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13-02-2012, 11:51 AM
There is a girl the same age as me (22) who i have known for years, we have always been good friends. she is a really hot looking girl but i have always thought of her as just a very good friend. one day last week we went on a trip in the car up north which was about a 5-5 and a half hour round trip. we set off about 9 in the morning and got back home about 10 that night, so we were out for a good 13 hours. she was wearing her ugg boots which she has had for ages, she wears them everywer in winter.

when we got back home i went in to hers for a drink before i set off back to my house. we sat down and we wer just messing around laughing and joking with each other, when all of a sudden she dared me to smell her feet. i was taken aback by it and laughed it off saying no, even tho i really wanted to. then she dared me again, so i made out like i wasn't scared using all the old tricks pretending i didnt want to and started to take off her boots. the smell hit me straight away, like a damp musty sweaty smell. i went straight in and buried my nose right between her toes and her sole and sniffed. my nose got damp from how wet her socks were and the smell was incredible. she was laughing and kept saying 'are they smelly', i just said yes. after that i took her socks off making out like i thought thats what she wanted me to do. she just went with it and the damp smell of her bare feet with some sock lint between her toes was even hotter. they were so warm and moist, i was fulfilling a lifelong fantasy.

it went on for only about 5 minutes but i was pleased with anything i could get. she eventually started to talk about something else, then the phonewent and i realised the experience had come to an end. i told her i had to leave and that i would see her soon, my parting shot was that she'd have to dare me to do more than smell her feet if she wanted to make me look scared, hoping she would make me do something a bit more next time.

thanks for reading and please feel free to post your thoughts, similar experiences and any questions you might have :)


13-02-2012, 11:56 PM
HOT experience! Thanks for sharing it with us. Seems like she was totally cool with it so I hope more stinky foot play will follow :)
I'd say she must have had a clue about you liking feet after she'd known you for years. I don't know what you guys were doing but I doubt it she would suddenly dare you to smell her sweaty feet without any reason.

14-02-2012, 09:38 AM
That is a good experience. But I get unsure sometimes about these ugg stories, you keep hearing how genuine uggs made of actual sheepskin are designed to prevent foot odour and indeed the one and only times I smelled a girl's feet when she'd been in genuine uggs all day there was no aroma at all. But the imitation uggs, which are much cheaper and usually synthetic, can absolutely stink. When I read stories about girls in uggs having sweaty smelly feet I wonder if the story teller means she was wearing fake uggs, I know people tend to call the imitation ones "Uggs" even though they aren't really. (The genuine ones have the Ugg badge on the back of the heel). danny889, can you recall if she had boots with the ugg logo at the back?

14-02-2012, 12:19 PM
sol she was cool with it, maybe your right she may have had an idea. if she does then i hope to have more fun in the future :)

Wringer to be honest i can't remember, but if what you say is true then they must have been imitation uggs because they really did stink. i just saw the type of boots and they looked like uggs to me, but they could have easily been imitation uggs.

14-02-2012, 02:34 PM
Wringer to be honest i can't remember, but if what you say is true then they must have been imitation uggs because they really did stink. i just saw the type of boots and they looked like uggs to me, but they could have easily been imitation uggs.

Sounds like they were - in which case you're very lucky. I think those cheap synthetic ugg knock-offs could be the smelliest boots there are. I've only managed to smell one pair and they were amazing, absolutely mind blowing. As I said, the times I've smelled genuine uggs and the feet wearing them there's been literally nothing, which seems to back up the claim the real ones don't lead to foot odour.

Great stuff, any chance you'll be able to repeat it? Also, what sort of socks did she wear?

20-02-2012, 09:57 AM
I'm not sure wether i'll get chance or not, i really hope so. I havn't had chance to see her since. Maybe if she does suspect i have a fetish she will let me or even ask me about it. Her socks were just an ordinary pair of cotton pink socks. They were not dirty but had that faded colour to them that suggests either she's had them fo a long time or she had been wearing them for a long time. They were very damp, mostly at the toe part. Like i said, i know she had been wearing them for ages that day because i spent the whole day out with her :)

27-02-2012, 08:13 AM
Very hot story, thanks.