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Her Highness

She has no worries. Money is endless for her. She does no work. Her slaves attend to her. She’s sixteen years old. Her parents left her, dead now for 10 years, with too much money and too much attitude. “Why should I have to lift a finger?” she asks. “That’s’ what those “things” are for” she says, with a look of disgust at her slaves below her, buffing her toenails. She plops down on an overstuffed divan with a pronounced “humph.” She’s so damn bored she’s ill. “Bring me a soda!” She shouts. Almost instantly, as if they knew she would order it, the slaves, obedient slaves of all races and ages, well groomed, run toward her. One man, about 30, bringing her a Pepsi on a silver tray. Another slave, a man, around 20, opens it for her and pours it in an Waterford crystal glass. A third, a young girl of about 12, hands it to her. “Well, it certainly took long enough. Next time, heads will roll.” Snobbery reaches a new high with her. Her name is Julietta, she is sixteen, and could easily appear on the cover of any beauty magazine. Her attitude is one of total superiority. The people that work for her, the dozens of them, are not people in her eyes. They are her property. A human footstool is nothing new to her. In fact, not a day, seldom an hour passes without someone, some poor slave of Julietta, being on all fours as she rests her slave-pedicured feet on their back, bitching about something, usually about how “I’m hot….fan me.” Of course, the slaves do so as she relaxes in the sun, in a bikini that costs more money than most hard working people see in a year. Money means nothing to her. She has so much, which creates almost never-ending interest in the bank, that she can afford to burn it for fuel. Speaking of fuel, one would think that as much as her slaves do for her, she would want to reward them by keeping them warm and well fed. Well, think again. Wet hay. Yes, just like horses eat, her slaves eat wet hay mush. They don’t even eat everyday. They eat once every two days. Inhumane? Well, their bodies are used to it. They sleep on the dirt floor of a shack. There is a continuously running shower drip in the corner where they all bathe. Not very sanitary, but they have all been immunized. Are these people, these slaves, being held against their will? No, not a single one. They are actually all very happy. They love the way they live because they are living to serve her, Julietta. Julietta lives in a palace. Julietta is not royalty. She is not the head of a nation. She is just a totally spoiled rich-bitch teenager. They love working day and night for her so she doesn’t have to. They love the idea of it being totally unfair…of them living in squaller and working their asses off as she relaxes in the lap of luxury. They love getting up each day at about 4 am (unless they were on duty, which can be anything from fanning Julietta to shining her shoes all night to massaging her feet) They love the idea of they work so she can relax. She is so spoiled, she doesn’t appreciate it. They love that too. In fact the more spoiled she is, the happier they are. Julietta smiles wickedly. She rules, they drool. “You’ll never be worth anything other than a slave.” Julietta declares. “Ah, Excuse you, shouldn’t there be someone kissing my feet?” Immediately two slaves practically dive for Julietta’s perfectly pedicured feet. They begin to kiss her feet yet she looks bored. “It’s the same old thing everyday..i’m bored. All I do is sit around here with a bunch of worthless slaves. I need more.
Later that day as Julietta lay by the pool, her toes glistening, freshly painted, being fanned, a servant holding up a magazine for her to read, her feet being massaged, another slave waiting with a drink, when suddenly she said “I want another girl around here. This is boring. That maid over there is cute. Whats her name?” A slave replied, “her name is Misty, Perfect Mistress Julietta.” “Ummm..shes cute. Get her over here. Now!” “Yes madam at once, your highness!” The slave replied and quickly scurried away to fetch the maid Misty, who was busy scrubbing the side wall of the pool, scrubbing out the jets, getting any goop out as Julietta lay there. Misty, a 17 year old knockout, golden brown hair, blue eyes, nice firm big breasts, a nice, tight ass, a beautiful face, milky white skin, and sensational legs, feet, and toes, quickly came over, kneeled at and kissed the feet of Julietta. “How may I serve you my queen?” Misty meekly asked as she kissed each foot. Julietta, looking radiant in the sun, as always, said “come and kneel beside me.” Misty quickly moved over to the left side of Julietta, and, on her knees, kissed her hand. “Look at me, Julietta said. Look into my eyes.” Misty very humbly, knowing she was not as good as Julietta, looked into her eyes. “Kiss me,” Julietta said suddenly. Misty began to move for Julietta’s feet, to kiss them, as was customary. “Kiss my mouth slavegirl.” Julietta commanded. “Yes, Perfect Princess Julietta.” A surprised Misty replied. Hesitantly, Misty’s lips drew closer to Julietta’s. Misty was still on her knees straining, whereas Julietta was still laying comfortably in the chair. Misty started to quiver somewhat, and Julietta put her hand on Misty’s soft face. The two girls, the mistress and her slave, kissed. Their lips met and both seemed enthralled by it. Julietta put her tounge inside Misty’s mouth and Misty did likewise and the two kissed deeply for several minutes. Julietta had never had one nice word for a slave and now she was kissing one. The other slaves continued their usual pampering of Julietta, since no matter who she kissed they were still her property. Yet they were confused. Julietta had never liked anyone but Julietta. The super spoiled, super rich 16 year old princess bitch was now kissing a girl who had just yesterday licked the crack in her ass clean and served for four hours as her footstool as Julietta lay in the sun.

Come get on top of me” Julietta said. Misty climbed aboard Julietta, stradling her in the chair, kissing her. “Touch my breasts.” Misty touched Julietta’s big, firm, 16- year old breasts. Soon the girls, mistress and slave, Misty in a maid’s uniform and Julietta, her owner, in a bikini were on top of each other. “I want you. I want to have sex with you upstairs in my room.” Julietta whispered to Misty. Misty, barely able to speak due to shock, excitement, and confusion, barely replied “yes mistress Julietta.” A snap of Julietta’s fingers and suddenly the girls, in the same positions as before, were being carried in the chair across the lawn of Julietta’s private estate and to the bottom of the steps. There, a slave laid down on the right side, on the ground. Misty got off on the left side, her feet touching the soft grass. Julietta, as was custom, got out on the right side, stepping on one of her slaves, since Julietta’s feet are too good to touch the ground. Julietta promptly sat down in a sedan chair and was carried upstairs. She is too good to walk. Misty followed behind, in tow. Once reaching Mistresses bedroom, Julietta ordered all the slaves except Misty away. Once alone, Julietta’s voice and tone changed. “Misty,” Julietta started. Misty was shocked. “She actually knows my name”, Misty thought. “Misty, I have noticed you for a long while. How long have I owned you for?” Misty replied that it would be a year next month. “I have noticed you, especially when you are my footstool. You were on your hands and knees yesterday under my feet for hours.” Misty began to feel warm and moist just thinking of it. This was the essence of it for her. Enduring the pain of being on all fours before someone for hours just so the other person could rest their feet on them. Misty thought of how unfair it was, she being on her fours as Julietta sat in the sun, resting her feet on her. And, Julietta was one year younger, which made it all the more degrading, the more exciting and enjoyable. “Misty,” Julietta continued, bringing Misty back to reality. “You really like that don’t you. You were just thinking about it now weren’t you? About being my footstool.” By this time Julietta was laying on the bed still in her bikini, surrounded by pillows and candles, the candles fresh and the pillows and sheets very fresh and puffed earlier by a dutiful slave. Misty was standing in the middle of the floor. Although she was wearing actual clothes and Julietta was only in a bikini, Misty still felt more naked. “Would you be pleased to see me naked, Princess Julietta?” Misty in her heart felt Julietta was better than she and she truly adored, worshiped, and loved serving Julietta. She truly thought of her as her superior. “Shall I strip for you?” Misty asked again. “Yes, please do.” Misty was agast. Julietta had actually said please. Misty, in the year she had worked there had heard a lot of things from Julietta ranging from “kiss my feet” to “eat my shit” to even once, after a all night drinking binge with her other rich bitch girlfriends, “eat up my puke.” But never had Misty heard Julietta say “please.” Misty slowly unbuttoned her maid’s uniform and it slid off. Misty stood there in a white cotton bra and matching panties. She still had on her white stockings. She was gorgeous. She had a killer body and a beautiful face framed by long brown hair and topped off with deep brown eyes. A requirement for a slave is that they have to keep themselves up well. Julietta was impressed by what she saw. “It’s about time for someone to have their feet kissed.” Julietta said. Misty started to kneel and rush to Julietta’s feet when Julietta suddenly raised her hand and said “No. That’s not what I meant.” Misty stopped, confused. “Yet Mistress Julietta you said it was time for someone to have their feet kissed.” Julietta replied, “That’s right. It is.” Suddenly, unexpectedly, strangely, Julietta got off the bed and said “Lay down on the bed Misty.” Misty replied, still confused. Misty laid down on the huge bed surrounded by pillows and candles. “I never dreamed Julietta’s bed would be so comfortable and luxurious. It sure beats my little mat on the hard dirt floor.” Misty thought. “Misty, Julietta said. I want to be your slave now.” Misty was stunned and said nothing. “Everyday slaves attend to me hand and foot. They are my worthless property and God put them on this earth to serve me. Yet, well, I can’t describe it, yet with you, and only you, I can see some of myself. I am so attracted to you and have been for a while. It has cost me more sleep than you know and often at night I do touch myself, you know, finger myself, thinking of you. And not just you, your body, but, ironically, serving you. Misty, it is time for someone to have their feet kissed. And that someone is you.” Misty was still shocked yet moved and still silent. She didn’t have to say anything. Neither one did. A bond had been established. Something unspoken, unspeakable had occurred. Misty, having always wanted to serve, knew what Julietta meant. Sometimes the best submissives make the best dominants and vice versa. Without saying another word Misty flopped on the bed and snapped her fingers and pointed to her white stockinged foot. Julietta quietly walked over, knelt at the foot of the big bed, and began to gently, humbly, reverently, kiss Misty’s foot. She began to kiss it, began to lick the sole and instep, and began to suck the toes and massage it. This went on for about an hour. With still no words being spoken between the two, Misty once again snapped her fingers and pointed to the maid’s uniform. Julietta knew she was to put the uniform on. Misty watched as Julietta assumed the maids uniform she usually wore and had washed by hand the previous day. After donning the uniform, Julietta approached Misty. “On your knees bitch.” Misty said. Julietta dropped to her knees just in time for Misty to slap the hell out of her. “Footstool, now.” Misty said. Soon Julietta, in the ultimate roll reversal, was on all fours under Misty’s feet. Things were starting to get interesting. “You like this bitch?” Misty said. “Yes, Mistress Misty.” Julietta said. “Good..now, get the whip from the corner.” Misty commanded. “Crawl, bitch!” Julietta’s heart was racing. No-one had given her a command or even dared raise their voice to her before. Yet to Julietta it was an awakening. For the first time in her life, she was the servant, the slave. No longer was Julietta snapping her fingers for things to be brought to her, now she was the one fetching things for Misty. For Misty, a whole new world had opened up. No longer was Misty on her hands and knees, kneeling before Julietta as she had so often before. No, now Julietta was coming toward her on her hands and knees with a black whip in her mouth. Misty knew that whip. Many times had she been the victim of it, usually just one of Julietta’s whims. If Julietta was bored she would whip a slave while resting her feet on their back. Or, she would whip the back itself. The slave had done nothing wrong, it was just for Julietta’s amusement. Of course, the slaves had to say “Thank You, Mistress Julietta” each with each thrust of the whip. Today, Misty would be giving the whipping. It occurred to Misty, as she lay there on the bed, watching Julietta crawl across the floor toward her, that she had no idea this role reversal would last. Would it be minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years? She was dying to ask Julietta. “Come here Julietta.” Said Misty. With Julietta before her and on all 4’s, she smacked Julietta across the ass with the whip. The smack of the whip was especially cruel for Julietta, who had never before experienced anything like that. She had never once had a finger layed upon her, except for a massage. “What do you say, slut?” Misty asked her. “Thank You Mistress Misty.” Julietta yelped out. Over and over the whip came across Julietta’s back and ass and legs and feet as Misty sit on the edge of the bed and with each smack Julietta would thank her new found Mistress for it. As this happened, Julietta continued to lick Misty’s feet. The role reversal of a lifetime was occuring inside Julietta’s bedroom walls, Misty thought. Or was it her bedroom now, she wondered. “Slave, up, now!” Julietta slowly arose. Her face red, her hair messy, she was sweaty. Her back was red, beaten, even bleeding in two places. There were welts on her legs. Julietta had received a real beating. It was meant to hurt. Misty wanted to show her dominance. Misty wanted Julietta to feel what the other slaves had at Julietta’s will so many times before. “So, did you enjoy that, Julietta?” Misty asked, smugly. Something was happening to Misty. Before, she had actually enjoyed the beatings, the meager life of a slave to the supreme Mistress Julietta. She had enjoyed willingly giving up her own life outside slavery to live at Julietta’s feet. Yet now, she just wanted Julietta to know what it was like to live as a slave. Misty was determined to teach her.

For a few minutes after the whipping, Julietta remained disoriented. She had never really experienced pain before so it was a new sensation to her. As painful as Misty’s whipping had been, Julietta understood why it had happened. Misty had whipped her for the same reasons as Julietta had whipped slaves before. Just because. Because she wanted to show her superiority and their inferiority, because she could. Because it was humbling to the slave and showed the slave how powerful the mistress was. “Yes, the whipping was painful”, Julietta thought, “yet I loved it.” As a matter of fact, Julietta had never felt so alive. Misty had allowed to Julietta to lay on the bed next to her after the whipping. Though Misty was Mistress, she still on this day had a heart. Laying there next to each other, Julietta, her maids uniform discarded before the beating, lay there naked, with Misty laying there in white stockings and nothing else at this point. They lay there, Misty sweaty and breathing heavy from giving the whipping, and Julietta sweaty and breathing heavy from getting the beating. They were laying close, very close, they could feel each others breathing. Misty reached her hand out and stroked Julietta’s hair. Julietta looked at her, smiled, and reciprocated. They took a long look at each other, and soon they kissed on the bed. They lay there, quietly kissing, rubbing their hands over each others breasts, soon, Misty had three fingers inside Julietta as Julietta tossed with pleasure. Julietta put three of her fingers inside Misty. Soon, the lovers were fingering each other and kissing feverishly, violently, with so much passion, intrigue, excitement, even fear. They knew not what they were doing. Yet they loved it. It was not long before they both climaxed to orgasm. They had gotten each other off. They licked each others fingers clean. More relaxed now, they still lay on the bed. Neither knew what the other expected or what would happen next.

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This is part 2

Misty and Julietta slept together on the bed all night. At about 10 the next morning, Misty awakened. The activities of the previous night, the role reversal, the love making, had left her confused. “Was yesterday a fluke?” Misty wondered. “Or am I now Queen?” Julietta was still asleep. Misty heard murmuring outside Julietta's bedroom door. Misty got out of bed and walked toward the door, stopping halfway, looking back and seeing Julietta still sleeping. It was nothing new to watch Julietta sleep and relax. Yet today was different. Or was it? Misty continued toward the door. Slowly opening the door Misty peered out to see several confused slaves. Usually these slaves would have spent the evening fanning Julietta as she slept and would be there to tend to her in the morning. Yet Julietta had ordered them out the previous afternoon and they dared not return without Mistress Julietta’s permission. Or was it now Mistress Misty? When the slaves saw Misty emerge from the doorway they knew not what to do. Yet one slave kneeled and the others quickly followed. They were not sure if Misty was maid or Mistress, yet why take the risk? Misty didn’t know what to do so she just shut the door back.
“They’re confused aren’t they?” a voice murmured from across the room. Misty, surprised, turned around and saw Julietta sitting up in bed, looking sleepy. Misty, knowing not what else to do, returned to habit and kneeled saying “Good Morning Mistress Julietta.”

“Get up…please.” Julietta said. Misty got up and the look of her confusion must have been obvious for Julietta invited her to sit on the bed. Misty walked over and sat down. Julietta picked up Misty’s hand and kissed it. “Good Morning” Julietta said, with a sweet smile and soft tone. “What’s going on here Julietta?” Misty asked, confused.

“Okay,” replied Julietta, “I’ll level with you. When my parents died when I was eight years old they left me billions and billions and billions of dollars. The interest alone is more than I can even count. I have never lifted a finger all my life and well, you know my lifestyle.” Misty nodded…yes, she knew it well. “Misty yesterday was the first time in my life I felt alive. When you were whipping me it was an awakening. When I was kissing your feet I felt like I was actually doing something for someone else. It was fantastic. I don’t want it to end…..Ever.”

“Ohhhh Shit!” thought Misty. “Where is this going?” Julietta picked up the phone. “Get me my lawyer right now!” Commanded Julietta, in a tone that though she had heard it so often before, shocked Misty due to Julietta’s behavior the previous 24 hours. “What’s going on now Julietta?” Misty asked. “You’ll see sweetie.” Julietta replied.

Ten minutes later, a pasty white male, mid 40’s, receding comb-over and disshelved looking walked in. “Good morning Julietta.” Said Mr. Yates, the lawyer. This is one person who actually did PAID work for Julietta.

About the time Mr. Yates laid his eyes on the two nude women, he turned bright red and turned around…. Simultaneously being embarrassed for seeing them naked, and for having the beginnings of a hard-on. “Oh aren’t’ we the shy one, Mr. Yates!” said Julietta. “All right, we’ll put some robes on.” The two women slipped into their robes and Julietta shouted, “Breakfast for two!” The slaves rushed in usual fashion and served Misty and Julietta a luxurious breakfast on silver trays. It was a luxury breakfast and the slaves placed the feet of Misty and Julietta on pillows and began to massage their feet and legs as the ladies ate breakfast and chatted with the lawyer.

“Mr. Yates how much am I worth currently?” asked Julietta. Mr. Yates picked up a financial statement from his briefcase and put on his bifocals. He scanned the page. “Miss Julietta, your net worth as of 8 a.m. was 4,959,674,543,221.68. Almost five trillion. Julietta smiled. “Mr. Yates, what would I have to do to transfer all my money and all my possessions, such as my houses, cars, yachts, slaves, clothes, and jewelry over to Misty here?” Misty was speechless and turned white. “Fuck me!” Misty thought. “I’ve gotta be dreaming.” Misty literally pinched herself. Nope, wide-awake.

“Miss Julietta you want to give away EVERYTHING to Misty here?” Mr. Yates asked. “Yep.” Replied Julietta. “EVERYTHING. EVERY SINGLE POSSESSION, EVERY SINGLE PENNY!” “W-W-Well,” Mr. Yates stumbled, “All you’d have to do is sign the appropriate forms which would transfer everything, including the money, to Misty’s name. Once those forms were signed in front of a notary and submitted to the proper authorities, that would be it and it would all be Misty’s. But are you SURE?” “That is NONE of your concern, Mr. Yates.” Julietta barked. “Just get it done TODAY.” “Yes Ma’am!” replied Mr. Yates and he was on his way.

Misty began to speak as soon as Mr. Yates left but Julietta put her finger up to Misty’s lips and went “Shhhhhh. Please baby, be quiet baby.” Julietta waved the slaves away. Julietta got down at Misty’s feet and looked up into Misty’s face. Misty raised her foot to Julietta's face and Julietta began to lick the bottom of it. Misty just lay back and relaxed. She lay there and began to think of everything that had happened in just over twenty-four hours. Misty, who just yesterday had been Julietta's footstool, her personal slave, would now be the QUEEN and Julietta would be the slave!

Not long after that Mr. Yates returned and once again, walked in on an embarrassing moment, with Julietta serving as Misty’s footstool as Misty relaxed with a magazine and a glass of orange juice. “Oh-uh-um, excuse me, Miss Julietta.” Stumbled Mr. Yates. “Oh its fine, Mr. Yates.” Misty said. Julietta said nothing. Misty did remove her feet from Julietta's back however Julietta remained on all fours in front of Misty per Misty’s orders. Mr. Yates produced the forms and said, “all this requires two signatures in front of a notary. Yet I brought Mr. Handleson, my associate who is a notary. I can call him in if you wish.” “Do so.” Commanded Misty in a very authoritative tone. Mr. Handleson walked in and said “WHOA!” as he saw the scene. Nevermind this Mr. Handelson said Misty, with Julietta still silent and on all fours before Misty. Mr. Yates got out the forms and Misty said “lay them on the floor so Julietta can sign them.” Mr. Yates laid them on the floor and Julietta picked up the pen and signed away the fortune and lifestyle of a lifetime. Misty picked up the paper and pen and used Julietta's back as a table and signed the forms on her. Misty was now worth almost five trillion, owned Julietta and countless other slaves, and HER feet were now the ones that were too good to touch the ground. What a strange twenty-four hours.

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Part 3

It was a long and difficult night for Julietta. The former rich-bitch was now a slave. Julietta, used a huge comfortable bed with slaves massaging her feet as she slept and slaves fanning her, had a hard time adjusting to a straw mat on a dirt floor in a shack. She slept less than two feet away from another slave, a slave who Julietta previously owned, and the slave just lay there starting at Julietta. Forty-Eight hours ago Julietta had been laying the sun, with her feet resting on the back of a slave, being pampered and adored. Now she prepares to begin her first full day of slavery to Mistress Misty. From a window in the shack she could see up to the mansion to her old bedroom, where Misty now lay sleeping comfortably. Julietta began to wonder what she had been thinking to give it all up. Then she remembered how the whip felt. She remembered Misty resting her feet on her back. She remembered the rush when she knelt down and reverently put her lips to Juliettas foot. She smiled. She was able to sleep. Yet she didn’t sleep long. 4:00 a.m. comes around early. And that’s when the slave’s day began.
OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL! That is what Julietta thought as she lay there stunned by the cold water that comes out of the pipes suddenly at 4:00 as a alarm clock. How Horrible! Suddenly the “Cold” truth hit Julietta…that “alarm system” was HER idea.

Less than 45 minutes later Julietta was on her hands and knees, scrubbing the floor outside Mistress Misty’s bedroom. Suddenly the door opened, and Julietta saw the most beautiful barefeet she had ever seen. Soft looking supple feet, perfect in every way. Silver toenails. As she looked up the legs didn’t seem to stop. She kept looking up, seeing a luxurious white silk nightie, soft supple breasts, a long curved swan-like neck and a beautiful face. The face was framed white light brown hair and the face looked sleepy. It was Mistress Misty. She looked down and Julietta on her hands and knees scrubbing the floor. Suddenly Misty spit on the floor and pointed down..”You missed a spot.” She slammed the door. Julietta felt totally empty. The lovemaking, the tenderness, the kissing…it was over. The cold hard reality of slavery was beginning to sink in. Julietta was totally alone, broke, and owned. This new lifestyle would be a cruel one to her.

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Part 4

Julietta was beginning to discover just how truly cruel slave’s life was. She worked non-stop from 4 a.m. till 11 p.m. daily. She has a five-minute break at noon for rest and food. It was truly rough on her at first. The dumping of the cold water at 4 a.m. as an alarm clock, the routine whippings, the humiliation she felt each time she saw Misty, and of course the hard work. Scrubbing floors, polishing shoes, doing laundry, cleaning, pedicures, human footstool, Misty’s personal servant and of course Misty’s human toilet. However after a few weeks Julietta began to get used to it. She hated the work but loved the fact that she had to bow down and kiss Misty’s feet whenever she saw her. She loved that Misty could lie around and relax and be waited on hand and foot and live in luxury as Julietta worked her ass off along with all the other slaves to make it happen. Despite Misty’s cold attitude toward her, spitting on her, ugly looks, refusing to speak to her, and despite the fact that Misty seemed to go out of her way to make Juliettas life difficult (such as the time Julietta had just finished polishing ALL of Misty’s shoes and Misty suddenly produced a pair she had deliberately hidden and said “Oh, you forgot these stupid girl! I suppose you better do them ALL again!) Julietta still felt some attraction between them. Julietta still felt there was genuine love there. There had to be. Julietta still remembered the times they made love. The tenderness and genuine affection. Julietta still remembered the first time she knelt before Misty and kissed her beautiful feet. There HAD to be something there. It was a pleasant thought that the exhausted Julietta went to sleep with each night after a horrible day of slave labor.
The cold water fell from the pipe signaling another cruel day of servitude to Mighty Princess Misty was beginning. Julietta rose, went to the water basin and washed her face. She put on her maid’s outfit, grabbed her bucket full of cleaning supplies, and began the long walk up to Misty’s Mansion. The mansion that Julietta herself had designed and had slaves build for her. Now she was preparing to enter it once again as a slave in the ownership of Princess Misty and scrub the kitchen appliances. That was part of today’s joy. Princess Misty rarely rose and rang her bell signaling the breakfast slaves to enter till around 1p.m. Though it was so late in the day, Misty still enjoyed breakfast at that time. The routine was usually the bell rang, and Julietta, like so many other slaves, filed in, bowed, kissed her feet one at a time, and began to serve her. She was fanned, served breakfast, offered a human toilet, and her feet were massaged as she ate breakfast in bed. She usually just watched t.v. As the slaves fed her or had a slave read a book to her. Julietta expected no different this morning. The bell rang at 1:25 p.m., late, even for Mistress Misty. However Julietta dutifully straightened her apron, checked her hair and straightened her stockings. She wanted to look good for Mistress Misty, the girl she loved so much. She picked up one of the many silver serving trays and got in line to file in. This morning her tray held orange juice and bagels for the Princess. The bagels looked so good considering Juliettas diet consisted of wet hay. Julietta marched in with a soft smile for her Princess when suddenly her heart sank and she actually dropped the tray! Orange juice ran all over the floor and bagels just lay there as Julietta just stood there, her mouth open, her heart broken. Her Princess, Her Queen, Her Mistress, and her hopeful lover, the beautiful, precious Misty, was in bed with another girl!

“You stupid fucking cunt slave!” Misty roared. “YOU have the nerve to drop MY juice and MY food? Get on your fucking hands and knees and lick every drop of that juice up NOW!” It was obvious that Mistress Misty was quite pissed. Julietta dropped to her knees and began to lick the juice. Julietta began to cry as it was all sinking in. Julietta had given away all her money and all her possessions, her life, to Misty because she loved her. But now she felt used. Misty had her life and owned her but it was becoming clear that to Misty, Julietta was just another slave. Misty now had a girlfriend! Through her tears and licking the juice off the floor Julietta heard Misty saying to the other girl “Oh that’s Julietta, just a WORTHLESS FUCKING CUNT SLAVE! Piece of shit can’t do anything right.” “That’s obvious!” said Heather, the other girl. It’s nice to own slaves but it’s so hard to find any decent ones! And no matter how much you whip them they just don’t seem to work any harder. Worthless cattle.” It was obvious to Julietta that Heather was another rich-bitch that Misty had befriended and had made her lover. Heather WAS gorgeous though. About 24 years old, Julietta guessed, with long blond hair, deep green eyes (almost aqua) red pouty lips, soft white skin with a nice tan, and beautiful size seven feet with long perfectly shaped toenails, painted ruby red. She was as much a goddess as Julietta had ever dreamed of being.

“JULIETTA!” Misty screamed. “ARE YOU DONE YET?” Julietta realized that she had finished licking up the juice and was just laying there on her hands and knees doing nothing. She was so deep in thought she had forgotten herself. “If its not too much trouble do you think you could get your worthless ass over here?” “Yes Mistress Misty” Julietta mumbled.

“WHAT WAS THAT?” Heather yelled? Julietta flinched.

“Yes Mistresses Misty and Heather.”

“WHAT?” Misty yelled this time.


“Better.” Said Heather. “Go fetch more juice and bagels girl.” Heather said again.

Julietta was breaking inside. It was one thing to give everything up and serve Misty. But who was this BITCH who was now giving her orders, as Misty lay there laughing her ass off? Julietta was trying to hold back the tears. Yet try as she might she couldn’t, as she began to cry. She was still crying as she entered the royal bedchamber with more juice and bagels.

“Our girl is crying.” Said Misty. “Sooo-sad.”

“I wouldn’t allow my slaves to express emotion.” Said Heather. “Slaves are NOT human. They are like furniture…and I’ve never seen a chair or sofa or footstool cry.” As Heather said this she looked directly at Julietta and leaned forward and emphasized the word footstool. It was obvious to Julietta Heather was making herself right at home at the palace and Julietta would soon know the splendid misery of Heather’s feet resting on her back. “Welcome to slavery,” Julietta thought to herself. “Welcome to slavery.”

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Part 5

The following days were excruciating for Julietta. Day and night all she could think about was the image of Misty and Heather, laying in bed together, so much in love. Julietta began to really question the decisions she had made recently. The giving up of all her money bothered her. Sometimes she wished she hadn’t done it. But, what could she do about it? Early one morning as she was polishing Princess Heather’s riding boots an idea popped into her head. What if there were some way that she could either win Misty back? But what could she use to do this? Julietta knew that Heather had the advantage. First, she was already Misty's girlfriend. Second, Heather was rich beyond belief, and Julietta was a mere slave. Third, Heather was older and seemingly much smarter. Heather seemed very cunning and clever. Julietta had to come up with a plan.
“BITCH!” was the first word Julietta heard that made her wake up very early that morning. It was Heather, standing over her in the stable holding her boots. “YOU DUMB CUNTRAG! YOU LEFT A SPOT ON MY RIDING BOOTS!” Heather was furious. She threw the boot and hit Julietta in the face with it. At this Heather began to laugh. “Get up stupid we have to have a talk.” Julietta sat up and said “Yes Princess Heather and I am so sorry I left a spot on your boots.” Heather led Julietta outside and Heather sat down in a lounge chair. “Footstool.” Heather said. Julietta got down on all fours and Heather promptly set her feet up on Julietta's back. “All right bitchslave its time we finally talked. What exactly do you think is going to happen between you and Misty? She loves ME. I am more beautiful, older, smarter, and oh-so-richer. What exactly do you have to offer? You’re nothing but a penniless slave who licks the bottoms of our feet. You honestly think Misty cares about you?” Julietta began to cry as she stay there on all fours. Julietta was not crying so much at what Heather was saying; yet she was crying at the fact that she knew it was true.

For the next month things followed a predictable routine. Misty and Heather lay around acting like bitches and Julietta and the other slaves wait on them hand and foot. The rich girls seemed to take particular delight in using Julietta to perform the most menial of tasks, from washing out their hose, serving as their ashtray and footstool and to serving as their personal toilet. Heather seemed to get the biggest thrill out of using Julietta for her toilet and footstool. She could often be heard saying “drink up bitch…more where that came from” and open wide, I’ve got a BIG surprise for you today.” Julietta once was forced to remain on all fours for 14.5 hours serving as a footstool and coffee table. Even if Princess Heather or Princess Misty was not using her she was made to stay there. By the end, Julietta was almost totally numb. She didn’t feel right for nearly three days afterward. Heather also seemed to delight in making Julietta eat her leftovers from her plate…”lick that plate clean dog.” Even if there was fat or grease on the plate or nothing left but the bone, Julietta was forced to gnaw at the bone till there was totally no meat on it and till the plate was clean. This was pretty standard. Until Wednesday the 14th of March. Misty’s private cell phone rang.

“Miss Richards (Misty’s last name) this is Mr. Donaldson from the bank.” “Yeah?” Misty replied. “Miss Richards I have some very distressing news to share with you. It seems that the IRS is investigating us for tax evasion and some other, um, illegal bookkeeping practices. All of our client’s accounts have been frozen indefinitely and we have been ordered to call each client individually to inform them. I’m sorry to have to say all this over the phone I….” “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!” Screamed Misty over the phone. “SO WHERE IS MY MONEY?” “Miss Richards I’m afraid your money is not going to be available to you for a while but…..” “OH MY FUCKING GAWD! Misty screamed. “SO WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO LIVE ON?” “Miss Richards I’m sorry I don’t know what to say. I expect you’ll be forced to change your lifestyle, which, I, um, (very uncomfortable sounding) know is, rather, um, extravagant.” Hopefully this will be taken care of within 6 months to a year and I hope…” “SIX FUCKIN MONTHS TO A FUCKIN YEAR! ALL MY MONEY IS IN THAT BANK WITHOUT IT I AM FUCKIN BROKE! THIS IS CRAZY!” “You’ll be getting a notice in the mail today or tomorrow. I’m sorry Miss Richards.” With that he hung up. Misty lay on the deck of her yacht, out in her private lake near the mansion. She was in shock. All her money…frozen for six months, maybe longer. She was POOR. It hit her. Everything she had….though she could afford to pay for it she didn’t b/c her accountant (Who worked for the bank she noticed now) said it would be cheaper in the long run not to pay for it b/c she was offered no interest payments and the option to refinance as she went along. Her mansion. Her yacht. Her clothes, her cars, her jewelry, her shoes, her SLAVES! Though they were her property if she had to move certainly she couldn’t find anywhere for them to stay for a year…they’d probably run off if she made them live in the street. Misty looked down, where a slave had been giving her a pedicure this whole time. The slave was busy applying the topcoat of gloss to Misty’s left foot. “HEATHER!” Misty yelled. “Don’t yell BITCH! What do you want? Heather asked playfully as she poked her head outside the door of the yacht. She had been napping as Julietta fanned her. “We have a BIG problem!” Misty said. “What? Did the dumbass slave put the wrong color on your toenails?” “No, worse” Misty replied. “You won’t believe what is going on.” Misty explained to Heather the phone call she had just received. Just as she finished relating, one of the slaves humbly approached Misty with a special delivery letter on a silver tray. The slave opened it and held it up for Misty’s inspection. “ORDER TO VACATE PREMISES” This was surreal. An half-hour earlier Misty had NO worries. She was rich, beautiful, powerful, and comfortable. She was still beautiful but she was no longer rich. Heather felt nausea. The thought of being poor literally sickened her. “Does this mean we’ll have to get….you know……jobs?” Heather asked. “Oh God Heather don’t even say that that’s awful!”

Heather was thinking quickly. “Wait.” We haven’t lost the money forever right? “No, only for six months to a year. This says we should get at least 90 percent of it back by a year from now. That’s still over 4.5 trillion. But it’s not for almost a year!” Misty said. “Misty, you’re overlooking something that we DO own that NO-ONE can take from us.” “What?” Misty asked? “The slaves, silly. We DO own them, no matter how poor we are. They’re all on lifetime contracts, non-breakable.” “Yeah, but how are we gonna fit all these slaves into a tiny cardboard box on Fifth avenue?” Misty asked, half joking-half serious.

“You still don’t get it do you silly?” Heather said, now smiling. “WE don’t have to get jobs. We’ll just make the slaves get jobs and give us what they make! With all these slaves, if we send them each into the city and even if they end up in menial, awful jobs, all of them put together giving us every penny they make should still keep us comfortable for the time we’ve lost the money. And, we can just keep Julietta as our personal house slave in an apartment, and still be able to lay around, be waited on hand and foot, and have the slaves support our lifestyle!” “Where will the slaves live?” asked Misty. “Who cares!” Heather practically screamed. “They can live on the street for all that I care. The important thing is that every penny they make from their jobs will go to us, ensuring that we don’t have to get jobs! We can still lay around with our feet up and have Julietta be our personal house slave! Simple!”

“Heather, you’re sooo wicked. Now I remember why I fell head over heels in love with you Misty sighed.” The two girls kissed and held each other close. They had 72 hours to leave the house. Julietta had been listening at the door. If things were going to change, then this was the perfect opportunity. But how? How could she make her plan work? And, what even was her plan? She wasn’t sure, but she knew an opportunity when she saw it. The next year would prove to be more than anyone bargained for.

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Part 6

So, the girls went to New York and began once again, a life of luxury. Taking a lush apartment in Manhattan, the girls lived a life of shopping, days at the spa, relaxation and happiness. The slaves worked at various menial jobs throughout the city to support the rich lifestyle of Heather and Misty. Julietta of course, was the housegirl, responsible for all cooking, cleaning, and servant duties.
The lifestyle in New York was not much different than before. Misty and Heather relaxed; Julietta worked hard, as did the other slaves. Most of the slaves were homeless yet all the cash from their jobs, through direct deposit, went to Misty and Heather.

Two months after the arrival in New York, Julietta was on her knees in the solarium, giving Heather a pedicure. The past two months had been very tough on Julietta, since she was the only in-house slave. She had lost a good bit of weight but still looked quite stunning, and Heather, being attracted to women, noticed. Julietta was quite a beauty. Misty was at the spa, getting a warm mud bath. Heather was quite horny and found the sunlight from the solarium making her warm. The combination of the heat from the sun and her hormones was getting to Heather. Julietta, quietly with her head down painting Heathers toenails, was suddenly thrown to the ground when Heather kicked Julietta in the face. “Girl!” Heather shouted. “It’s hot..fan me.” “Yes Miss Heather, Julietta demurely replied.” Since becoming a slave, Julietta had become very submissive and quiet. She had grown to accept her role in life, as the personal property of Heather and Misty. At times, she missed her rich life. More than that though, she missed Misty. Heather and Misty were a close couple, but since the move to New York Julietta had noticed a bit of distance. They didn’t spend as much time together. They were less affectionate. Julietta wasn’t sure, but she thought she had heard Heather on the phone with another girl a few times. As she stood there, fanning Princess Heather, her mind was on all of this. Suddenly, she was literally jolted back to reality. “GIRL!” Heather shouted. “Fetch me a Gin and Tonic!” “Yes Princess Heather.” Julietta made the drink and brought it back on a silver tray and knelt at the side of Princess Heather. “Your drink, Miss Heather.” Said Julietta. “Oh, I’m not thirsty girl.” Julietta figured this was another game of Heathers. Heather was always playing mean tricks on her, spilling things on purpose on the carpet just to make Julietta clean it up and then spilling them all over again. She’d drop food on her outfits just so Julietta would have to work to scrub it off. Heather would summon her and when Julietta came, Heather would say “oh how silly I forgot.” This would happen over and over. Julietta figured this Gin and Tonic was more of the same.

“Are you thirsty?” Julietta heard these words and was confused. “ARE YOU THIRSTY?” Julietta realized that Heather was asking her a question. Julietta realized she was probably about to be used as a human toilet once again as she answered “Yes Mistress.” Yet Julietta was mistaken. Much to her surprise, Julietta saw Heather hand her the drink. “Here. You can drink it.” Julietta was taken aback. What was going on? Julietta hesitantly took the drink from her Mistress. “You may drink, girl.” Said Heather. Julietta hesitantly took the drink. She tasted it, and it was good. “You like?” Heather asked. “Yes Mistress Heather it is very good, thank You Mistress Heather.”

“I’m sleepy.” Said Heather. “Shall I prepare your bed for your nap, Miss Heather?” “Yes Julietta, you may.” Julietta turned back her Mistresses bed, where Mistress Heather and Mistress Misty lay at night in splendor and bliss. For a moment, Julietta was jealous, remembering she slept on the cold floor of the bathroom; when she was even allowed to sleep.

“Your bed is ready, Miss Heather.” “Good girl.” Heather walked into the bedroom and Julietta proceeded to undress her beautiful Mistress. Heather looked better than ever and Julietta noticed. Though she hated Heather for taking Misty from her, she could not but help admire Heathers form.

Julietta lay on the floor, face down for Heather to step on as she climb into the high, four poster bed. She felt Heathers weight as she used her for her stepstool. Heather sprawled out on the soft cool sheets. Julietta, following usual procedure, picked up the fan to fan her Mistress as she slept. “No, Julietta. Come here with me.” Julietta was stunned. The words rang in her ear like bells. “COME HERE WITH ME.” Julietta, recovering quickly, asked “In the bed with you, Mistress Heather?” “Yes Julietta. Now.”

Julietta hesitantly climbed in the bed. Suddenly Heathers lips were on hers and Heather was straddling her, kissing her. “Shut up and be a good girl.” Said Heather. Julietta said nothing as Heather kissed her lips, neck, breasts, tummy, and pussy. Julietta was filled with a thousand emotions at once. Shock, disbelief, and arousal were the biggest three. Here was her Princess, the bitch that had literally treated her like dirt for a year, eating out her pussy.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!” The words stung Julietta as she sprang up in surprise. It was Misty. She was back from the spa, and had walked in on her girlfriend, Heather, and her slave, Misty, having oral sex. “WHAT THE FUCK! YOU BITCH!” She was screaming at Heather. “WHAT THE GODDAMN FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING? EATING OUT JULIETTA? EATING OUT OUR SLAVE? SO YOU DO SLAVES NOW? I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU? I GIVE YOU EVERYTHING, YOU CUNT! AND THIS IS WHAT YOU DO? YOU FUCK OUR SLAVE? YOU GODDAMN BITCH!” “Misty, I, I am sorry that…” “SHUT UP! DAMN YOU!” Misty was furious. “HOW THE HELL DO YOU…” “Oh shut up Misty!” Yelled Heather. “Don’t act so innocent. I know you’ve been seeing Brie for months.” Misty was stunned. Misty had been having an affair with an upper east side debutante named Brie for 3 months. Misty had no clue Heather knew. “How did you know?” Misty asked.

“I’ve been listening in on the line Misty. I’ve known. Its okay, I’ve got Julietta here.” Misty began to laugh. “Oh, yeah, there ya go. You’ve got a slave. At least Brie is rich and has servants. I’ve been looking for a good time to tell you, and now is as good as any. Brie is moving in. And I want you to move out. You and your little slut Julietta are out on the street here.” “But Misty!” shouted Heather. “You can’t! I’ll be homeless! I don’t have any money!” “Ohhh…soooooo sorry!” said Misty. Suddenly a coy smile came upon her face. “Well, you can stay here if you wish, provided you earn your keep.” “What do you mean?” asked Heather. “Well, you can join the ranks of slavery with Julietta here and work for Brie and myself as our personal slavegirl. Two slaves will be much better than one!” Heather was crushed. Her rich, spoiled life was over. She knew she had no choice. Her head looked toward the floor and with a quiet, mouse-like voice, said “Yes Mistress Misty.” Misty smiled. “Well, don’t you think you should be kissing my feet? It’s the only TRUE sign of loyalty.” For the first time, Heather understood how Julietta had felt. Heather knelt down, and placed her soft lips to Misty’s tanned, beautifully pedicured foot. Misty laughed. New York was being good to her.

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Wonderful, i'm speechless ! :)