bring todays session to a close," she smiled at them. "We've made lots of progress, but you can't rush these things, you have to take it slowly and methodically." She smiled again, looking directly at each of them with the knowing face of a teacher. "Oh before I forget," Melanie began, "I feel that we're now at a point where you'd both benefit greatly from your first individual sessions." She regarded them expectantly.
"Yes, well if you think that would be for our benefit?" Helen questioned, doubt evident in her voice.
"Oh without a question it would Helen, theres only so much you can work out together, but there are some things that you need to face alone." Still unsure Helen acquiesced, hesitant but unwilling to argue. Satisfied that any further objection had been quashed, she turned to Gary with a quiet assurance.
"And what do you think?" Gary immediately blushed, averting his eyes from her feet.
"Yeah, whatever you thinks best Melanie, your the expert." He smiled a goofy simile as he spoke, no doubt in an attempt to endear himself, It failed. Overlooking his pitiful advances Melanie regarded them both carefully, if she continued down this path then she'd be risking everything. Was it worth it? The question gnawed uncomfortably inside; she'd never been one to ignore risk and this was no different. Yet here was a situation where she'd take that risk, fueled first and foremost by the two prospects that sat in front of her. Her initial test had bourne fruit, she knew now beyond doubt that Gary had a fetish for feet. That was the first green light and the second was Helen's pliability, nothing as overt as her husband of course but it was still enough. Resolving any doubts internally she confirmed her wish for the singular sessions.
Everything was agreed and confirmed before they left; she would deal with Gary first of all, after all he was the dead cert of the two. Helen on the other hand would present more of a challenge, but nothing that Melanie didn't think she could overcome. She smiled to herself as her clients left, everything was going to plan.
The next weekend came round quickly for Melanie, as much as she tried she couldn't help but think about the coming session. As Gary entered her office a shudder of pleasure passed through her slim body, today was the day when the real advances began.
"Welcome Gary," she beamed, hitting him with a nuclear force smile. He smiled back eagerly, he'd been looking forward to the session just as much as much melanie.
"Nice to see you again Mel," he responded. She waited until he'd sat down before continuing, requiring all of Gary's attention on her and nothing else.
"Well Gary, there's a lot that we need to get through today, just me and you." She emphasised her last few words speaking in a husky alluring voice, enjoying the lustful look her words brought forth. "The first thing I want to cover," she paused to scrutinise him; this was going to be easier than she'd thought. "Is something that I've noticed about you in the joint sessions, something relating to your so called wandering eye." She paused again, enjoying the look of growing panic in Gary's eyes.
"Errm, what is it?" He mumbled, flustered enough to break into the conversation. Melanie's face grew solemn, her grave expression reflecting the gravity of what she was about to say. The theatrics had the desired effect as Gary's face grew white, the panic evident in his wide eyes. She held the moment for a few seconds longer, even throwing in a regretfull headshake for good measure. Finally satisfied that she'd squeezed as much suspense as was possible from the situation, she stared at him until he averted his gaze.
Pouncing upon his display of weakness she made her move, hoisting her stocking clad leg onto the desk. He didn't move right away, frozen in place he looked down at her trespassing foot in confusion. Displaying her best killer heels she wriggled her stilettos seductively, the patent red leather flashing in the lamp light. Gary was torn between a full display of supplication, and a complete act of outrage to save face. Instead he chose neither, sitting stone faced he forced himself to look into Melanie's eyes.
She was mocking him, he was almost certain, deep within her azure eyes a flicker of hilarity directed toward him.
"What is it you've noticed?" He asked, striving to keep a level voice. For all his gallant efforts he failed, his cadence as unsteady as a day dry alcoholic. A superior smile blossomed on Melanie's lips as she regarded him; he was ripe for the picking.
"Well Gary," another wiggle of her foot," I'll tell you what i've noticed." Pausing again she lifted her other leg, slowly crossing her feet in front of him. Gary couldn't help but blush, furiously fighting the discomfort he felt.
"Well you see Gary, I've noticed you looking." She stopped again, giving him adequate time to digest her vague revelation. With a thundering heart he considered the unpleasant possibilities. Since meeting Melanie he'd taken every opportunity to perv on her model like body, but he'd never thought she'd bring that up in front of him.
Now faced with the distinct possibility that his assumption was incorrect, he was absolutely mortified.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cause offense. It's just, well I just think your really attractive." Gary hoped a good charm offensive was better than denial, thinking honesty might win him some clemency. Melanie smirked, she tried not to, but the effort of keeping a straight face was too much to bear. He was such an easy subject to read; a classic case of a man living in accordance with the desires of his dick.
"Well Gary I must thank you for the compliment, but you can't go around ogling every girl that takes your fancy. For one it's rude when someone's talking to you, and two it will get you in trouble" She paused again as she flicked her right ankle upwards, the apparently unconscious motion dislodging her shoe.
Unable to stop himself he glanced down at her exposed foot, it hovered tantalisingly just a few inches from his clasped hands. Through the stocking's fine mesh her painted toes were visible; they were purple today, bright and beautiful. Flexing leisurely within their nylon cage Gary watched them, perhaps it was their vicinity to him or the strangeness of the situation but as he looked he felt his resolve slipping. He knew that if she didn't remove her feet, then he'd lose control; he wouldn't be able to help it, the urge was just too strong.
"Oh dear," she said, "I seem to have lost my shoe, would you be a dear and put it back on for me?" Gary swallowed audibly, his self restraint already at breaking point. Melanie smiled reassuringly at him, nodding in the direction of her bare foot . Unable to think of a plausible excuse to decline, and deep down wanting to he acted.
Reaching forward with shaking hands, he picked up the discarded heel. His fingers entered the shoe as he held it, the insoles hot and wet. Inhaling air through shallow breaths he moved the shoe, each nervous inch bringing him closer to her foot. Melanie no longer mattered, all his attention focused intently upon the task.
The shoe reached her foot, the opening grazing her soft soles. He struggled momentarily to fit the shoe; it was no use, to accomplish the the task he was going to have to hold her foot. Grasping the nettle so to speak he grabbed her foot, unable to fully suppress the gasp that escaped his lips.
"Melanie watched amused and elated, she'd never dared imagine that it would go so smoothly. Yet here she sat as a princess, her servant grovelling before her as he served her feet. To say that she was happy would have been an understatement, she was completely and utterly ecstatic. It seemed that her skills in psychology had paid off, Gary playing his expected part to perfection. There was no longer any doubt in her mind, the plan would work, by the end of the week she expected to have accomplished all of her ambitions.

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Gary held her foot tenderly, loving the feel of her warm soles. Here was a chance to experience everything he wanted, all he had to do was bury his face in her feet. He watched entranced as the opportunity passed, her high arched foot sliding back into its leather prison.
Turning to face Melanie his breathing grew less rapid, his desire once again returning to a controllable level. She regarded him coolly, slightly impressed with his unexpected reserve. So it seemed she needed to turn up the pressure, something she was more than willing to do.
"Gary," she began innocently, "i've got a serious question for you, and I want you to answer me honestly?" Over the years she had become an expert at building expectation, subtly building the suspense until the tension was tangible. She felt that tension begining to grow now, the mystery of her proposed question peaking Gary's curiosity.
She was in no great hurry to break the tension, languishing once again in his growing discomfort. She began to drum a gentle rhythm on the desk, her heels flapping up and down in front of him. As expected he couldn't help but glance; god he was hooked.
"What's the question?" Gary asked, unable to stand waiting any longer. Melanie similed before giving him an answer; her bait had been well and truly taken, and now she wanted to land her fish.
"Well," she began hesitantly, "now please don't think ill of me but I want to ask a favour of you." She halted again, letting his mind wind further and further up.
"It's silly really but, well it was something one of my close friends said." She feigned emotion, taking a sharp breath and clutching her breast. "I know I'm being silly but it did upset me quite a bit," she paused again waiting for Gary.
Eventually he took the hint," What did she say? Are you sure your okay?" It was once again hard not to smile as he spoke, how easy it was to lead him. Now while his guard was down she struck.
"She said that my feet smell, would you mind taking a quick sniff?" As she spoke both of her stiletto heels were kicked off, her stocking clad feet once again free to test his resolve. The unexpected nature of her request blindsided him, the concern for her wellbeing evaporating beneath an all consuming wave of embarassment. He scrutinised his therapist closely, unable to fully believe her request. There was no indication of humour in her face, nothing except a grave look of expectation.
"I'm sorry Melanie, it would be a bit we-"
"Please Gary," she interrupted with a practiced pout. He didn't know what to do, the situation was beyond the realms of what he considered normal. Unable to contain his desire any longer, he bent down to the task. Immediately his nose was treated to a heady smell, her toes exuding a strong musty odour. It certainly wasn't unpleasant and he took breath after pleasurable breath, time seemed to slow as he lost himself within her feet.
Eventually he regained some sense of where he was, slowly and not without some reluctance he stopped. He was immediately greeted by accusing eyes, Melanie's friendly demeanour was transformed. She stared at him as her face filled with indignant outrage.
"What on earth was that Gary?" She removed her feet from the desk, grabbing her shoes. " I said take a sniff, you nearly hoovered them away, what the hells wrong with you?" Her voice grew shriller as she spoke, until Gary feared that her receptionist must hear.
"Please," he placated, "I don't know what came ov-"
"Are you a fucking pervert Gary?" She interrupted, standing she made as if to walk out of the door.
"No please don't go," Gary pleaded, pure panic running through his veins. She paused looking in disgust at him, her face filled with indecision.
"Please I'm sorry Melanie," he repeated, the regret plain on his face. She regarded him coldly, squeezing every last drop of anxiety from him. After what seemed an age she began to move back to her seat, her face grim and accusing. Gary didn't know what to do for the best, his simple world had been turned upside down by his slip. He watched as she returned to her seat, knowing that she held all of the cards.
Once she'd resumed her former position there was silence, she sat there without speaking, just looking at him. His discomfort stretched and then transformed into outright anxiety, why didn't she speak? The atmosphere between them was killing him, if he had the chance to reverse time them he'd gladly take it, but unfortunately such things were mere fantasy. resigning himself to her judgement he waited, not willing to press the matter.
He didn't have to wait long before she spoke, " How could you take advantage of my trust like that?" Listening, Gary didn't attempt to answer the question, recognising its rhetorical nature. Instead he listened to his therapist, their relationship forever changed be by his silly slip. He cursed internally his stupidity, was it really worth it? He no longer thought so, how could he have been so nieve letting his fantasies intrude upon his waking life.
"I've come to a decision Gary, and let me tell you it's not been an easy one." She paused for effect, revelling in the performance. "You see what you did was a breach of trust, a woeful attack upon my person," she paused again, enjoying the admission of guilt as he knodded his head. "But instead of going to the police and reporting you, I'm going to give you a chance." She let her words sink in, watching his reaction of relief closely. She well and truly had him, smiling inside she held him with a solemn glare. " It is obvious to me that you have a problem, but what kind of therapist would I be if I just reported your transgression to the police."
"Thankyou, I promise it won't happen again."
"Yes well you are right on that count, I'm going to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again."
"Thank you Melanie, I'm sorry."
"I'm going to cure you and your wife of your perversion."
"My wife? I don't think that-"
"That's right Gary, you don't think, that much is evident. Believe me I spotted yours and your wifes foot addiction in our first session, I just didn't know how bad it was until now." Gary was confused, of course he couldn't deny his own addiction that was self evident, but his wife had never shown the slightest interest in feet. Could it be that all this time she'd been hiding the truth? No, there was no doubt in his mind, she'd got it wrong.
Turning toward her he attempted to voice his doubt, "look Melanie I have to admit your right about me, but your wrong about Helen, she's the las-"
"Shut up Gary," she interjected, "You need to be very careful if you want your freedom." She studied her manicured nails intently, twisting and turning the blood red tips. "You have to understand that my expertise is the country of the mind, I can see things that a lay person like yourself just cannot grasp" She flicked her glossy hair, as if basking in her own brilliance. Gary held his tongue; let her think what she wanted, better that than her reporting him.
"So," she continued imperiously, "I'm going to begin a course of aversion therapy with you immediately. Of course every session will be charged at my normal rates, but due to the nature of the problem I'll need to see you at least there times a week and not just one." She let the financial ramifications register within her subject, smiling smugly at his enforced acceptance.
With no other option Gary agreed, it was the lessor of two evils. "Right well now that our schedule has been set, I don't think we've got a moment to lose." Settling back down in the chair opposite Gary, she threw both of her legs back up on the desk. Instantly his eyes flicked to her feet, it was almost an unconscious reaction.
"Sorry," he blurted, immediately realising his mistake.
"It's ok Gary," she said softly, "I don't expect abstinence until you've fully experienced indulgence." She looked at him with fierce eyes, as if she could see through to his soul. Gary quivered in shock, her words had sparked an unexpected excitement. If she meant to cure him then so be it, but if that meant he'd get what he wanted then he had no argument.
"Gary, I want you to release my feet."
"What take off your shoes?"
"That's right Gary, don't be shy." She slouched further down in her chair, the movement bringing her feet into contact with his chest. The shoes were gone in the next instant, his greedy hands searching for contact with her flesh. His member rose in response, attaining a hardness Helen had only dreamed of. Free of the restraints of social acceptance he buried his face, rubbing her soft soles into his cheeks.
The feeling was amazing, since meeting Melanie he'd fantasised about a moment like this but to actually experience it was beyond his dreams. He took frenzied breath after breath, languishing in the freedom Melanie had given him. If only life could be this simple, to lay before her feet forever.
Melanie watched him with clinical interest, he seemed to be completely entranced by her feet. Every flick of her ankle directed his movement, with the slightest of effort she could control him. This was what made the risk worthwhile, the power and complete control energising her. There was, if she chose a chance to end it here, to be satisfied with Gary and not chase her fantasy any further. Even as she formed the thought it was dismissed, Gary was an appetiser nothing more. She knew that the main course lay in Helen, there could be nothing more satisfying than bending someone unwilling to her purpose. She relaxed enjoying him fully, let his insignificance provide her with as much pleasure as possible. Gary was lost, exploring another world where nothing but Melanie's feet existed. He longed to see them naked, free from the stockings with nothing impeding his face.
As if sensing his desire she hitched up her skirt, a silky pink thong revealed for his inspection. He glanced of course who wouldn't, but the thrust of his concentration remained locked on her peds. Giggling softly she pulled down her stockings, taking delight in Gary's needful look as she moved her feet. He resembled a dog sitting there, head still bent looking up with pleading eyes. She didn't make him wait too long, she was having way too much fun.
Once her feet were free she returned them to their former position, furiously wriggling her toes in their new found freedom. Gary needed no prompting as he dove straight in, her milky wrinkled soles giving him a warm welcome. He moaned in unashamed pleasure, rubbing his face over every pleasurable inch of flesh. Everything became forgotten lost in his self serving pleasure, he no longer worried about the future, her feet obliterated everything.
She indulged him for a good while, allowing herself to become lost in the moment. There was nothing more satisfying to her than having her feet worshiped. Since being young she'd yearned for it, tricking and cajoling her numerous boyfriends into the act. It had been an uphill struggle, some had downright refused while some had acquiesced after some convincing. It wasn't until she was at university that she'd discovered a different type of man; the fetishist.
It was an unexpected and completely welcome revelation, the knowledge that there were willing men out there. She'd been on a constant look out since that day, baiting her legs daily with killer heels. Over the years her efforts had paid dividends, hooking herself several willing participants in her foot fetish fun. unfortunately as with all new things, they eventually tarnish and grow old. This was no different and it wasn't long before she was looking for the next big thing.
After three long years of study she gained her psychology degree, a year after that and she'd secured her own private clinic. It wasn't long after that she found what she was looking for; the beginnings of a plan that she only now dared to put into action. Regarding Gary she silently congratulated herself, she doubted that there could have been a better choice.
As he enjoyed her feet she let a finger venture south, her pussy hot and wet under her touch. Moaning softly she began to play, rubbing her clit back and forth. She stared at Gary's bowed head as she indulged, rubbing her feet more and more forcefully into his face. Electric sparks of pleasure caressed her body, a warm wave of ecstasy flowing from her womanhood. Her feet grew rougher and rougher, slapping him with her soles. If he knew what she was doing then he gave no indication, lost in his own world of self indulgence.
It was coming, there was no denying it as her body prepared to explode. No longer trying to delay the inevitable she embraced the best orgasm of her life. Gasping and screaming in muffled bursts the tension ran out of her, until nothing but the warm afterglow remained. Satisfied she removed her feet, staring in mock disgust at Gary.
"I can see that we've got a long way to go, you've got it bad."

To be continued

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This is really solid, but we could certainly get more erotic details. She did orgasm seemingly very quickly. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it

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Thanks for the comment part three below continues the story and does get a bit more involved. Let me know what you think

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Returning to reality he gazed up at her, suddenly filled with embarassment at his display. She made a show of tutting and shaking her head, staring at him with judgemental eyes. After a while she relented, satisfied that her subject had felt enough shame.
"Well don't worry I never said it would be easy, but with my professional help I'm sure we can get there." She threw him a reassuring smile like a bone, delighted to see the relief such a small kindness gave him. He was well on his way, there was no doubt in her mind. A few more sessions and he'd be completely hers; broken down by her subtle and not so subtle mind games.
As Gary left she couldn't help but think of his wife, now there was a completely different challenge. If she succeeded then it would be her first experience with a woman, the very thought sent a hot shiver through her spent pussy. The idea excited her beyond belief, but it was married with a nervous tension. So far she didn't have a plan, all she had was a goal. With a week until the appointment she had some thinking to do, setting her great intellect to the task she began.
"Hi Melanie, nice to see you again."
"Nice to see you to Helen, your looking well."
"Thanks," she responded, her presence exuding a happy glow.
"How have things been since Gary's solo session?" Melanie enquired, genuinely interested in Helen's transformed demeanour.
"Great," she gushed, "It's like he's a new man. Over the last week he's been so attentive to me, and in the bedroom." She giggled like a naughty schoolgirl, her unspoken innuendo to much for her prudish sensibilities. Melanie listened keeping her face carefully neutral, it seemed her plan had had an unforseen side effect. For a brief moment guilt pricked her conscience, ignited by what she was about to do. With practiced ease she brushed the feeling aside; she'd waited too dammed long to let a little guilt stop her.
Taking a deep breath she leaned forward, "Before we begin todays session Helen, I've got some thing that I need to show you." Pausing dramatically she looked at Helen with regretful eyes.
"What's wrong?" Her familiar nervousness returned with a vengeance.
"It's Gary, I wanted you to have a chance to put things right before I'm forced to go to the police." The colour drained from her face, her eyes filled with confusion and fear.
"What do you mean? What's he done?" She squeaked.
"It will be easier if I show you, I really don't like talking about it." Confused, scared and more than a bit intrigued Helen examined the laptop, a video began to play on the screen. She watched the whole sordid footage without speaking, her lips thin and pursed. For a while afterwards she didn't speak, staring blankly into the distance. Eventually she turned to face Melanie, none of her former gaiety remained.
"It can't be true, I know Gary he wouldn't d-,"
"He did do it Helen," she gestured toward the laptop. "What more proof do you need? Look I'm not here to argue with you about facts, I'm here to give you a chance to put it right, or do you want me to go the police?"
"No I don't want you to go to the police, but what can I do?" There it was, the little question that Melanie had been working towards. What could Helen do for her? Well the possibilities were endless. it seemed that she'd swallowed the evidence completely, making the actor and video editor worth every penny. It hadn't been the hardest of tricks to set up; most of the footage she'd used was from the original office security cam. Some clever editing later and the use of a body double for some extra scenes, and Melanie was left with evidence that made Gary's foot play look like a forced sexual attack.
So that was where they were now, Helen believing completely that her husband had attacked Melanie. She also believed that she had a chance to save him, which Melanie knew she'd take.
"Well," began Melanie, "I'm a firm believer in justice and punishment. I also believe that the punishment should fit the crime." She paused in her pre-rehearsed speech, uncharacteristic nerves running through her. The next line was make or break for the whole plan and it scared her.
Composing herself she continued, "Your husband's attack was tantamount to sexual assault, although all of his attention never went beyond my feet." She let her eyes water, adding just the right amount of distraught emotion to her story. "Because of the strangeness of the whole episode, my punishment is going to be just as unusual. To save your husband, I want you to spend the next half an hour worshipping my feet." There it was said, there was no retracting the gambit now.
Helen stared in shock at her therapist, her face undergoing various different emotions. Disgust, anger, and despair all made an appearance as she tried to digest Melanie's words.
"Your kidding, right?" She said at last.
"No," said Melanie, utilising her best solemn judge face.
"Your crazy," Helen said, jumping to her feet she backed away.
"Okay, I'm sorry Helen I mistook you for someone who still cared for her husband, my mistake." With that she placed her mobile to her ear and waited.
"Who are you calling?"
"Not that it's any of your concern, but I'm calling the police, got myself a crime to report."
"Please don't, look I'll do it, I'll do anything just please don't report him." And so it came to pass that minutes later, Helen sat in the exact same position her husband had previously. However there were two major differences; firstly she had absolutely no interest in the pair of feet before her, and secondly these feet weren't the clean version that her husband had enjoyed.
As Melanie formulated her master plan, she'd come to a decision that the effectiveness of the plan would be increased exponentially if her feet smelt. So for four days before the planed meeting she had taken to wearing her black flats barefoot. She'd even endured wearing then while she slept, as you can guess the end result was a stench that even offended its creator. Looking distastefully down at her shoes, she signaled that Helen should begin.
With a shaking hand and sinking heart Helen reached forward, still not really believing what she was about to do. The right shoe came off first releasing an ungodly odour, Helen coughed in disgust instinctively moving her head back. All the while Melanie smiled, taking great pleasure in her clients discomfort. Wiggling her toes casually she released further waves of foul odour, still sneering down at her victim.
The reality was too much for Helen, she found herself unable to move, immobilised in disgust. Melanie didn't allow that situation to last, with a commanding point of her hand she coerced Helen onward. The first tentative touch sent fireworks of pleasure through Melanie, it seemed that this same sex thing really hit the spot. She looked down at her plaything, laughing openly at the grimace of pain Helen wore. Stretching her foot forward she kneaded it into her face, the sweat slick flesh sliding easily.
Even from her sitting position the stink of her feet was overpowering, a constant smell of sweat and musty leather. She could only imagine what Helen's experience was, her foot plastered directly onto her nose. The woman took laboured breath after breath, shuddering violently upon each inhale. Her red toenails slithered over Helen's unwilling face, exploring every nook and cranny thoroughly. After a while she grew tired and removed her foot, a dazed pair of eyes peered up at her.
"Well Helen, that was pretty pitiful, I thought you wanted to save Gary."
"I do, please I'm trying, please give me another chance."
"Okay, one more try, against my better judgement mind." Melanie made a show of shaking her head, giving a clear indication of her disappointment.
"Try the other foot, and for Gary's sake I hope you put some effort in this time." Eager to please she set her mind to the task, tearing the left shoe from Melanie's foot. Tears of shame pricked her eyes, but she had to brush them aside. The second foot seemed more offensive than the first, her slender toes flexing hideously. Their sticky hot touch enveloped her face, as she nuzzled with as much enthusiasm as possible. Flecks of dirt and shoe lint plastered the soles, the surface red and sticky.
"You know, your mouth would go a long way to convince me of your seriousness." Melanie's hateful voice filtered down to her as if from a distance, the suggestion abhorrent but inescapable. If she were to succeed in securing her husbands future then she would have to swallow what little pride remained.
Feeling physically sick she opened her mouth, wretching slightly as it was immediately plugged by Melanie's toes. They squirmed sickeningly inside her mouth, a bitter taste blossoming where they touched. While her mouth was filled with the left foot, the right drew a leisurely course through the air, landing directly upon her nose. There was no let up for her now, every breath was filled with her foot scent, every swallow tainted with her sweat.
"Suck my toes like you mean it, or Gary will become familiar with the inside of a prison cell."
The threat had the desired effect as Helen sucked, her lips caressing and tongue licking Melanie's toes. There seemed to be no end to the depravity of her therapist, as she humiliated and tortured with glee. Yet even as she suffered, there was some small part of Helen that was grateful. If it wasn't for this chance then her relationship would have been torn apart, she focused resolutely on what she was saving. It wouldn't be long before that feeling of gratefulness would be shattered, nothing left but a murderous hate. But for now it remained.
"That's enough toe sucking Helen, I think you still need to do more to convince me." Helen moaned in response, no longer sure what to say. "Yes, I think you need to see what's hiding between my little toes." She wriggled her toes in front of Helen's face, the action renewing the heady smell. Wrinkling her nose Helen peered upward, the fear of what was to come plain on her face.
"Sorry didn't I make myself clear? Use your tongue to lick between my toes." She paused, then smiled, "Eat whatever you find in there." This last revelation was too much; Helen's breath hitched as her pent up emotion broke through.
"Please I can't, please that's too much." She broke down sobbing distraughtly, her display of emotion falling on stoney ground. Melanie pinned her with her gaze, observing her like a skewered insect. She allowed Helen to cry for a few minutes, enjoying every second of her distress. Her pussy throbbed in response as she watched, her red panties soaked.
"That's enough Helen, you don't want to do it that's fine. I didn't want to be attacked by your animal of a husband but I didn't have a choice. I've had enough of your snivelling." She removed her feet from the desk and grabbed her phone, the movement sparking sheer terror in Helen.
"No, please," Helen shrieked, "I'll do it, just give me another chance." Melanie regarded her coldly, placing her chin in hand she seemed to ponder the request.
"You know Helen I'm getting pretty tired of your theatrics, you need to remember that I'm giving you a chance that most people wouldn't." Helen nodded, her mascara bleeding black tears down her cheek.
"I know I'm sorry it just caught me off guard, I'll do it please give me another chance." Melanie roared with silent laughter, the merest bubble of humour escaping her calm demeanour. It seemed her previous misgivings had been groundless, the breaking of Helen was well underway.
"Go on then I'm feeling generous." With a sigh of exasperation she returned her feet back to the table. Now faced with the reality of the situation, Helen's former eagerness retreated. Unwilling to risk any further reprisals she reluctantly stuck out her tongue, grimacing further as the tip found her toes. Taking shallow sniffs of the foot stink, she delved into the dank crevice. As her questing tongue spread Melanie's little toes, the smell increased even further.
Screaming internally she forced herself to continue, locating and extracting two large squishy pieces of toe jam. As she chewed the evil mixture of sweat, dead skin and lint, Melanie took the opportunity to force two greasy toes up her nose. Her humiliation was complete, there was no where left to fall; how wrong she was.

07-09-2011, 01:10 AM
Exceptionally well written and relentlessly tantalizing to the last letter. Job well done. It actually sent chills down my spine knowing that it couldn't be that far from
reality. I only hope this Melanie Character gets it big time in the final sequel. Please do continue

08-09-2011, 07:10 AM
Thanks for the comment, I'm currently finishing part4 at thre moment. Hope you enjoy it

08-09-2011, 11:49 PM
I like this story so far, I kind of hope helen ends up enjoying it

14-09-2011, 06:01 AM