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  1. My First Mistress
  2. The Perverts - A Fucked Up Love Story
  3. Origins of this great footsmelling story
  4. I sniffed girlfriend's feet, very nice smell :)
  5. My Sister's Friend's New Footrest (nf)
  6. The Craigslist Ad
  7. Early Origins (The original, classic story)
  8. sole sisters
  9. A rather sucessful first date...
  10. Bates Motel tv show on A&E
  11. My first foot fetish experience at a local strip club
  12. Counselor's Stinky Feet NF
  13. Workplace Experience
  14. FFFL/ Writing.com
  15. My youngest feet memories
  16. The days of Aimee's feet!
  17. A Run-In With Melanie M.
  18. Another OLD - TRUE NANCY fight story!
  19. Fem/fem karate feet domination story!
  20. My new favorite neighbor
  21. Fem'fem catfight story - not mine - ( nf )
  22. Missing stories
  23. Martial Artist Roseanne
  24. Help me write a story please...
  25. Escape Foot Fetish Island
  26. Flashback: Smelly Superheroine
  27. Why rejection can be a good thing
  28. Short, satisfying Italian restaurant hostess/server foot experience
  29. deviantart
  30. Request : Old GTSandfeet.com story
  31. WooHoo
  32. My first foot worship session with Ginger Jaymz (PICS INCLUDED!)
  33. Hello! My first post/ Nf experience
  34. My First Story Greatest Fiancée with the Greatest Aunt/My Mother in Law Part 1
  35. Dog Training with Dubai Mistress Anita
  36. Very stinky feet of my girlfriend, OMG :O
  37. origin of a foot fetishist - A FOOT WORSHIP SAGA
  38. Arnold the foot bitch
  39. a short, true story
  40. Diary of a domestic footslave.
  41. One time at a party!
  42. Breton Feet (TES:Morrowind Fanfic)
  43. Greatest Night of my Life (Fiction)
  44. Queen of the Court
  45. The First Mission - FICTION
  46. Ishan's dream came true
  47. Green For Go! (Fictional foot worship/femdom story).
  48. Story I found. A must read!
  49. Ticklish balls and foot smell training (F/M, forced worship, bondage, f/m tickling)
  50. Melia's (Toe) Sock Slavery to her Friend Jessica
  51. Rotten Uggs
  52. happened at a get together
  53. Just Happen Tonight (True Story)
  54. Exorbitant Interest. (Fictional foot sniffing, foot worship, femdom story).
  55. Next Door Neighbor
  56. Aunt Feet
  57. Prosthetic Feet/ Fiction
  58. Party Feet (True)
  59. New story, revenge and a thriller
  60. A Sister's Feet Story (Found On the 'Net)
  61. Fragrant Foot Fighting League. It's on like Donkey Kong.
  62. Urges satiated!! Saw so many girls wearing Converse sock less today...
  63. A Visit to the Foot Fetish Parlor
  66. At their feet (true)
  67. True foot experience with a former co-worker
  68. Help locating a old story...
  69. Old story request
  70. Pain And Pleasure
  71. She kills with her feet! - FICTION - part 1
  72. buried alive
  73. looking for awesome story from old board
  74. Little Cindy (F/f)
  75. Queen of the Court Pt. 2-The Match WARNING R
  76. (True story from personal experience ) my ex's smelly feet after cheerleading.
  77. Looking for old Samantha story
  78. True experience
  79. looking for story
  80. Sisters - true story
  81. Becoming the Family Foot Slave (Fiction)
  82. First foot fetish experience is becoming true :)
  83. Friends sleeping smelly soles (N/F)
  84. Last Night Was Amazing
  85. Super hot sockjob story
  86. Wild High School Foot Adventures (Fiction)
  87. NEW STORY: Clone Joy
  88. Drunk ex stinky feet and toe jam after party
  89. Stinky Feet Olympics
  90. The Most Embarassing Day of Phyllis's Life
  91. A Ziggy Freud Original Stoy: Mercy Mercy Mother Part 1
  92. A Ziggy Freud Original Stoy: Mercy Mercy Mother Part 2
  93. A Ziggy Freud Original Stoy: Mercy Mercy Mother Part 3
  94. Babysitter(found on net)
  95. My First Foot Smelling Experience: Sandra's Sweaty Slippers
  96. [True story] Girlfriend`s footslave
  97. first real foot contact
  98. me and my girlfreinds foot fettish
  99. Facebook Stories
  100. Real Life Foot Experiences
  101. Xbox and foot worship
  102. An Elderly Woman's Old Leather Boots
  103. being a foot stool
  104. girlfriends experiences written by katie
  105. my foot fettish fantasy written by jake
  106. The Mirror. Chapter 1 (Fictional story).
  107. My First Foot Experience
  108. SMELY FEET a Storie writted by ME!!!!!!!!!!!111 lol
  109. Invisible
  110. Mummy's Little Helpers
  111. Skyrim Feet
  112. My fantasy comment on how you like it :)
  113. My first FF experience
  114. Had a wonderful foot smelling experience tonight
  115. Interactive Stories
  116. Sweaty feet and shoes of my girl, pictures.
  117. Not only coolio.
  118. That hurt
  119. Do you stare at friends wife's/GF's/Sister In Law's feet and heels?
  120. A bunch of stories by Pokematt
  121. Spring break public shoe sniff experience
  122. The truth of love
  123. I want to tell you a story about my first foot fetish experience
  124. The begining of my fetish (mf mF inc foot nylon)
  125. MOM'S FEET
  126. Mom's Friend
  127. High School Party Toe Suck Story!
  128. Fragrant Foot Fighting League Short Story "The Interview", Part 1
  129. Little cousin's foot slave.
  130. Smelling Teacher's feet
  131. Can't Control Myself
  132. What does this mean?
  133. Unknown Girl at bus terminal [NF]
  134. [B]Meeting the Lady at the wedding Ceremony (my version) part-1[/B]
  135. Thai Take-Away No. 4.
  136. Tutor and Teacher real-life experiences?
  137. An Upset Mother
  138. Mom's Sexy Feet
  139. Mature Toe Sucking
  140. Step-Mom
  141. Worshipped my ex-GF's mothers feet during relationship.
  142. Stinky Feet Olympics
  143. The Hairdresser (True experience)
  144. The Three Librarians
  145. Stinky Feet Olympics (Written Version)
  146. Realized Potential
  147. Basketball Star Turned Foot Slave PT 1
  148. My Fetish Experience
  149. Andrea the dom
  150. Real experiances
  151. Something's coming...something good???
  152. Forced to worship friend's mother's feet
  153. Finally!!!! First really good foot fetish experience
  154. My Little Cousin's Feet
  155. my early foot worship experience
  156. Escapades.
  157. not mine but I liked it
  158. Sister's Friends Feet
  159. Stinky feet after work
  160. The Master of the Feetful Flavour and his Humble Feetlings
  161. Step Mom's Stinky Treat
  162. found a link
  163. Stinking out a local cafe with my feet
  164. new foot experience
  165. My First Foot Experience
  166. could this be a email to you?
  167. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy
  168. Step Mom's Stinky Treat Continued
  169. Katie and Marta: A Love Story About Stinky Feet
  170. Princess Sofia (Audiobook)
  171. Licked a flight attendant feet (experience)
  172. One of my Best foot smelling experiences.
  173. A good bit of luck!!!
  174. Sandals and Cowgirl Boots
  175. The Limo Slave
  176. New Short Story - Foot Fetish Paradise
  177. Poison was the Cure
  178. When things begin to change within the family
  179. My First Foot Sniffing Experience
  180. The new girl
  181. A Zelda thread
  182. Under Supergirl's Superior Feet (Repost) NEW OPTION
  183. Milla Jovovich foot story
  184. I smelled an actress/comedienne's shoe
  185. My foot fetish with my girlfriend
  186. My True Tale
  187. True Work experience
  188. Two female art students, Fiction
  189. The Texan: The Story of the movie
  190. my best friends foot worship
  191. Day in the park [experience]
  192. Worst smelling feet?
  193. Monica my stepmom, my new Goddess
  194. Biggest Feet You've Ever Encountered
  195. Curious of my experiences
  196. The Motel Housekeeper (Fiction)
  197. A Fey's Sexual Dominance Over a Woman
  198. Mrs Shalini's puppy
  199. The "Cure"
  200. My first footsmelling experience with a stranger
  201. A Penetrating tale of...
  202. Dark fantasy or encounter
  203. Oh my, I wasn't expecting that!
  204. Mom forced footsmelling
  205. Date, footslave, or just being used?
  206. Looking for a mom/aunt/cousin story...
  207. Writing.com: Interactive Super Smash story (WIP)
  208. Tiny Tim
  209. .........the movie
  210. Celeb Feet
  211. Looking for Interactive Story
  212. Worshipping Celeb..
  213. Favorite Fetish Item
  214. Train Encounter - True Story (But all of mine are true, LOL)
  215. F/F Domination
  216. Non-Fiction Accounts of Kharth... Would you be interested?
  217. F/S : Bose Lifestyle 535/525 Series II Entertainment System
  218. Female Wrestler Feet
  219. Eat my feet cookies and like them.
  220. Slaves Should Stay Focused!
  221. My lucky 17th Birthday -*True Story!*
  222. Women who rub their feet together crossed at the ankles fetish.
  223. My Biology teacher's sweaty pantyhose feet.
  224. The magic of smelly feet
  225. 13 Mistresses/An excerpt from a story I wrote-
  226. Family experiences
  227. Aunt's foot slave
  228. S.H Aftermath - A forced night in
  229. Indecent Passenger [Short Story]
  230. 13 Mistresses take a turn on a slave-
  231. Rina Aunty
  232. bowling alley bet
  233. Coffee Date [Dom Experience]
  234. Introduction
  235. Manju Didid
  236. New Years Stories
  237. Aunt Laura Babysits (Fiction)
  238. Discovery at the Park
  239. Halloween Party [experience]
  240. smelling in your sleep?
  241. Teenage Femdom Stories Archive
  242. my best stocking smelling story
  243. The Rise And Fall Of Allison Stone - Chapter One
  244. Looking for Stories (freefootstories.com)
  245. Discovering my foot fetish
  246. Welcome to our home
  247. The Barn - Fiction
  248. Hunting on shoes
  249. Friend's Sister's Uggs
  250. Family Slave (F/f)