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09-02-2012, 04:20 AM
Note: Portrayal of Footfighters.com is a mix of what I've actually seen on the site and what I'd like to see.


My wife hates that I look at pictures of other women's feet online. Especially Phoenix, a Southern blonde woman from footfighters.com. I think she's great because she's a black belt in Karate, and I love how she uses it to beat and humiliate her opponents; especially when she plants her sweaty sole on their defeated face. My wife must of felt threatened by my attraction to Phoenix and her deadly feet, and she always insulted her, saying she's not really a black belt, it's all fake, and she's not pretty. I joked that if she felt that way, she should fight Phoenix. One day, to my shock, she said she would, and called up Phoenix. Phoenix agreed to a real fight, as long as it could be posted on footfighters.com afterwards. My wife was confident Phoenix was a fake, and said sure.

We arranged the fight by email with the site's owner, Karate Kelly, and we drove to their studio (it was only a few hours away). The two woman got in the ring, bowed, and started when the camera got rolling. My wife was about the same size as Phoenix (5'8), but had no idea how to fight, and was driven by anger and not thought. She wanted to beat Phoenix to a pulp, showing me that she's the superior woman. Phoenix, being a legitimate black belt in karate, turned out being far superior to my wife.

My wife charged at Phoenix, but was met with a kick to the stomach. My wife stumbled back in pain and keeled over, leaving her face wide open. Phoenix launched a front kick which smacked my wife flush in the face. I didn't want my wife to get hurt, but seeing her get her face busted by the sexy soles of Phoenix was hot! My wife was shooken up that kick completely, on her back, holding her face and crying from the pain. She definitely didn't expect Phoenix to pack that much into one kick; my wife must have felt humiliated by being defeated by one foot to the face.

I was about to walk over to comfort my beaten wife, when Phoenix walked over and stepped on my wife's face. I was gonna ask why my wife had a sweaty sole pressed on her face when I remembered it was for footfighters.com. Women didn't just beat each other, but they dominated and humiliated the loser with their feet!

My wife was squirming under Phoenix's foot. It was clear she hated another woman's sweaty feet on her face, and she hated the smell too! When Phoenix switched feet, my wife got up in between the pause. Her face was a mess; beat red and wet with tears and footsweat. I didn't get long to examine my wife's beaten face as she grabbed Phoenix and tried to wrestle her down. Again, my wife was defeated by the stronger women, who overpowered my wife and shoved her away, giving her a couple jabs to the face on her way back. My wife was hurt by the punches, but ran back at Phoenix, throwing her arms like crazy. Phoenix again showed her complete superiority over my wife, easily batting down all my wife's punches, and nailing my wife with her own.

My wife's nose and mouth were dripping blood when she stumbled back after getting beaten by Phoenix's superior fists, and her right eye was starting to swell. Phoenix sent a side kick right into my wife's face, making a WHAP! sound as the moist footsole connected with my wife's lips. She dropped hard to the mat. Once again, Phoenix planted her sweaty foot on my wife's face. This time though, with the help of Phoenix's taunts that she had just beaten my wife senseless, my wife didn't fight back. She was defeated plain and simple by the gorgeous blond woman, and there was nothing she could do about having her face used as Phoenix's footwipe.

In true footfighter's fashion, the foot humiliation was taken further than just trampling. Phoenix stepped off my wife's face, bent down and grabbed my wife by her brown hair. Then Phoenix got on her knees, dragged my wife's head behind her (through her legs) and placed her face on her soles, and then leaned back. Basically, Phoenix was sitting on my wife's head, and pushing my wife's face into her smelly soles! After this ridiculously humiliating pose, Pheonix sat on a stool on the corner of the mat, and ordered my wife to get on her knees and crawl over. First, she made my wife lick her soles clean of sweat, tears, and whatever bits of dust acculumated on the bottoms of her feet. My wife, completely bawling, scrunched her face at the taste of the superior woman's feet. I don't know if she'd ever get the taste of foot sweat out of her mouth.

The entire time, Phoenix wasn't exactly making it easy for my wife. She'd constantly slap my wife's face with her sole, and tell her she wasn't doing a good job. She'd also insult my wife, and constantly reminded her that these were the feet that had defeated her. After my wife had licked Phoenix's soles clean, she decided to finish the session with some nice footkissing. While getting juicy kisses placed on her soles, Phoenix forced my wife to admit that she's inferior to Phoenix, and that Phoenix is the superior woman. It's hard to imagine how difficult it must of been for my wife. She came her to defeat Phoenix, and show me that she's the better woman. Instead, she got beaten to a pulp, and was now planting how busted lips on the footsoles that did it, while admitting her inferiority.

But what could she do? Phoenix had proven the legitimacy of her black belt, so my wife had no choice but to be the footbitch of the woman who dominated her. And her humiliation at the feet of Phoenix would be on the internet for everyone to see.

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Great! Thanks for sharing! Totally hot story.

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Thanks you!

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That is AWESOME! Really well written and thought out! I HAVE had the SAME FANTASY!!! I pictured either the GORGEOUS PHOENIX or TATUM dominating my wife with her deadly, smelly, sexy bare feet too! My wife is a busty brunette, and it would be so hot to see her LOSE to a beautiful leggy blonde! I have gotten to see my wife dominated by my friends wife NANCY, and to this day, that is one of my greatest turn-ons. I LOVE my wife, BUT, the idea of her submitting to, and being dominated by GORGEOUS PEDICURED BLONDE FEET drives me wild! Lately I am fixated on the BEAUTIFUL BROOKE from this site, dominating and humiliating my wife with her SENSATIONAL BLONDE FEET! Please keep these kinds of stories comming! This was one of my favorite things to read here!

10-02-2012, 04:44 AM
I know it's your favourite, I even tried to pm you because I'd knew you'd like it but it said your inbox was full. Glad you liked it though.

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This is FANTASTIC! AMAZING! I would LOVE to see more stories like this!!!! Anybody have stories, experiences, fantasies like this too? I would love to hear about them, and read them!!! PLEASE! THANKS!!!!

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PHOENIX is so hot!!!

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hi nnnnn, can you post a link to the video of your wife getting dominated and humiliated by phoenix please. thanks :-).

15-07-2014, 07:27 AM
The story isn't real.