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  22. Just wondering!
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  34. still can't upload.
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  44. Anyway I can delete my account?
  45. Having problem replying to PMs
  46. Im sorry for being a pest....can you upload pics to private msgs?
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  48. foot deep throater
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  51. Issues.... with forum software possibly?
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  54. Which type of footsniffer am I?
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  56. Wanted to post to get rid of bad soles2nose smell
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  60. can't see own posts
  61. I'm Having Technical Difficulties
  62. I can't see any recent activity.
  63. Any way to get a username change?
  64. Database error
  65. "This site may have been hacked"
  66. I'm here, I'm not, I'm here, I'm not
  68. Database Error / Other crazy stuff going on
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  76. DOSF is still showing up as a deceptive site