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10-02-2012, 03:39 PM
I think its about time I posted some experiences i've had in my life, i've been on this site for awhile now but kept in the shadows mostly.

This is a story which happened to me quite a few years ago, and i originally wrote this a long time ago and was uploaded on Abels foot page website. Just recently found it again while searching through my computer, thought i'd share it :)

It all began when i first started secondary school, i hardly knew anyone but i managed to make friends with this girl called chloe.
Chloe and me started to get to know each other quite alot all of a sudden and eventually we started hanging out at her house every night.

I had always admired her feet, they were quite petit but very cute and slightly chubby
While she was on the computer on msn, i would normally sit down on the floor beside her secretly staring at her feet, she used to always say " why are you down there on the floor, theres a chair over there"
But i simply said i was more comfortable on the floor and she believed me.

As the weeks went by of me staring at her feet (she was normally barefoot and hated socks)
she used to watch me every so often staring at her feet, at first she thought nothing of it and that i was probably day dreaming but eventually she asked me why i keep staring at her feet.
i turned bright red instantly and started to stutter.
she slightly giggled at me and asked me the question again.

I managed to tell her while stuttering "i..i.. i think your feet are beautiful..and.. i..h.have a foot.fe..fetish" as soon as i said it looked down in shame while still bright red
although i was soo embarressed, it turned me on and i started to get a lump in my pants but she hadn't noticed yet.

She simply just giggled at me while slowly bringing her foot up closer to my face for me to get a better look at her feet
at this point she completely forgot about her computer and msn and just focused on me staring at her feet
she asked me what i would like to do to her feet and i said that i'll show her

i slowly grabbed the bottom of her feet with my hand and brought them closer to my face, carefully smelling the aroma, there wasnt much of a smell since she had very clean feet but i still liked it anyway..
eventually i got the courage up to gently and slowly bring her feet closer to my mouth and i softly kissed her toes and then lightly brushed the sole of her foot with my tongue
she started giggling alot when i did this and told me she had very ticklish feet.

i put her feet down and told her that i was sorry, she simply told me to not be sorry and that she liked it and wanted me to continue but first she walked off into the kitched and came back with some items.
She said "lets make this a little more interesting"
First, she got some honey and poured it onto her feet and then brought her feet up to my mouth and told me to lick.
i licked her feet kinda quickly because i didnt want the honey to drip onto my clothes and make them sticky.

i kept licking and licking and my tongue soon got numb.
once all the honey was gone she did the same but with other food such as chocolate sauce, ketchup.. and even hair gel... that was rather not a nice taste, but since it was off her feet i liked it.

the next time i went round her house, she said she wanted to play another game and then she got on top of the kitchen tops and sat down with her barefeet hanging down infront of my face.
she told me to stay crawling on the floor and grab her feet.

in this game, i was given 2 minutes which she timed using the timer on the oven.
in this 2 minutes i had to clean her barefeet (which she had most likely been walking outside since they were quite dirty)
as soon as she told me my time starts now, i quickly started lapping away with my tongue on her feet, i had to lick fast and suck her toes hard to remove the dirt.
once my time was up, she inspected her feet and told me i had missed a spot and said i should be punished.

she told me to stay still while she took off my clothes leaving me in just my underwear in her kitchen, i was worried that her mum might come back soon and see me.
Chloe went upstairs and brought some rope and tied my hand together and my ankles together and then took 1 of her dirty pants from the laundry basket and stuffed it in my mouth and then tapped my mouth up. then she got 1 of her studded belts and started whipping my ass quite hard.. she had turned from a sweet innocent friend to a dominating mistriss in just 2 days.

once she whipped my butt 20 times which hurt very much.. she heard the door open, it was her mum.
i was still tied up with her dirty pants in my mouth and in just my underwear.. and her mum had returned!
i started trying to tell her to hide me, but i couldnt talk with the pants in my mouth.. but she knew what i was trying to say, she just looked at me with an evil smirk and told me this is part of my punishment.
when her mum walked in she just stood there staring at me... i turned bright red and didnt know what to do.
then she began to move again and asked Chloe what was happening, Chloe told her the whole story including my foot fetish and the punishments i was having.
They both just started laughing together and her mum went back into the hallway and took off her coat and shoes.

She said to Chloe if i still needed punishing.. and Chloe told her "yeah, what you got in mind"
Her mum came closer to me and took off her socks and brought her feet up to my face and said "well, since you have a foot fetish.. lets see if you can handle these babies!" while wiggling her toes.
i sniffed up and my eyes began to water.. her feet reeked!
they were soo strong.

when they saw my nose crinkle and my eyes watering they began to laugh at me then took out the dirty pants from my mouth and her mum inserted her toes into my mouth and ordered me to suck
i began to suck but the taste was so strong and powerful i didnt like it. it was so sour and tasted like mouldy gym socks used for years but never washed.
i was trying to move my tongue out the way but accidently moved my tongue in between her little toe and her other toe.. the taste was even stronger and there was lots of toejam.. she told chloe what just happend and they both told me to chew it and swallow.

After that, they just made me lick their feet for a few hours and i eventually calmed down and just did what they asked. i had lost all my strength and i was broken now.
they knew this and took full advantage of it. and i became their foot slave.

I had to go home otherwise i would of got in trouble and my parents would want to know what happened.
so i got home but they told me to come to come back every day after school for the same routine.
this carried on for 2 years.

Thankyou for reading. this was a true story.
I will post more stories soon.