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  1. Quitting Time
  2. Kate's Foot Slave
  3. Tina's Store
  4. finally my first foot worship breakthrough
  5. Foot worship saga continues
  6. the true stories of a heartbroken teen
  7. the doctor,rory and amy pond
  8. Nancy versus Sue, the third match, TRUE STORY ( NF )
  9. Evil Employment Epic
  10. Full Service (Stuck on Airplane)
  11. 2 Soccer Girls
  12. Under Supergirl's Superior Feet
  13. DirtyFeetGuy Blog stories
  14. Giving in to my Best Friend Continued
  15. Foot Therapy Part 1
  16. Take Back the Night (Ex-gf & friends take revenge)
  17. Nancy foot smothers a young black girl! OLD STORY for NEW MEMBERS
  18. Dominant Lara Croft
  19. Slave To A White Girl
  20. Shoeplay I
  21. Shoeplay II
  22. Birthday Session (F/M) forced foot worship, smelly feet, blowjob, masturbation
  23. Nancy dominates Olga with her smelly feet, making the woman sick!
  24. Harry Potter feet stories
  25. Wives/gf's smelling other women's feet?
  26. Asking to smell girls' feet
  27. the fair of terror or dreams depending on the way you look at it
  28. How open are you about your fetish?
  29. Megan's gift!..........fiction
  30. Nancy puts her foot down!.....OLD TRUE STORY ( NF )
  31. NANCY pays a young girl to smell her feet! OLD TRUE STORY
  32. What kind of fictional stories do you like?
  33. Foot fetish/love triangle, F/M, FF/M, threesome, forced worship, domination
  34. *Recent Experience* With 2 of my cousin's feet. Separate occasions
  35. Sister vs Sister n BF (softball socks)
  36. A new story
  37. Experience at a party with two girls feet-TRUE
  38. The Foot Odor Society
  39. Emily Becomes A Princess!
  40. My wifes feet
  41. A new Slave
  42. Dark Secrets Part I, F/F, fiction, sweaty feet, forced worship, bondage, domination
  43. Dark Secrets Part II, F/F, fiction, forced worship, smelly feet, bondage, domination
  44. Suzi
  45. Suzi 2
  46. Suzi 3 the conclusion and Suzi 2 posted in Suzi 2
  47. Fiction: Dad's Nose
  48. Fiction: Never Knew You
  49. anyone have stories: no-way-out 1 and 2?
  50. Natural Chloroform
  51. amazing experience
  52. First story
  53. Amanda Russo's Feet Made Me Whimper and Cum So Hard
  54. No Luck at Target......
  55. First Date
  56. Fiction: Midnight Sandals
  57. My awesome experience sniffing a middle eastern strippers feet!!!
  58. Nancy dominates a young little girl with her feet! TRUE STORY...not for everyone!
  59. It's never over
  60. My First Story- First Experiences
  61. Experiences of using massage places, escorts, etc
  62. My gf became a dom
  63. Teacher Forces Students to Rub Feet
  64. Craigslist Success!
  65. My Principal takes her heels off in class and walks with her pantyhosed feet
  66. the Monika saga
  67. Grocery workers feet part 1
  68. Grocery Workers feet part 2
  69. Dr Andrea makes my wife smell her feet!
  70. Sharing your wife's feet
  71. Second first date
  72. Sexy fem/fem foot fight story - fiction - not mine, not sure who author is..........
  73. Life
  74. Femdom Stories
  76. I had found this and had to post it on the board !...
  77. Nancy's very first foot fight! OLD STORY.....and TRUE
  78. sister in law
  79. Hot blonde at work.... dare I try?
  80. Allison and Kate
  81. NANCY dominates MARIE....OLD TRUE STORY ( NF )
  82. More foot lovers than we thought?
  83. Friends smelly flats
  84. Smelliest FJ Ever
  85. Should be a Christmas tradition!
  86. Letting my new girlfriend know.
  87. Could someone post the old story...toe ring by a old author named igor?
  88. Me and my sister's adorable feet
  89. Noelia's feet forced smelling after partying with flats
  90. A Few Great Stories From a Great Author
  91. Smelling stinky feet of spanish Elena after loosing a bet
  92. Sister vs Sister 'n boyfriend by Ballerz022
  93. Looking for vampirellas Tree sitters story
  94. ebony feet
  95. My Wife and the New Intern
  96. Kickboxing Goddess Brooke: Full contact sparring
  97. Nancy likes to play......TRUE STORY
  98. Jenny the gothic stink queen stripper!
  99. Jenny experience
  100. Lori's really stinky inserts
  101. Really stinky foot experience from High School
  102. Wife Gets Dominated By Phoenix
  103. Eddie Teddy by Ste Letto
  104. Chloe the Foot Goddess
  105. Her Highness Part 1-6
  106. The Hottest Feet
  107. Path to India by Sklavos
  108. His secret foot fetish
  109. a find
  110. Time Is Relative- doctor who foot fetish
  111. Pure Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  112. Carla the Babysitter
  113. My Wife Gets Humiliated by Joleen
  114. Girl fight - fiction - a great story found on the net - not mine!
  115. Fiction: Brenda Baker's Break Time Foot Slave
  116. Foot Sniff Delight
  117. anyone have any theater experiences to share?
  118. Story websites?
  119. Giantess smelly feet blog(Not Mine)
  120. Almost Experiences...
  121. Once Upon a Trailer Park - an ebook involving stinky feet!
  122. Katie, Marta, and Stinky Feet -- a new ebook!
  123. Payton's smelly softball feet
  124. A Boy's Longing for Troll Feet--A commemorative story for my "birthday"
  125. Wife Beaten By Trailer Girl
  126. Evil babysitter-my experiences
  127. A Friendly Wager
  128. Does anyone have this story?
  129. Tori and Friends Humiliate Hanna
  130. Wishe me luck for my dream to become true!!!!!
  131. The Family Challenge: Brooke Vs. Nicole
  132. Got an Idea For a Story You Want Written?
  133. Anna goes to College
  134. The Teacher and The Nurse
  135. a sample of what I have been working on.
  136. Me and My Mother: Enslaved by Heidi's Feet
  137. Me and My Sister Get Humiliated at Summer Camp
  138. True Situation I Got Going On
  139. Led Astray Part 1
  140. Really interesting foot play! 100% true.
  141. Park Robber (2nd Person Story)
  142. Girlfriend Loses to Holly
  143. "The Smell of De-Feet"
  144. her smell was everything
  145. Promo : Buy 2 phones or ipad and get 1 free unit
  146. The Family Challenge Round 2: Brooke "The Kickboxing Goddess" Vs. Nicole
  147. Does anyone have any good ugg boot stories. Please post
  148. Karate Rematch Humiliation (Sequel To Royal's Story)
  149. Converse
  150. Tomboy Humiliates Cheerleader
  151. My first girlfriend and her stinky feet
  152. 3 am (A story I salvaged Three Weeks before the Death of the Old Den)
  153. Cumming in my wife's best childhood freind's smelly sandals (NF-100% True)
  154. Natural Chloroform returns!
  155. Meeting on the mat: Brooke "The Kickboxing Goddess" Vs. Christy
  156. Short Story from the Boring Guy
  157. My First Footsniffing Experience - Sandra's Smelly Slippers
  158. Adventures in Vegas: Introduction and Part 1
  159. Looking For Story
  160. The Panamanian Mania
  161. forced to be a cheerleaders foot bitch
  162. College Slavery
  163. The Stone (Not my Work)
  164. "The Fetishist," a short dramatic sketch
  165. Kayleena's Fun Time by Pokematt
  166. Some awesome interactive stories
  167. New Wife Vs. Sister (Fiction)
  168. A true experience with Shelly
  169. Sweet Obsession
  170. new story fiction
  171. cousin stinky softball socks request
  172. My best TRUE story work office experience ever!
  173. Looking for a story(About Fairy).
  174. Reciprocate the Den (One of my true experiences)
  175. Adventures in Vegas: Part 2(My favorite of the 3)
  176. Adventures in Vegas Part 2(My favorite of the 3) FULL VERSION
  177. Adventures in Vegas Part 2(My favorite of the 3) Hopefully its completely posted.
  178. Adventures in Vegas: Part 3(final Part)
  179. Forced Foot Humiliation Experience (True Story)
  180. Repost The maneloco's story?
  181. Beaten by my Karate Wife (Fiction)
  182. A friend of my sister
  183. "Claire & The Horrible Feet of Aunt Helen" - Please Recover
  184. My Misadventure with Breanna-Truth
  185. Mistress Diane's footboy
  186. Den Member's Footsmelling Experience
  187. First Foot Story
  188. My Misadventure with Breanna-Part 2
  189. True Office Experience
  190. REPOST! "XFaustus Presents, the Infamous Five-Part Poll Story" (Parts 1 & 2)
  191. From Dusk till Dawn –Santanico’s Dog
  192. yahoo news story
  193. My Best Friends stinky flats
  194. Melanie's Experiment
  195. Power Game
  196. You Can Make Out with My Feet
  197. defeeted, a new fetish website
  198. 3 Hookers and a Funeral (GREATEST WEEK OF MY LIFE!!!)
  199. Bad experience... ripped off
  200. seeking old story
  201. The Misadventures of Petey (requested by bonkersjm)
  202. [Shrinking, F-Dom, Insertion, etc] "XFaustus' Infamous 5-Part Poll Story" (Parts 3&4)
  203. Please repost this story!!
  204. Foot Fetish Novel
  206. *Bullied By Becca*
  207. *Making the Squad*
  208. Misstress Raven
  209. For Sale: Samsung Galaxy SIII & Apple iPhone 5 @ www.direct-saleslimited.com
  210. Her dominating nature and smelly feet Nf.
  211. Looking for a story about two sisters
  212. Selling Apple Macbook Air: $550usd,Blackberry Bold 9900: $300,LG Optimus 2X--$320
  213. BUY 2 APPLE IPHONE 4S 64GB @ $600 and GET 1 FREE.
  214. Damp Squib
  215. only in the navy part one
  216. Nancy likes to tease and play ( nf )
  217. A Bully for the Sake of Bullying
  218. Story Pitch for Footsmelling/ Female Footfighting series
  219. An Inconsiderate Roommate
  220. Nancy foot smothers a young black girl in a fight - OLD STORY ( NF )
  221. Two Feet, Four Feet, No Feet, and then a Stinking Hangover
  222. Looking for a old story
  223. Greatest Road
  224. Greatest Road Trip (3 Parts True)
  225. My girlfriend's feet
  226. *My Ex Girlfriend*
  227. Carnaj stories (racquetball)
  228. New mom-son story I want to post
  229. kayla's poor feet
  230. Veronica's World of Infinite Possibilities (INCEST)
  231. My wife is a waitress
  232. Kaylee's New Toy
  233. Katie's Stinky Feet
  234. Aunt Jean's Feet (Old DOSF story)- pics included from Southeastsoles.com
  235. Real quick experience from last week.
  236. anyone have this story?
  237. OKCupid, Pot, and Amber's smelly feet
  238. ULTIMATE AND MIND-BLOWING collection os STRAIGHT guys feet (cheated on webcam)
  239. At the movies tonigh
  240. A quick Experience!
  241. Stenchlandia
  242. Brooke's Kickboxing Match
  243. Another Craigslist Success Story!
  244. Led Astray Part 2
  245. Pedal Pumping and Foot Job
  246. Great Stories Site!
  247. Sister Footslave video
  248. Looking for THE story(mother, sister)
  249. Short-Story: Carla
  250. Roommate Secret