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06-02-2012, 10:28 AM
Jenny called me and asked if I could pick her up after work and drive her home because she said her roommate couldn't pick her up because her car wouldn't start. I said sure no problem I will be there as soon as possible. She came out of the strip club with one of the bouncers and he escorted her to my car. She got in and sat down and said thanks for coming to get her. She offered gas money but I refused and said how about you let me mess around with your feet. She said I knew you'd want my feet! She said that's fair but I need to warn you I worked 13 hours tonite and I haven't taken my heels off once. I said you just made my night! I drove her home and asked if I could come in. She said not tonite and that I would have to settle for a few minutes of feet time in the car. She put her feet in my lap and I removed her pumps. I asked her to use my face as a sweat wipe. She then planted both of her sweat soaked feet in my face and grinded them all over my face. They reeked so bad and left my whole face stinking! She then spread her milky white toes and had me lick and suck out all the grime,sweat and toe jam. She said damn this feels so good after work to get her feet licked and her toes sucked. Her toes were painted dark red and had little designs on them. I sucked on her heels and literally cleaned them spotless. She enjoyed wiping her feet all over my face and spreading her rank toes over my nose. She then said thanks again for the ride and that she needed to crash. I thanked her for the foot fin and drove myself home and masterbated until I fell asleep.