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Hey all you have read this story before. I thought it would be fun to continue it!

Giving in to my Best Friend

By themaneloco

For three years now I have been the best-looking, most popular girl in school. I can’t help it that I was born better than everyone else, but I can damn well flaunt it. Of course being the most beautiful girl in school means that I have a group of friends that will do anything I say. They’re all gorgeous themselves, but they just lack the extra edge about them that I possess. Let me describe myself. I am an 18 year old woman with a perfect body which I don’t need to exercise to maintain. I have long brown hair, green eyes and smooth tanned skin. Whenever I walk down the street both men and women drool at the sight of me, and I love it. Everything in my life is perfect. My parents give me whatever I want, whenever I want and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Of course, being the best means that I get all of the special privileges. I am the head cheerleader at school which I am extremely proud of as I worked very hard to gain the position and use every chance I get to whip the team into shape. I’m a stern leader, but I think they all realise the work that is required to be the best. Unless we’re talking about me, hah!

I have a large collection of friends that follow me around and hang on to every word that I say. Being the best-looking, I make all of the decisions in our group and the girls rarely question anything I say. This is just a perk of being the queen bee and I have grown very accustomed to having my wishes obeyed.

The closet of my friends is probably Kristen. We’ve know each other for a long time and I would easily call her my best friend. She is also absolutely gorgeous, just like me. We are actually very similar in appearance, apart from one major difference which is Kristen has blonde hair. She is about half a foot shorter than me, which is appropriate as I think that being taller than her helps guys to notice me. Her breasts are slightly smaller than mine, which I like to show off, but they do look more in proportion to the rest of her. If she knew how good she looked then she might be a rival for my title. However she lacks my confidence and therefore she will always be in my shadow. That is how I like it anyway, she is always trying in various ways to please me and she will do whatever I say. It’s like there is an understanding between us, I am in control and she follows.

All was well and good in my life until recently. School was boring as usual so I was really looking forward to the weekend. Kristen came up to me in the hall and told me how her parents had gone away for the week, so would I like to spend the weekend at hers. Sure, why not I thought, it could probably be fun. We could give each other makeovers, talk about guys, maybe even get drunk off her parents alcohol.

I arrived at her house about five and we spent the next few hours in the living room watching some of Kristen’s dvds and working our way through her daddy’s wine cabinet. I hadn’t eaten and could feel the wine was going straight to my head, but I didn’t want to look like a lightweight in front of Kristen and belittle myself. Kristen on the other hand was handling the wine without any problems and I wondered whether she did this often.

Suddenly I noticed a strange odour in the air and it made my nose scrunch up. The smell confused me for a moment before I noticed that Kristen was removing her socks next to me on the sofa. I saw my chance to have a little fun, so I leant over and tickled the bottom of her foot, bringing a fit of adorable giggles from her. Kristen must have really been ticklish as she bucked all over the sofa. I had to grip her ankle tightly with my fingers, while running the fingers of my other hand over the sole and between her toes.

Trying to free herself from my torment of her, Kristen playfully lifted her free foot to my face and for some reason I didn’t try to move away. I could feel a tingle between my legs at the moment her toes made contact with my cheek and I didn’t know what to do. The temperature felt like it was rapidly rising in the room and I suddenly felt flustered, even more so with every second that passed by. Why couldn’t I just push her foot away? Kristen looked at me strangely as if waiting for me to do something and my hesitation was not helping my situation at all. Slowly she started rubbing her sweaty foot across my face, over my forehead, lips and eventually gripping my nose between her toes. Her eyes never left mine the whole time and she looked surprised that I offered no resistance at all. She wasn’t the only one, all I had to do was raise my hands and push her foot away but I just couldn’t.

As the time ticked away Kristen slipped her other foot from my hand and mimicked her earlier manipulations of my face. The odour was quite strong, as a result of the afternoons cheerleading practice I assumed and I just sat there and let her rub both of her tired feet across my face while breathing it in. A smirk appeared on her lips as the toes of her right foot slowly passed over my mouth, while my nose remained firmly nestled between the toes of her left. At that moment I knew that there was a new understanding between us and things would never be the same again. I had left it too late to try and save myself now and Kristen was quickly taking control of the situation. For the first time in my life I no longer felt superior and I struggled to keep my eyes on hers. Eventually I looked towards the floor which was greeted by a short giggle from Kristen. She knew now that she had just taken my place as the top of the group and she marked it by pushing the toes of her right foot against my lips.

I offered no resistance and allowed her toes to pass through my lips and into my mouth. She wiggled her toes as they came to rest on my tongue and let out a quiet moan. I looked up at her not entirely sure what to do and I was greeted by a subtle nod, I returned my eyes to the floor and began sucking. Once again I heard the giggle. I was pleasantly surprised that her feet didn’t actually taste that bad, a little salty due to the sweat but bearable. Kristen moved her left foot in circles while keeping my nose between her toes and I found it difficult to suck on her toes properly although I managed to keep them in my mouth. Suddenly I felt her pushing downwards with both feet on my face and I once again offered no resistance. She gradually manoeuvred me off the couch and onto the floor using just her feet and I found myself kneeling on the floor in front of her. Her face was now beaming and she had the largest smile. I couldn’t look her in the eye at all, I felt so ashamed.

My new subservient position didn’t seem to satisfy her enough and she continued to pull me downwards with her feet. I just didn’t have it in me to resist and I could not understand why. I’ve always bossed people around so easily, so why was I now finding it difficult to stand up to this girl that has followed me around for years, and allow her to humiliate me? Eventually I felt the side of my head touch the floor, with both her feet still in the same position on my face, I had remained sucking her toes throughout the movement. As I came to lie flat out on the floor on my side, Kristen removed her left foot from my nose and placed her toes on my shoulder, pushing me away from her and onto my back. She then brought her left foot back to rest across my face while I continued to suck on the toes of her right foot. Kristen resumed watching the television with me in this position, occasionally alternating the toes in my mouth that required service. We remained in this position for the duration of the film, Kristen sat comfortably on the sofa, and me laying on the floor with her feet on my face. Neither of us said a word the entire time.

After the film had finished, Kristen removed her toes from my mouth, carelessly wiped them dry in my hair then stepped over me towards the door. Without turning around she said “I’m off to bed”. I remained in the same position for the rest of the night, Kristen hadn’t offered me anywhere to sleep and I didn’t know what to do. I kept replaying the events over in my head, trying to understand why I had let her control me in that way. Did I actually want her to take control deep down inside? I lay there through the night trying to think of what I would say the next day. Perhaps I could pass it off as a joke, but who was I kidding, deep down I knew there was no way I could explain away the previous night’s events.

Before I knew it morning had arrived and I hadn’t got a wink of sleep. Kristen sauntered into the room wearing a robe and rolled her eyes when she caught sight of me. I’d always known that she was gorgeous, although, because of how caught up in myself I was I hadn’t really taken much notice. Things were different now though, I could see how beautiful she really was and there was just an extra something about her, the extra something that used to be mine. Kristen leant against the door frame with her arms folded, that smirk once again present on her face. She stared intently at me waiting for me to say something. I tried to find the words but I just crumbled under her stare and looked away towards the floor. I felt so pathetic. Kristen giggled and walked over towards me.

“Have you been like that all night?” she asked. I looked up at her face long enough to see a huge grin, then quickly back down at her feet, my tormentors of the previous evening. She chuckled to herself then walked off towards the kitchen to make some breakfast. When she had left the room I knew that I had to get out as soon as possible, I couldn’t face talking to her as I didn’t know what I would say. I cradled my face with my hands in shame and wished that last night had been a dream. Suddenly I was startled from my self-pity from the abrupt sound of the television turning on, and I removed my hands to see Kristen sat on the sofa above me with her breakfast cereal. She hadn’t made any for me, I hadn’t expected her to anyway. Kristen began to eat her breakfast then casually raised both her feet and placed them on my face. Once again I felt a wave of shame wash over me, especially because I did not resist at all, coupled with the fact that she knew I wouldn’t.

I remained under Kristen’s feet while she enjoyed her breakfast. I was actually surprised at how easily Kristen was adjusting to having me at her feet. She had been in my shadow for so long that I would have expected her to be a little cautious, but I guess the fact that I didn’t even try to stop her helped a lot. Kristen gently rubbed my face with her soles as she finished up her breakfast then swiftly removed her feet.

“I’m going to take a shower, get yourself something to eat and then wait for me in my bedroom, we need to have a little chat I think.” Her tone was soft, yet serious and I simply nodded in response. A smile came across her face as she looked down at me, then she arose from the sofa and made her way out of the room. I sat up from my horizontal position for the first time in twelve hours, unsure of what I should do. My first thought was to run to the door and get the hell out of there, but Kristen was right, even though I didn’t want to we did need to have a chat. I had to straighten out what happened last night so that she knew that things hadn’t changed. I was still the top in our group, at least I thought I was, but how was I going to convince her if I doubted myself.

I didn’t bother getting myself anything to eat as I felt that I couldn’t stomach it anyway, so I simply sat on Kristen’s bed and waited while she showered. She kept me waiting too, she must have been in the shower for about half an hour and I never moved the entire time. I had decided that I would get in first and say my piece before her, at least that way I would have a chance of regaining control of the situation. I heard the bathroom door open and readied myself. After a few minutes, Kristen strolled into the room wearing a small towel that resembled some dental floss while she combed her hair. I was initially taken aback by the sight, but I quickly recovered myself and began to speak. “Kristen, ummm, I just want to make it clear that last night was umm, just a bit of fun and it doesn’t mean anything...”

“Why are you sat on my bed, where am I supposed to sit while I dry myself?” she said abruptly, cutting me off. I looked at her a bit confused and she raised both her hands and gave me a look as if I was stupid. I was unsure of what to do until she motioned her head towards the floor, there was no where else to sit and if she needed the bed then I guess it made sense. I slipped off the bed and sat on the floor, Kristen continued to stroll passed me and elegantly sat down on the bed crossing her legs in front of me. She put the hairbrush down and folded her arms across her chest, that now familiar smirk appearing on her face.

“Go on.” she muttered.

“Well umm like I was saying, it was just a bit of fun, it didn’t umm mean anything, and I don’t know why I didn’t tell you to stop.” I sounded so pathetic as the words came out, I didn’t even believe them myself, so I don’t know why she would.

“You didn’t tell me to stop because you enjoyed it, why else would you let someone rub their feet in your face unless you like it?” Her response was sharp and straight to the point, how was I supposed to justify my actions now? She sounded so confident as the words left her mouth, a quality that had previously belonged to me and she seemed to be taking over in more ways than one. I on the other hand sounded like a stuttering pathetic wimp.

I looked up at her for a moment, long enough to take in her knowing smile, then let my eyes drift back towards the floor between her dangling feet. “I don’t know” was my only response. It may have been a pathetic thing to say, but it was completely the truth. I had no idea why I had behaved the way I had.

“You must have a foot fetish or something” she said. “I guess you just like people’s feet, I can see why you’d like mine, they’re pretty, but I’d never have guessed you were one. You’ve always been so bitchy to me, acting above me and bossing me around. I only put up with it so I could stay in the popular group but I haven’t really liked you for a long time. It’s all ok now though, this little revelation changes everything.” I was surprised at how relentless she was being, I never knew that she didn’t like me. Yes, I had been a bit of a bitch to her, but that’s just the way it was, it came with the territory. And a foot fetish, what was she talking about, I certainly didn’t like people’s feet, at least I didn’t think I did.

“I don’t umm have a foot fetish, I don’t know why I let you do that to me but I don’t like feet and this doesn’t change anything” I said, trying to recover my status.

I continued to sit looking down between her feet waiting for her response but it never came. After a minute or two I looked up to see her still smiling, then she slowly raised both of her feet and placed them on my face. Once again I didn’t know what to do, I just felt completely trapped and lost. I was sure I didn’t like feet, I’d never thought about them before, but when her feet were on my face I felt completely lost in them. I sat there on the floor for ten minutes while she rubbed her feet all over my face. My eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks and forehead all got the same treatment and I didn’t resist throughout the entire ordeal. I actually felt a bit disappointed that her freshly washed feet didn’t have the same aroma as the night before, which I found kind of worrying. Was she right about me?

After completely humiliating me, Kristen ended my torment and removed her feet from my face, placing one on either shoulder as I sat between her legs. She let out one of her little giggles and then began to speak. “I guess that proves my point, you love feet, you didn’t even try to stop me then.” She seemed so happy with herself as she went on.

“So things are going to change, aren’t they?” She raised her right foot and grabbed my nose between her big and second toe, pulling down on it and forcing me to nod.

“Aren’t they?” she repeated. She released my nose and I looked down at the floor. I felt utterly defeated as I heard myself whisper “Yes Kristen.” What else could I say, I had just let her rub her feet on my face for the last ten minutes, how could I ever try and deny that I liked it? And why did I like it? I couldn’t really grasp the reason, but it just felt right to be at her feet.

“This is so great!” Kristen went on “I’ve wanted to be the head of the group for so long. Now I’ve finally got the chance to put you in your place. You’ve treated me like @#%$ for the longest time now, always belittling me and ordering me around. Every time a guy takes an interest in me you always have to step in and be the centre of attention. Well, not anymore. From now on you’re going to do what I say.” I couldn’t believe what she was saying, was she crazy?

“No way will I do what you say, you’re out of your mind” I said, trying my hardest to sound assertive. Kristen looked at me and laughed out loud, completely surprising me. She then forcefully shoved the toes of her right foot into my mouth while locking her left foot behind my neck, pulling my head towards her. I almost gagged as her toes forced their way through my lips.

“Oh, just shut up and suck my toes” she said, giggling throughout. I couldn’t believe myself, but I was actually obeying someone for the first time in my life. I began sucking her toes like she had ordered and I didn’t even think about stopping. I pushed my tongue between her big and second toe and gained an approving sigh from her in response. I was actually proud of myself for pleasing her, which once again confused me.

“Good girl, that feels very nice, see, this is where you belong now, at my feet, doing whatever I say” she said, completely mocking me. The worst part was that it dawned on me that what she was saying was probably the truth. After all, I was willingly sucking on her toes. Yesterday I was the most popular girl in school, today I’m sucking up to the feet of one of my underlings.

As I worked on her toes, Kristen lay back on the bed, crossing her hands behind her pretty head so she could rest it. I looked up at her, keeping her toes in mouth and admired her beauty. She really was stunning, I could barely believe that I hadn’t seen it before. I felt a stirring in my belly and I feared the obvious that I was getting turned on while serving her in this humiliating position.

“You had better get used to serving me, because you’re going to be doing it often. That’s it! You’re going to be my little slave from now on, scurrying to wait on me hand and foot! Now, big licks!” she excitedly ordered and I obeyed immediately.

I began by running my tongue up from her heel to her arch savouring the taste throughout. She moaned as my tongue slid along her smooth sole and this only urged me to work with more enthusiasm. Things were becoming clearer now, I was turning into Kristen’s slave and there was nothing I could do about it. I had been delusional before, Kristen was my superior in every way and it was only right that I should serve her. I would obey her every command.

That weekend seemed to pass by so quickly. Kristen was right, I spent the whole time crawling around and waiting on her hand and foot. That weekend, whatever Kristen wanted, Kristen got. She was very demanding and her control over me increased to the point where I obeyed without hesitation. I just couldn’t resist her and I wondered whether my previous extrovert lifestyle had just been a subconscious defence mechanism to cover up my natural submissiveness. If Kristen had been the one to discover it, then surely she deserved to reap the benefits. It amazed me how easily she had slipped into this role and she seemed completely at ease owning a slave. Somewhere, deep down inside me I still felt humiliated serving my best friend, but that feeling was gradually being stamped out by her. I cleaned her room, made her meals, and washed and ironed her clothes and all the while she just lazed around on the sofa all day watching television, occasionally beckoning me to serve her in some way.

I spent so many hours that weekend kneeling in front of her massaging her feet while she relaxed and it only furthered my descent into slavery. I think that she was right, I did have a foot fetish. It had just taken that moment where she put her foot to my face for me to realise it, but something had definitely happened. And I had to admit, her feet were gorgeous. Tanned size sevens, polished in silver, with a toe ring on the second toe of each foot and an ankle bracelet on her right leg. The feet of a goddess. I knelt before her kissing and massaging her feet while she watched television and it felt right. She would look down at me smirking to herself, knowing that she had completely conquered me. She looked so regal and deserving of worship sat above me that I would sniff and lick her feet for as long as she wanted.

“Do you enjoy serving me as my slave girl?” she asked while I lapped at her heels.

“Yes Kristen, I love being your slave girl and worshipping you, I’ll do whatever you say.” I replied. I couldn’t believe the words that had left my mouth, I was happy to be my best friend’s slave? What had I become? I seriously started worrying about my latest confession and the consequences that my newly acquired situation would have on my life. What were my friends at school going to think if they saw me like this? I had dropped so far down the social hierarchy and Kristen had moved right to the top. She had spotted my weakness and taken the chance with both hands, or feet perhaps.

“I know you do and I am going to enjoy ordering you around Rebecca” she said, breaking me from my trail of thought.

“You can pick me up for school tomorrow and then carry my books to class. It’ll be so awesome! And I want you to call me Miss, you got that slave?” she said while playfully kicking the side of my head.

“Yes Miss Kristen” I responded, still licking at her feet, slowly working my way up her soles. She pulled her feet slightly away from me and I surprised myself when I instinctively tried to follow them with my tongue. My effort only brought about a renewed giggling session from her.

“You’re so devoted it’s funny. If only you had told me about your little secret a long time ago. I could have really used a slave these passed few years. Doesn’t it just feel right to you kneeling before me instead of pretending to be dominant and bossing me around like before. Isn’t this more natural for you, serving a superior girl as myself? I can’t believe you’re my slave now, the big bitch Rebecca my little foot-licking slave girl! I am so great!” Kristen almost screamed the words completely getting lost in herself and how amazing she was.

It was a rush having that power and I should know, I used to have it. Her words only made my @#%$ seep as I strived to reach her feet with my tongue, longing to please her. She smiled at me, looking down her nose amused by my effort to lick her feet and she moved her foot within reach. I immediately took her toes into my mouth and sucked each one individually, bringing a chorus of sighs and moans from her. She closed her eyes and sunk back into the sofa as I pleasured her feet.

“You’re so pathetic, I actually looked up to you before, what a waste of time that was. I’m going to take a nap, don’t stop licking” she said as she made herself more comfortable on the sofa.

“Yes Miss Kristen” was my only response.

I woke up the next morning in my own bedroom. My first thought was that it had all been a dream, but the taste of Kristen’s feet in my mouth made me realise otherwise. I wasn’t looking forward to school at all. I knew Kristen was going to revel in her new social standing and spend the entire day bossing and humiliating me, but worst of all, I knew that I would obey her.

I arrived at her house roughly half an hour before school started in my car. Kristen didn’t drive, so I assumed that I would be her chauffer from now on. I never gave any of my friends a ride to school before as I couldn’t be bothered to waste my time driving to their houses. I parked the car outside Kristen’s house and knocked her door. It took her a full five minutes to answer and then she forced me to kneel down on the doorstep and kiss both of her feet. I prayed that none of the neighbours were watching. I then had to open the back door of my car for her and close it once she was seated. My earlier presumption was right, Kristen did intend to use me as her chauffer.

We arrived at school and I repeated the door procedure. Once Kristen was out of the car she told me to tie back my hair in a ponytail. I loved my hair and I had spent a long time that morning making it look nice, and I knew exactly why she wanted it tied back. I looked so ordinary with my hair tied back, meanwhile she remained stunning with her flowing blonde locks blowing in the wind.

I should have stood up for myself and refused, but I simply looked down at the floor and muttered “Yes Miss Kristen” which brought a big smirk to her face. I carried her books for her and walked two steps behind, which was a sign of my respect for her she said. I noticed that all of the guys in the hall were checking her out and none of them were looking at me as they did before. We came across our group of friends and Kristen immediately took over my previous position as the queen bee. All of the girls barely said a word to me and the ones that did, didn’t get much of a response. I was surprised at how easily they accepted Kristen as the group leader and me as her lackey. Perhaps they hadn’t noticed, but my hope was short lived when Kristen told me to put her books in her locker and I accidentally blurted out “Yes Miss”. The girls all looked confused for a brief moment, then began smiling and giggling. I assumed they found amusement in my new position. Meanwhile Kristen was adoring the attention having firmly established herself as the top in our group of friends.

The rest of the school day went without incident and I was relieved that Kristen didn’t humiliate me as she could have. If only I knew that she was saving it all for later. She began by suggesting the cheerleader team should have a revote for the head cheerleader, which I was forced to agree with. The result was Kristen took over from me as head cheerleader. I loved being head of the cheerleader team and I had worked so hard for it, and with a snap of Kristen’s fingers it was gone. To celebrate, she invited a few of the team back to her house after practice had finished.

Of course, I was expected to drive the girls back to Kristen’s house and they all had a good giggle while I held the door open for Miss Kristen. The two girls that came back to the house were Nicole and Faye. Nicole has long red hair which really extenuates her pale skin. She is quite short, although looking at her now she was a lot better looking than I’d thought. Kristen’s conquest of me had changed my view of my friends and I now looked at them as the beautiful women that they were. Faye was the tallest of our group and had black curly hair, which softly sat on her shoulders. She was actually quite a presence as she towered over me and I now felt completely inferior to her. How things have changed.

Kristen slumped onto the couch and put her sneakered feet up onto the coffee table. After stretching out and having a yawn, she told the girls to sit either side of her and I was left with no where to sit but the floor, which I was prepared to do anyway. Kristen looked me straight in the eyes as her lips curled into the most evil smirk I had ever seen.

“Nicole, would you put on a dvd please?” instructed Kristen. Nicole got up and put a dvd into the player as Kristen continued “and Rebecca, you can massage the head cheerleaders tired feet while we watch it.”

I was horrified that Kristen was going to degrade me in front of the girls. It was bad enough they knew that I was scurrying after her in school, but to see me at her feet was even worse. I could feel my face getting hot and I knew that my skin was turning red. It finally hit me how low I had fallen and I hoped that she wouldn’t be too hard on me. I reasoned that if I obeyed her wishes she would go easy on me.

“Yes Miss Kristen” I replied while avoiding eye contact with all of three of them. Nicole had returned to her seat and I heard them giggling with each other at my response. I crawled in front of the coffee table and knelt back onto my legs. Kristen’s sneakers were old and scruffy and I knew that they were going to smell, but this didn’t really bother me, I was used to the scent now and thought of it as a treat. I slowly began unlacing her shoes as the film started and the three of them directed their attention towards the television. At least this way I wouldn’t have their eyes on me during my humiliation, although it was further degrading that I was serving her while she completely ignored me.

I finished unlacing Kristen’s right sneaker and carefully pried it from her socked foot. The odour hit my nostrils almost immediately and it was a lot stronger than usual. I lost myself in the moment and breathed in a deep breath, much to the delight of Kristen who giggled while wiggling her toes under my nose. Nicole and Faye looked at each other strangely not really understanding the situation and the extent of my servitude to Kristen. I continued removing the second sneaker and gave her newly exposed foot the same salute with my nose as before. Now that Kristen’s sneakers were off I was able to give her feet the treatment that they deserved. I arranged her feet side by side and slipped my fingers around the outsides of either foot, resting them gently above her toes. This allowed my thumbs to press firmly into the soles of her feet and knead away the exertions of cheerleading practice. The odour of her feet drifted into my nostrils as I put my full effort into pleasing her, circling my thumbs on her arches while gently caressing the tops of her feet with my fingertips. Obviously my technique worked as Kristen sighed in response, thoroughly enjoying my labour.

“Do we get a turn as well?” asked Nicole excitedly, noticing Kristen’s reaction.

“You will, don’t worry you will, but right now she’s all mine.” Kristen sighed as I pushed my thumbs flat against her socked soles.

So, I was going to have to massage both Nicole and Faye’s feet. This was so humiliating; I was now serving three girls that used to look up to me. I had really hit rock bottom. I thought about my growing predicament while rubbing Kristen’s feet for the next half hour alternating the attention of my fingers between her toes, soles and heels. I made sure that every part of her beautiful feet were serviced equally. Eventually Kristen halted my efforts with a swift kick to the side of my face. I looked up to see Kristen was giving her full attention to the television, which left me completely unsure of how to continue. While I sat there confused at my new owner’s feet, I caught the eyesight of Nicole. She subtly nodded towards her sneakered feet while giving me a mischievous grin and I knew exactly what to do. I quickly shuffled along the edge of the coffee table until I was kneeling before Nicole’s feet, then proceeded to remove her sneakers without hesitation. I was disappointed with their odour as they didn’t smell as strong as Kristen’s, but they were pleasant none the less. I guessed that her feet were about a size 6, although I was unsure of how nice they were due to the socks, but the overall shape was promising. Here I was actually imagining whether her feet were attractive underneath her socks, I really deserved everything Kristen was putting me through.

As I was about to start massaging Nicole’s feet it dawned on me that Kristen hadn’t actually told me to and I didn’t want to displease her. I looked up at her from my kneeling position and waited patiently, hoping that I would catch her attention and receive some kind of approving signal to continue. It took a full ten minutes before Kristen’s attention swayed from the television and I could tell from her face that she was pleased that I was waiting for her say so. She nodded at me and then quickly returned her attention to the film. I was whipped, big time.

I leapt straight into massaging Nicole’s feet with all of my effort and applied the same technique that I had used earlier on Kristen. Nicole obviously appreciated my new submissive attitude towards her from the moans emanating from her lips. She had a different response to my servitude though. Kristen seemed to ignore me completely while I served her, as if I didn’t deserve any attention from her at all. However, Nicole was revelling in my service, she didn’t take her eyes off of me throughout the massage and it made me further uncomfortable. I kept my eyes looking downwards the entire time so that I wouldn’t meet her gaze, but I could feel her watching me. This was just another acknowledgement of her superiority over me.

I stayed at Nicole’s socked feet for twenty-five minutes before Faye was becoming restless and jealous of the treatment. Kristen outstretched her right foot and hooked it around my neck pulling me towards Faye’s shoes. The strength of her leg surprised me and I fell onto my side in front of the table which amused the three of them. Quickly gathering myself, I folded my legs beneath my bottom to resume my kneeling position and raised my head up between Faye’s large sneakers to the sight of her grinning face. I removed her sneakers and again waited for Kristen’s approval, only continuing with the massage once I had received her nod. I took an immediate liking to Faye’s feet. They were larger than the other two girls, a size nine at least and my hands looked tiny in comparison. I did my best to knead her soles and a few sighs from her told me that I was on the right track. It crossed my mind that her large toes were ripe for sucking, but I quickly removed the thought from my head, scared with the way I was thinking. I was only fifteen minutes into Faye’s massage when Kristen abruptly interrupted my service and demanded that I return to her feet.

“The film is about to finish. I want my bare feet rubbed while we watch the next film, so take off my socks. And I’m kind of thirsty, go and get us all something to drink and maybe some snacks too. Oh and turn the light off when you come back in.”

“Yes Miss Kristen” I said while nodding in response. I gently removed her socks from her perfect feet and lay them flat on the coffee table. I made my way to the kitchen and collected a variety of snacks and drinks on a tray so that Miss Kristen would have a selection to choose from. With the tray in hand, I returned to the living room and knelt before the three beauties, presenting the snacks to them. They made their selections and I placed the tray with the remaining refreshments on the floor. Not forgetting the light, I quickly jumped up and turned it off. I wasn’t exactly sure why I was turning the light off, I guess Kristen just thought she would be more comfortable watching the film in the dark.

I started up the second film and resumed my position at Kristen’s feet, this time excited that I was able to massage her barefeet. They still felt a bit moist from cheerleading practice, even after the earlier massage in her socks. I gently ran my fingers along her soles bringing a quiet sigh from my new goddess.

“I can’t see the television properly, get your head out of the way” yelled Nicole, mimicking Kristen’s dominant attitude towards me. I crouched down so that my head wouldn’t block her view and it became immediately evident how uncomfortable this position was going to be. The increased smell of Kristen’s feet quickly made me forget about the discomfort as I realised that my nose was now within inches of her toes. Confident that I could not be seen in the darkness I placed my nose underneath her toes and quietly breathed in their fragrance. Kristen giggled and curled her toes around my nose, which I took as the go ahead to sniff away. I massaged and sniffed her feet to my hearts content as she relaxed, enjoying her snacks and watching the film. Nicole and Faye appeared to be completely unaware of my worship of Kristen’s stinky feet and I hoped this was the case as I felt Kristen’s toes pushing against my lips.

I kept my lips closed as she pushed against them which I knew she would not like, but I didn’t think I was ready to suck her toes with other people present. Smelling her feet was one thing, but orally worshipping them with Nicole and Faye in the room was a whole new humiliation. Kristen’s efforts on my lips became more aggressive and I realised that if I didn’t allow her toes into my mouth then she would probably say something out loud. This logic made my lips slowly part and give in to her determined feet. As soon as I tasted the flavour I knew that I had made the right decision. I went from left to right greedily sucking each of her toes and licking between the gaps, removing and swallowing all of the dirt that had built up from cheerleading practice. Kristen’s moans grew louder but neither Nicole nor Faye said anything, so they must have assumed that the massage was the reason. Kristen rubbed her free foot all over my face as I ran my tongue along the sole of the other, lapping at her feet like a dog, which I guess I had become. I prayed that the two other girls wouldn’t notice me degrading myself in this way. Neither of them had vocally acknowledged my new status, they had just sort of accepted it, but I knew that if they saw me like this then things could never go back to the way they were. I already knew things couldn’t go back, but I deluded myself into thinking that there was at least a chance.

That chance was completely destroyed when Nicole got up to use the bathroom and turned on the light. I’ll never forget the look on her face. It wasn’t a look of disgust or shock, it was a calculating look of victory.

“Oh my God! How the mighty have fallen! Why are you licking Kristen’s feet Rebecca?” screamed Nicole with gusto.

Faye arose from the sofa and joined in with Nicole in mocking me.

“Yeah, what’s happened to you? I thought the way you were willing to massage our feet was strange enough, you would never have done that before. You’re usually so bossy and up yourself, but you’ve turned into a complete wimp.”

I looked up at them both and stopped licking Kristen’s feet. I was utterly devastated that I had been caught in this position by them both and I just wanted to die right there. Not surprisingly, Kristen didn’t look bothered at all.

”Who told you to stop silly? Come on slave, keep on licking your head cheerleader’s tired stinky feet clean.” She said in her usual serious tone. The way she said it and the words she chose just made me love her even more.

“Yes Miss Kristen” I replied.

As ordered I resumed licking the sweat from the bottom of Kristen’s feet right in front of Nicole and Faye. Nicole’s mouth hung wide open as my tongue slid up between Kristen’s toes again and again. Faye looked just as intrigued, although she had managed to keep her mouth closed.

“You cannot be serious” said Nicole “Rebecca is your slave, Kristen? How did you manage to pull that off? She always thought she was better than us, and now here she is licking your feet clean.”

“It was easy” replied Kristen, smiling briefly to herself before continuing “she can’t help it, she loves my pretty feet and she’ll do anything I want. She knows now that I am her superior and she’ll do whatever it takes to please me, isn’t that right my little slave girl?”

Her words made a fire burn between my legs and I frantically kissed her feet all over. She grinned at me as I degraded myself for her and gently rubbed the side of my face with her right foot.

“Yes Miss Kristen, I’ll do anything for you.” I said, believing the words with every fabric of my being.

Pleased with my response, she slipped her toes back into my mouth and I continued with my tongue massage. Both Nicole and Faye looked on at my humiliation and I could tell from their faces that they were both becoming envious of Miss Kristen.

“Ummm Kristen, is there any chance that you could get her to lick my feet?” asked Nicole, completely taking advantage of my now publicly revealed slavery.

“Sure, why not, I’m getting bored with her slobbering tongue anyway. Slave, dry my feet with your hair and then lick Nicole’s feet for her.”

“Yes Miss Kristen” I responded while using my ponytail the wipe the saliva from her feet. Once they were dry to Kristen’s satisfaction she carelessly kicked my face away with the sole of her foot.

Meanwhile Nicole had plopped down onto the sofa next to Kristen and raised her socked feet onto the coffee table. I began to remove her socks when Kristen piped in and suggested that I remove them with my teeth. I was embarrassed, but I did it anyway, much to Nicole’s enjoyment.

“I’m really going to enjoy this, get to it little miss perfect and clean my sweaty feet” said Nicole. I could sense a real bitterness towards me from her and it became obvious that none of them really liked me. I guess I had been a lot harder on them all than I had first thought.

I took a look at her feet for the first time without socks. They were very nice, her toenails painted with a dark red. Of course, they were nothing compared to Miss Kristen’s feet, but I would enjoy licking them anyway and I had to admit, they way the girls were treating me was turning me on for some strange reason. I carefully placed my tongue on Nicole’s arch and began licking up her sole, much to her satisfaction. Enjoying her control over me, she let her head fall back on the sofa and closed her eyes while letting a soft moan escape from her lips. This only fuelled my effort and I began frantically licking all over her feet, alternating between washing her soles and sucking on her toes. She delicately flexed and wiggled her toes as my tongue explored every crevice.

“This feels so great. I can’t believe she’s sucking on my toes, will she do this all the time?” asked Nicole between her moans.

“Well, for me she will, but maybe I’ll let you borrow her once in a while” replied Kristen.

I remained at Nicole’s feet for the next half an hour, not once removing my tongue from her feet. She looked so relaxed sat up on the couch above me and I really felt honoured that I had the opportunity to serve her. Eventually she grew bored of my tongue, just as Kristen had and I felt disappointed when she pushed my face away with her feet. Luckily for me, Faye had already sat on the sofa and removed her socks. She stared at me intently and then started to speak.

“Ok, guess it’s my turn. Do you want to clean my smelly feet now slave Rebecca?”

I really did, but I could see what she was doing. This was just another chance for her to humiliate me further.

“Yes please” I answered.

“I want to see you begging me. I don’t think you deserve to lick them.” She said with the biggest smile across her face.

Wow, I didn’t know Faye was this dominant. She was really getting a kick out of forcing me to beg for her feet and to be honest, it really turned me on. I could feel my @#%$ was starting to leak into my panties as I looked at her big feet and imagined on her succulent toes in my mouth.

“Please Miss Faye, you are so much better than me, I will do anything to lick your precious feet clean.” I sounded so pathetic once again.

Faye looked towards her feet and nodded while spreading her toes. I caught sight of the dirt that had collected there from cheerleading practice and I dove straight in. I went for her big toes, which really were huge and they filled my mouth as I wrapped my lips around them. Faye let out a little giggle as I sucked at her toes like they were the sweetest candy. I could feel her toes flexing in my mouth, so I tried to dig at the dirt in the gaps. It tasted quite bitter, but I chewed and swallowed it anyway, much to her delight.

I stayed on my knees for the rest of the night, only leaving the room to get them extra snacks or drinks. They must have watched about five separate dvds that night and the whole time I alternated between massaging and sucking at their feet. I guess they couldn’t believe their luck. They had gone from following me around to watching me degrade myself at their feet. It was quite surprising how easily Nicole and Faye had accepted my submissiveness towards them and by the end of the night they were already arranging with Kristen to use me again in the near future. This didn’t faze me in the slightest. I would look forward to our next encounter, as long as I remained on my knees.

At about midnight, Kristen ordered me to drive Faye and Nicole home and then return back to her. The journey in the car was very awkward with both girls giving me knowing glances in the rear view mirror and giggling amongst themselves. When we came to Nicole’s house, I got out of the car and opened the rear door for her. She arose from the car, looked at me and then gave me a pat on the head with her hand as if I was her dog. I watched her swaying ass as she walked towards her house and I wanted to follow her right in, but I knew Miss Kristen was waiting for me at home.

Faye obviously liked what Nicole did as she gave me a pat on the head too. However, she also ordered me to bow down in the street and kiss her sneakers. I wasn’t to happy about doing this out in the open, but I knew better than to disrespect her wishes. She smiled down at me as I kissed each of her shoes separately then made her way towards her front door. I as got back into the car I heard her shout over to me.

“Thanks for the massage Rebecca, I’ll look forward to the same treatment after every practice.”

I turned bright red and I slammed the door, trying to get away from her as quickly as possible. As I drove back towards Kristen’s house I was given a few moments to think over my new life. Serving Kristen was actually too bad, after all I enjoyed it and obviously she did. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do when I grew up anyway, so if I was of some use to her then I guess that I should be used to make her life easier. Anyway, what I wanted didn’t matter any more, I belonged to my best friend Kristen now.

I parked up the car and crept into the house, hoping that we were done for the night. It had been a very eventful few days and I really did need to get some sleep. I immediately dropped to my knees when I entered the living room, the sight of Kristen completely took me by surprise and it just felt like the right thing to do. She was sat on the sofa wearing nothing but her bath robe sipping a glass of red wine. However, it was the item that she was holding in her other hand that had my full attention. Dangling between her fingertips was a dog collar and leash, and I knew exactly what it was for. Kristen flashed me her mischievous grin and motioned for me to come to her.

“Crawl over here my little doggy, I’ve got a present for you.”

I did as ordered and made my way over to her, kneeling in my usual position at her feet and waiting for her to put the final mark on my slavery. Kristen gave me her wine glass to hold while she fastened the collar around my neck. It felt quite tight but I did not complain. I would wear whatever she wanted me to. I couldn’t meet her gaze as she snapped the collar in place and I as looked down I caught a flash of her @#%$ beneath her bathrobe. I was secretly hoping that I might have the chance to taste it.

Kristen attached the leash to the collar and then pulled up sharply, forcing my neck to twist harshly and rise to one side. She lifted my face with her fingertips and looked into my eyes as if trying to read my thoughts. For some reason I had the feeling that she was going to kiss me, but obviously that was a stupid thought as she sat back on the sofa and placed both of her delicate feet on my breasts. Why would she want to kiss me, my lips had been on her feet all night. She tightly held my leash in her right hand and slowly raised one of her feet, circling my lips sensually with her big toe. I parted my lips, allowing her to slip her toe into my mouth. She didn’t rush, instead waiting a few minutes before giving me the honour of sucking on her toe.

“I think it’s time for you to truly give yourself to me my slave.” She said out of the blue.

I wasn’t quite sure what she was talking about, but she removed her toe from my mouth and placed both of her feet on my shoulders, one either side of my head. From this position I could see right up her bathrobe and I noticed that her @#%$ was glistening. In a teasing way she edged her feet down my back so that her knees came to rest on my shoulders. I looked up towards her face and found myself in complete awe of her. She was so superior to me and I wanted to worship her sex more than anything.

“Submit to me my slave, pleasure your goddess” she purred while pulling me towards her with the leash.

I almost came right there. The entire scene was turning me on and I wanted to play with my @#%$ so bad, but I knew that this moment was about pleasing Miss Kristen, not myself. I must have appeared so eager as leant beneath her robe and kissed my way up her thighs, further increasing my efforts as I heard her tender moans. This was my chance to shine and truly please her. I wanted to give her as many orgasms as she desired. I met her lips with my mouth and lustfully slipped my tongue into her slit, gently parting them and drawing an approving sigh from her. As I pleasured her with my tongue I became aware of her toes curling into my back. Her toenails caught my skins a few times and it was quite painful, but I vowed to carry on through. I withdrew from her @#%$ and quickly located her clitoris, lovingly circling the tip of my tongue over it again and again. She responded by gyrating her hips and slipping the fingers of her free hand into my hair, caressing my scalp while controlling the movement of my head.

“ohhhh yessss, please me, please your goddess” she moaned, bringing forth a renewed effort from my tongue.

An hour later I still knelt before her, tenderly kissing her @#%$ as she patted my head. I’d been a good slave and pleasured her to a number of orgasms with my tongue and she’d decided that I deserved a reward. She gazed at me through narrowed eyelids while patting me as if I was her dog. Finally she spoke, and informed me of what my reward would be. My nipples hardened at her words. Tonight I would get to sleep in her room.

After composing herself, she arose from the sofa and pulled at my leash, directing me on all fours towards the door. Once we arrived in her bedroom, she tied the leash to the end of the bed, then without hesitating she climbed in and pulled the covers over herself. I was completely disappointed. I had just spent an hour pleasuring her to orgasm and I expected at least something in return, but this was a one way relationship, master and servant.

“Now for your reward” she said “put your head under the covers and lick my feet while I sleep like a good girl, don’t even think about stopping.”

“Yes Miss Kristen” I replied. Putting my head under the covers, I felt right at home.

I licked and licked and licked as Miss Kristen drifted off to sleep, without a care in the world to worry her pretty head.

That all happened three weeks ago and things really did change. I’ve lost count of how long I’ve spent at the end of that leash, between Miss Kristen’s legs pleasuring her in ways I could never have imagined.

Kristen has taken total control of my life now and I am nothing more than her willing slave. She says that she has everything planned out, we are going to move into an apartment together so that I can serve her twenty-four hours a day. She wants me at her beck and call whenever she feels like it and I must wear my collar at all times so I never forget who I serve. Not that I would anyway, all of my thoughts are now focused on ways in which I can please my Goddess. I’ll do anything so that she can live her life in comfort and I am so grateful to her for putting me where I belong – at her feet.

Of course, she has made it clear that I will pay all of the rent, so I assume I am going to have to get a job, unless she decides to rent me out to her and my former friends often. I still feel humiliated even now when they see me, they used to look at me with envy and now it’s with amusement. And I can tell that they each feel jealousy towards Kristen, knowing that they could have been the ones to take me as a slave. Still, they each get to enjoy making me lick their feet at the snap of their fingers whenever Kristen feels like loaning me out.

Recently, while I was kneeling before Kristen, her feet resting on a footstool while I delicately lapped at her soles, she asked me why I had let her take over my life so willingly. I wasn’t quite sure how to respond as I didn’t really know the answer, but I tried to explain.

“Miss Kristen, I am so sorry for the way I used to treat you. You have taught me that I am totally inferior to you and I should be grateful to you for allowing me to serve you every day. I used to think that I was above everyone, but I had everything wrong and I was just scared of the truth deep down inside. I knew you were better than me and I just didn’t want to admit it, so when you began to take control it just felt natural to me and I was unable to resist you. You deserve to have a slave Miss Kristen and I am so thankful that I am it.”

Wow, it was with these words that I knew I was completely broken and Kristen knew it too. She tightened her grip on my leash and pulled my face up against her feet, squashing my nose and lips into her soles. When she released her grip I saw the victorious smile on her face and the sensations in my @#%$ overcame me and I orgasmed right there at her feet. Her only response to my sexual display was that knowing smirk. She then pulled up on the leash, forcing me into an upright position on my knees. This was the perfect height for her to drape her legs over my shoulders as usual and I knew what she wanted, slowly dipping my head and nestling my mouth over her @#%$ lips. I orally serviced my ex-best friend for the next hour as she moaned and gyrated on my shoulders, pleasuring her to multiple orgasms.

Looking back at myself, it makes me laugh at how completely deluded I was thinking that I was above everyone else. I was lucky to even have Kristen as my friend and I should have kissed her feet every day in gratitude. I have pledged to spend the rest of my life making it up to her for not treating her as the goddess she is from the moment we met. She has accepted my pledge and she thinks that it is the least I should do for a superior girl as herself. How I ever thought I was better than her I don’t know.

It’s amazing how things can change in life. One moment sat on a sofa with my best friend completely changed my outlook on life and once Kristen had me in her grasp she never allowed me to escape. If I had just pushed her foot away then things might have stayed the same, but I am glad that it has turned out this way. I have finally found my place in life and all it took was to let go and give into my best friend.

05-09-2011, 10:06 PM
Part 2:

A lot had happened in the past six months for both Kristin and Rebecca. They had both graduated high school and Princess Kristin and Rebecca had moved into an apartment together. By now both of them were completely comfortable with their roles in life now. You could tell that Kristin really did take being Royalty very seriously. She walked around the apartment very imperiously and never spoke to Rebecca unless it was to give her an order, after all Royalty does not talk to the help. If Kristin wanted to talk to someone it would be to her friends on the phone or by text. Rebecca also understood her place in life and was completely content with being Princess Kristin's slave. She knew and was content with the fact that she existed so that when home Princess Kristin did not have to life a finger. In the outside world Rebecca had to call Princess Kristin Miss Kristin and would still have to do as she was told, but Kristin was a little kinder so as not to draw any unwanted attention. When they were out it more looked like Kristin was a young independently wealthy women who had hired a Rebecca as the help.

A day for Princess Kristin and Rebecca looked like this. Rebecca would wake up at 6am after sleeping on the couch and begin to prepare breakfast for Princess Kristin. At 6:30am Rebecca would then make her way up to Princess Kristin's room, where she slept on a queen sized bed. She would crawl on the floor as soon as she entered the room to the foot of the bed. Once she got to the foot of the bed she would carefully life up the covers and begin gently kissing Princess Kristin's feet. After Kristin woke up she would order "Slave fetch my slippers." Rebecca would then crawl over and fetch Princess Kristin's slippers and place them on her feet. Rebecca would then kiss the top of each of her Princess' feet and then wait for her to stand up. She would then crawl after her Princess as she made her way downstairs to have her breakfast. Rebecca would then serve her mistress breakfast and then kneel at her feet. Before Princess Kristin would begin eating she would say "apologize!" In response to this Rebecca would begin kissing Princess Kristin's feet and begging for forgiveness because Kristin along with Rebecca had have a job to pay the rent and support Kristin's shopping. After Kristin had had enough she would simply snap her fingers and as she began eating her slave would get to work giving her her daily pedicure. After Kristin had finished eating Rebecca would then get to work on giving her her daily manicure. If Rebecca did a good job Kristin would take her breakfast plate and put it at her feet and allow her slave to eat her scraps. After Rebecca finished her breakfast she would quickly clean the dishes from breakfast and then run upstairs to catch Princess Kristin. Kristin by time Rebecca got upstairs would already be in the shower. Once she got out Rebecca would dry her, do her hair, makeup, brush her teeth and dress her. By the time Kristin was ready for work she would give Rebecca five minutes to get herself ready for the day. This meant she only had time to shower, brush her teeth and get dressed. While Rebecca was getting ready Kristin would make her way downstairs and make herself comfortable on the couch. Once Rebecca was ready she would get downstairs as quickly as possible with the pair of shoes that Kristin had chosen to wear for the day. Once downstairs Rebecca would crawl to the couch with Kristin's shoes in her mouth. Once she got to Princess Kristin she would drop the shoes on the floor and kiss each of Kristin's feet. Then lovingly put the shoes on Kristin's feet. By now it was 8:30am, and time to head to work. For Kristin this meant going to manage the Victoria Secret store at the mall and for Rebecca it meant working at the posh women's shoe store across the street from the mall. Of course Rebecca would chauffeur Princess Kristin to work as she had throughout high school then head to her own job. Both Kristin and Rebecca worked from 9am-5pm so Rebecca would clock out and then go to pick up Kristin at 5pm. Once they got home Rebecca would help Princess Kristin change into her exercise clothing, then Kristin would head out for her evening run. While her Mistress was out Rebecca would get to work on dinner. Because Kristin was in such good shape she would not be back for at least an hour and a half, plenty of time to prepare dinner. By the time Kristin got home dinner would be on the table and Rebecca would be on her knees next to Princess Kristin's chair at the dinner table. Kristin would walk in, then sit down and begin eating. While she eat Rebecca knew to remove Kristin's sneakers and socks and then to lick Kristin's feet clean. After dinner Rebecca would draw Kristin a bath and then clean her while she relaxed. After this she would get ready for bed, get into her bed and watch TV until she fell asleep. Mean while Rebecca would be massaging her Princess' feet until midnight. This is a normal weekday for Princess Kristin and slave Rebecca. What happens on the weekend?

(Part 3 coming soon, and as always suggestions are welcome!)

06-09-2011, 01:10 AM
The original is quite possibly the finest foot fetish story I have ever read (kudos for reposting that, by the way), so taking on a sort of sequel is a big challenge and I hope that you can stick to it. :)

If I might make a suggestion, I think that in order to take it to the heights of the original, you are going to need conflict. The first part you wrote was fine (maybe needed more paragraphs if I may say so; Royals is the only person I've seen who really gets away with that :p) and in fact I commend you for taking the time to write it.

But what I mean by conflict, is that a big part of the original was Rebecca's inner conflict between her sexual desires and her normal life - the two couldn't stay the same and in the end she allowed herself to get broken in as Kristin's foot slave, while both wanting and not wanting it or struggling to come to terms with it, which I found really amazing - both in a turn-on and literary sense.

I bet that you already have plans and I've rambled for long enough, so I'll get down to the actual suggestion(s). Conflict. Rebecca is now Kristen's devoted slave, and while it's fine if you're content to just focus on that (I'm personally guessing the first part of your continuation was more to set the scene), it's a situation which has already been resolved. What would make it really special is perhaps seeing Kristen break in another slave: Rebecca's older/younger sister or cousin confronts Kristen and tries to free Rebecca, only to fail? Or maybe Kristen gambles a week's service from Rebecca during a (annual?) weekend card game, uncharacteristically loses and when Rebecca's new, temporary owner refuses to give her back, Kristen has to go and take her back (before teaching the usurper a lesson? A real twist would be the usurper winning, but that's pushing the envelope too far, perhaps).

Anyway, I apologise if I've made this look a lot bigger a task than it should be; sometimes one can overthink what is essentially erotica, and it can be better produced on the spurr of the moment. I just thought that it was worth making some suggestions.

I eagerly await the next part. :)

06-09-2011, 02:11 AM
Thanks ThatFootFetishGuy, the suggestions are very helpful. I was looking for some ideas like yours to get me on the right track.

06-09-2011, 04:21 AM
yea ThatFootFetishGuy, I really like your suggestions, there's all kinds of twists and turns the plot could take from here!!! Perhaps Rebecca could be selling shoes to some woman and upon fitting the woman's feet with the new shoes, Rebecca smells the woman's stinky feet, smiles excitedly and somehow becomes that woman's slave...? There's all kinds of options to build on the outstanding original!!!

07-09-2011, 04:26 AM
Part 3:

Things went on like this for another two weeks, however over that period of time Kristin got tired of the routine. Yes it was great to be pampered everyday and she could not imagine living life without it, however she was tired of always going over to her friend’s house. Of being self-conscious about what her friends might think about her owning a slave. One day while Kristin was at work she decided that she did not care any more, she was going to invite people over and who cares what they thought about her lifestyle. Kristin on her break asked her friends Allison and Annie over for some snacks and maybe play some cards.

At 6:30pm that evening Allison and Annie arrived promptly and were greeted at the door by Rebecca. When they walked in Rebecca immediately dropped to her knees and kissed each of their feet, as she was instructed earlier to do that day by Princess Kristin. Rebecca then offered to take their jackets, hung them up then said “Princess Kristin is expecting you, please follow me this way.” Everything had happened so quickly that as Allison and Annie were following Rebecca what had just happened to them was just hitting them and they realized how strange it actually was. Allison was a fairly fit brunette 25 year old, had a fairly quiet personality who mostly kept to herself at work. Annie on the other hand was a beautiful Irish girl, who had a perfect body and unique deep blue eyes and was extremely out going, she loved to be the center of attention. When the three girls approached Kristin who was sitting comfortably on the couch, Rebecca walked in front of her, dropped to her knees, kissed Kristin’s feet then said “Princess Kristin, your friends Allison and Annie have arrived.” She then turned around, got up off the couch and went over and hugged her two friends. Kristin then invited them to make themselves feel comfortable on the couch next to her and then ordered Rebecca to bring them drinks. While Rebecca scurried off to get them drinks Annie asked, “Kristin what in the world is going on?” Knowing exactly what she was asking about replied, “Oh you mean Rebecca, she’s my slave. We went to high school together and one weekend when we were hanging out together I found out she was very submissive and liked feet. After I discovered this it was easy to help her realize that her rightful place was at my feet serving me.” As Kristin was telling two things happened, one Kristin noticed how different her two friends reactions to her story were. Annie acted very interest and Allison disgusted. And two Rebecca arrived back in the living room with the drinks for the three girls. Of course she served Kristin first then Allison and Annie. After that she got down on her hands and knees and kissed each of their feet. Annie completely interested in Kristin’s relationship with Rebecca continued the conversation by asking, “so what kind of stuff does your slave do for you?” Kristin answered, “she does whatever I want from cleaning the house and doing my laundry to cooking all of my meals to doing my makeup, dressing me and giving me manicures and pedicures, its really great and I can’t imagine life without her. But it’s important that you know that this is something that Rebecca wants and fully embraces as well. Isn’t that right slave?” She then tapped her slave on the mouth with her right foot, a sign that meant she had permission to answer the question. To which Rebecca responded, “Absolutely Princess Kristin.” She then bowed her head and kissed each of her feet again. Both Annie and Allison were both surprised and intrigued at the same time for different reasons. Kristin then asked “So gals what do you want to do tonight?” Annie replied “well playing cards I think was the idea right?” Kristin replied, “sounds good to me, I had my slave set up the card table in the kitchen. If that’s what you want to do I’ll have her bring it in here and we can start playing now. My only rules are that if we are going to gamble it’s going to be with real money.” Both Annie and Allison agreed, it turns out that they had counted on this being the case and they had each brought $200 in cash. Rebecca brought in the card table and acted as the dealer, soon they had chosen to play black jack and the games were under way. It turns out that Kristin and Annie knew what they were doing, however Allison was a good faker but deep down inside had no idea how to even play black jack. After about five games Allison was almost out of money. However it was Friday night and she had had four or five mixed drinks and so it did not bother her as much. Annie was getting a little tipsy as well; really the only one of them who could “hold their liquor” was Kristin. This talent had always worked to Kristin’s advantage and fully intended on doing the same tonight. By the end of the fifth game Allison had lost all of her money and thought that her night of playing card was over, however Kristin had something else in mind. Kristin seeing how disappointed Allison was suggested, “well you may not be out of money so to speak Allison, you could bet yourself. If you bet yourself and lose you have to be the persons slave who wins you, but if you win you win money and can stay in the game a little longer.” Allison, who had obviously had a little too much to drink, agreed to Kristin’s proposal. It turns out even though Allison battled hard ended up losing the game to Annie, who had been on a bit of a winning streak. Little Allison and Annie know that this was all part of Kristin’s evil plan to gain two new slaves, lets just say Kristin had stacked the deck. Kristin had been slowly building Annie’s confidence up, but now it would be time for her luck to change. Annie on the other hand was completely oblivious, she was all smiles when she said, “boy could I use a foot massage, Allison get over here and get to work!” Allison too intoxicated to think clearly got up and got to work rubbing Annie’s feet, and did a very good job, its unfortunate that this feeling of euphoria would only last a short while longer for Annie. As Allison was massaging Annie’s feet Annie began making comments like “Is this what its like to own a slave” or “it feels good to be the queen.” Annie won one more game after she won Allison before her lucky streak seemed to come to an end. When she did win that game however she commanded Allison to rather than massaging her feet to begin kissing them. Interestingly Allison offered no argument and began placing soft kisses on her feet. Annie was on a major power kick and Allison was showing off her true submissive side. Kristin was sitting there letting Annie enjoy Allison, and only had $10 to her name. Then all of a sudden Kristin began winning; first it was one game, then two, then three. Eventually Kristin had won 12 games in a row and was on what appeared to be her own winning steak. Eventually it got to the point where Kristin was winning and Annie’s competitive side was getting to her, which meant she refused to give up. Eventually it came down to Annie only having Allison to bet, and surprise surprise she lost her too. Allison now belonged to Kristin to which Kristin said, “Allison, I believe you are kissing the wrong feet” making sure to rub it in Annie’s face as much as she could. Kristin then said, “Looks like you have two options, you can either give up and go home or you can bet yourself like Allison did earlier.” Annie decided to bet herself and she actually won a game. However this was just to give Annie a false sense of confidence. Eventually Annie had lost herself to Kristin, and not only had Kristin made 400 extra dollars, she now had two new slaves. It had proved to be a very profitable night for Princess Kristin, and set the stage for a very fun weekend full of slave training.

(part 4 to follow soon. As always suggestions welcomed!)

07-09-2011, 01:57 PM
A really rather good chapter! I enjoyed the inclusion of Allison, who is clearly more akin to Rebecca with her submissive personality, and so balances of Annie, who is similar to Kristen with her good looks, desire to be the centre of attention and competitive streak.

It appears to me that she doesn't have a cunning mind like Kristin (though that may have been the influence of alcohol), but I still don't see her going down easy. I'm definitely looking forward to the next instalment - especially with the girls realising what they've done once they've sobered up! :D

07-09-2011, 07:11 PM
Part 4:

Annie and Allison woke up after spending the whole night sleeping on the floor in Kristin’s living room. It was now 8am and they both had pretty serious hangovers, so needless to say they could hardly remember anything from last night. But it was all slowly coming back to them. By the time 8:30am came around they had remembered everything and now realized that they were now Princess Kristin’s slaves. Shortly after coming to this conclusion Rebecca walked in dressed in a maid uniform, this was Rebecca’s usual weekend uniform. When Rebecca realized that the two of them were awake she walked over to them and said, “Good you two are awake, put these on and help me prepare Princess Kristin’s breakfast. There are two rules you should know right now. One whenever you come into Princess Kristin’s presence you are to drop to you knees and kiss her feet and two you must obey her every command.” Rebecca had handed them two of her maid uniforms. Not really in the mood to think about things they changed into the uniforms and began to help make Princess Kristin’s breakfast. At 9am Rebecca instructed the two girls to follow her up to their Mistress’ room. When Rebecca opened the door she immediately dropped to her knees and Annie and Allison followed suite. The three of them crawled in to the foot of Princess Kristin’s bed and then as she did every morning Rebecca lifted the covers revealing Kristin’s beautiful feet. She began to kiss them and licked them until she woke up. When Kristin woke up she immediately saw Rebecca, Allison and Annie kneeling at her feet, which reminded her of the fun that she was in store for that day. Kristin then said “Good morning slaves, I think its time you said good morning to my feet. Each of you kiss my feet now.” They each did as they were told, and then Kristin ordered Rebecca to get her slippers, then headed downstairs for her breakfast followed by her three slaves crawling behind her. Kristin was feeling lazy that morning so when she got downstairs and got comfortable at the kitchen table she decided to try something new. She had Rebecca giver her a pedicure, Annie a manicure and had Allison feed her breakfast. This felt amazing; she knew she would love having three slaves. It would make life way easier.

While Princess Kristin was enjoying her even more pampered breakfast Annie and Allison also had a lot on their minds. Allison was slowly coming to terms with the fact that life as a slave might be the life for here. She was actually enjoying not having to worry about taking care of herself, paying bills or even what to do with her free time. She really did enjoy letting someone else do that for her. Annie however did not like being a slave at all, however she was interested in the dominant/submissive lifestyle that Kristin and Rebecca were living in. She just would rather be the dominant, this slave stuff was not for her or so she thought. Annie began to form a plan in her head to bump her up the “food chain” a little bit, and realized that the only way she could put her plan into action was to escape for the next day and a half. The morning went by fairly quickly for them all and soon Princess Kristin had finished her lunch. Kristin headed to the bathroom and Annie saw this as her chance to run, she whispered to Allison what she was going to do and offered her the chance to come, but Allison refused. Before Kristin was done in the bathroom Annie was out the door and on the road in her car. When Kristin got back Rebecca told her what happened and Kristin did not mind, she decided she would just destroy Annie’s social standing at work on Monday by showing all their coworkers pictures of Annie kissing Kristin’s feet on Friday night, if only Kristin knew what Annie was up to.

Annie really wanted to move up the totem pole in Kristin’s eyes and had a brilliant idea, which would help her do this. Annie had come to the conclusion that giving Princess Kristin the gift of another slave would be just the thing to earn her some brownie points, but just how she would do this in such a short amount of time was the question. Then an idea hit her right over the back of her head. A year ago she had dated a guy named Bryan, who was completely obsessed with her, he would come back to her in a second. She drove to Bryan’s apartment and let herself in, she had hung on to a key and boy did it come in handy today. She walked in and the lights were off, Annie flipped the switch to and found Bryan on the couch making out with Tiffany a girl that they both had gone to high school with. Bryan stopped and turned around to see Annie. Bryan was very surprised and pushed Tiffany off of him. He ran over and then kissed her on the mouth. He then said “Annie, what a pleasant surprise! What can I do for you? You know I would do anything for you!” Annie responded with another question, “Bryan would you really do anything for me?” Bryan responded, “Absolutely anything Annie, you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.” Mean while Tiffany sat quietly on the couch, by now she knew she was in second place. Annie then said, “Good, I need you to sign this piece of paper.” Before she let herself into Bryan’s apartment Annie took about a half hour to write out a contract, which if signed by Bryan would make him her slave for life. Bryan of course signed with out question, then Annie handed it to him and said read it. Bryan read it and to Annie’s surprise he was thrilled, and he thanked her for the opportunity. Annie had always thought he was a little weird but now understood that he was just a submissive. Annie then turned her attention to Tiffany and said, “Tiffany you can either join in the fun or get out now.” Annie thought bringing two slaves to Princess Kristin was even better than just one. At this point Bryan was on his knees in front of his new Mistress. Tiffany got up and walked over to Annie and to her surprise got down on her knees and placed a kiss on each of Annie’s feet, then said, “I love Bryan and if this is what he wants its what I want too.” Annie had really hit the jackpot and could not help but think how happy that this would make Princess Kristin. By now it was 7pm and Annie was very hungry. She ordered Tiffany to go make her some dinner and then had Bryan practice painting her toenails. When dinner was ready she had both Bryan and Tiffany massage her feet while she ate. Then at 9pm Annie decided it was bedtime, Annie got comfortable in Bryan’s bed and ordered Bryan and Tiffany to lick her feet until midnight, then to sleep at her feet.

The next morning came and Annie woke up at 8am, and then kicked her two slaves in the face to wake them up. Annie took a shower then ordered her two slaves to go sit in the back seat of her car. They did as she was told and shortly after that they were on the road back to Princess Kristin’s place. When they arrived they all got out and Bryan and Tiffany followed Annie to the door. They rang the doorbell and Rebecca answered, when she saw Annie and the other two all she could say was, “follow me.” Rebecca escorted the three of them to Princess Tiffany who was lounging on the couch getting a back and foot massage from Allison and Rebecca. When Annie saw Kristin she rushed over and kissed her feet. Annie then went on to explain her idea and what she had done to make that idea possible. She then pointed to Bryan and Tiffany and ordered them to come kiss Princess Kristin’s feet. Kristin was both very surprised and pleased that Annie had gone through all this trouble. She then said, “Annie thank you so much, but I’m guessing you expect something in return?” Annie replied, “Yes actually but be reassured that I have no intention of taking away any of your power. I would ask that you might consider me second in command. I still will submit to your rule and completely acknowledge the fact that you still own me. However I’ve also noticed you and I are more alike than the rest of your slaves. I think I deserve a little bit more of a dominant role in our little club. So maybe I was thinking that our relationship could be more casual, closer to a friendship?’ Kristin thought for a few moments then responded, “Annie first of all thank you very much for Tiffany and Bryan. I accept them and will certainly use them. Now about your proposal, here are my terms whenever you enter into my presence you still must bow to me and kiss my feet, and twice a week you must give me a pedicure, but aside from that you can enjoy the slaves like I do, just know I still get top priority. From now on the slaves will call you Miss Annie and in public when we are out all you can just call me Kristin, but in private you must still call me Princess.” With that Annie kissed Princess Kristin’s feet and joined her on the couch. Then Kristin said, “Now as far as Bryan is concerned, he is the lowest of all slaves and in fact is a slave to all women, so Bryan you now submit to Annie, Tiffany, Allison and Rebecca.” He then went and kissed the feet of all of the women in the room. Things again ended up working out for Princess Kristin. She now had five slaves to use whenever she wanted.

(Part 5 to follow, suggestions always welcome.)

07-09-2011, 10:23 PM
Could you perhaps do some more paragraphs in the text, like in the first one?
It's a litte hard to read like this ... thanks!

12-09-2011, 04:14 PM
Beautiful story!!